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Why is it important to hire a Pennsylvania dog bite lawyer to represent my child who has been bitten by a pit bull?

  • The homeowner’s insurance adjuster is trained to understand the PA Dog Law, the detailed legal requirements regarding dog ownership here in PA and, Court decisions discussing Pennsylvania dog bite attacks.
  • Isn’t your child’s case important enough to have an experienced PA dog bite attorney fighting on their behalf against the dog owner’s insurance company?

Why should I consider hiring Attorney Newell to serve as my child’s PA dog bite lawyer?

  • REFERRALS : Other lawyers show their respect for Attorney Newell by referring Pennsylvania dog bite cases to him
  • EXPERIENCE : Representing PA personal injury victims for over 30 years
  • SERVICE : See CLIENT REVIEWS to read how his clients describe his high level of personal service
  • EXCLUSIVITY : Attorney Newell ONLY represents Pennsylvania personal injury victims

Please CONTACT ME to have a Pennsylvania dog bite lawyer with 28 years of experience review your PA dog bite claim.


I was bitten in the face by a mixed breed dog.  Who pays for my medical bills after this Easton PA dog attack?

  • If the owner of the mixed breed dog has homeowner’s insurance, there is usually medical payment coverage that will pay up to a certain amount for medical expenses – regardless of whose fault the Pennsylvania dog bite attack was.

My wife was bitten by a rottweiler in our Bucks County PA neighborhood.  If our medical insurance coverage pays for her medical bills, do we have to pay them back when we settle her Pennsylvania dog bite claim?

  • Most probably yes.  The majority of health insurance plans have a “subrogation” clause which requires the victim to repay them when there is a personal injury settlement.
  • Your Pennsylvania dog bite lawyer will add the amount of your medical bills to the claims for lost wages, pain & suffering and permanent scarring when negotiating with the defendant’s homeowners insurance company.


My daughter was jogging in a park in Allentown, PA when a dog bite attack occurred. What duties does the Pennsylvania Dog Law place upon dog owners to confine their dogs?

  • A Pennsylvania dog owner must do one of these three things to comply with the PA Dog Law:
    • Confine the dog within the premises of the owner, or…
    • Firmly secure the dog by way of a collar and chain or other device so that the dog cannot stray beyond the premises where it is located, or…
    • Place the dog under the reasonable control of some person or, when engaged in lawful hunting, exhibition or field training.

I was riding my bicycle on a road in the Poconos when a dog attacked me. Do I have a PA dog bite case?

  • Yes. The dog was not confined or under the control of its owner. Your Pennsylvania dog bite lawyer should aggressively argue that there was a clear violation of the PA Dog Law.

I was playing with my children in Lansdale, PA when a dog attacked me. Since the German Shepherd was with a friend of the dog’s owner at the time of the PA dog bite attack, who is responsible to compensate me for my facial scars?

  • The PA Dog Law requires all owners to properly confine, secure or control their dog.
  • The definition of “owner” includes a person who has a dog “in his care and/or permits the dog to remain on or about any premises occupied by him.”

Please visit DOG BITE SETTLEMENTS for a review of some of Attorney Newell’s Pennsylvania dog bite cases.


I was a dog bite victim in Bethlehem, PA.  How would a Pennsylvania dog bite attorney prove that the owner of the rottweiler is responsible for my injuries?

  • The PA dog bite lawyer must establish that the dog owner violated the Pennsylvania Dog Law, or…
  • The PA dog bite attorney must prove that the Defendant’s dog showed “vicious propensities” before the dog bite occurred.

My wife was walking on a sidewalk by Main St. in Stroudsburg, PA when a dog bite occurred. How can we find out if the rottweiler has rabies?

  • When a dog bites or attacks a person, the PA Dog Law requires that the dog be confined in isolation for a minimum of 10 days for observation to make sure that the dog does not have rabies.
  • The PA dog bite victim must be notified by the Dog Warden or Investigating Police Officer of the medical results regarding the dog’s condition after this confinement has concluded.

My daughter was walking on the sidewalk by Mahoning St. in Lehighton, PA when she became a dog attack victim. The rottweiler’s owner rents the house and has no insurance. Can the landlord be held responsible for her facial scar?

  • Your Pennsylvania dog bite lawyer would have to prove that the landlord knew that the rottweiler lived at his Lehighton property and was aware of the dog’s vicious propensities before the PA dog bite attack.

According to Pennsylvania law, who is authorized to investigate dog attacks and charge dog owners with violations of the PA Dog Law?

  • The Dog Wardens approved and supervised by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture are responsible to investigate and prosecute PA Dog Law violations.
  • Each Pennsylvania County is the jurisdiction of a specific Dog Warden.

Please go to CLIENT REVIEWS to obtain information regarding the experiences of over 50 of Attorney Newell’s former PA personal injury clients.


What are prior “vicious propensities”?

  • One or more acts by a dog where, without provocation, attacked a human being.
  • The attack(s) must have been known to the Defendant dog owner before your dog bite in order to give him/her the opportunity to take corrective measures to prevent any future Pennsylvania dog bite attacks.

How does a Pennsylvania dog bite attorney prove prior “vicious propensities”?

  • It has been Attorney Newell’s experience that frequently neighbors, friends or family members of the Defendant dog owner have suffered an attack from the same dog in the past.
  • The local Pennsylvania Dog Warden, as well as the local police department, could have information regarding this dog.
  • Attorney Newell has used other avenues of investigation to develop proof of prior vicious propensities – one of which is detailed in the DOG BITE SETTLEMENTS page.

The owner of a home in Doylestown, PA had a German Shepherd which attacked me without provocation inside his house. Do I have a PA dog bite claim?

  • Your Pennsylvania dog bite lawyer would have to prove that the owner of the German Shepherd was harboring a “dangerous dog” or…
  • The Doylestown resident owned a dog that had shown prior “vicious propensities”.

Please visit HOME for information concerning Attorney Newell’s experience and qualifications to represent Pennsylvania dog bite victims – such as you.


What is a “pit bull”?

  • The term “pit bull” is not a specific breed of dog. Most people use that phrase to describe an American pit bull terrier or American Staffordshire terrier.

I was walking my dog in the Lehigh Valley when I was attacked by a pit bull. Does the value of my Pennsylvania dog bite claim increase because it was a pit bull that bit me?

  • The settlement value of your PA dog bite claim is based upon the injuries you actually sustained. The type of dog that bit you becomes relevant only because injuries caused by dogs such as pit bulls are usually more severe than less powerful and aggressive dogs.

My son was a dog bite victim while riding his bicycle in Quakertown, PA. A pit bull was running loose and the dog bit him in the face.  Do we have a Pennsylvania dog bite claim?

  • Yes. The Defendant dog owner was in apparent violation of the PA Dog Law since he/she did not have their pit bull under “reasonable control.”

How many deaths are caused by pit bull attacks?

  • According to the website www.dogsbite.org, from 2006 thru 2008, 52 Americans were killed due to pit bull attacks.

If I own a pit bull, rottweiler or a chow, can my homeowner’s insurance company threaten to drop my insurance coverage unless I get rid of my dog?

  • No. The PA Dog Law prevents Pennsylvania insurance liability policies from denying insurance coverage due to a specific breed of dog.

Can cities such as Allentown, Bethlehem or Easton prohibit certain types of dogs?

  • No. The PA Dog Law states that is illegal to pass a local ordinance in Pennsylvania which prohibits or limits a specific breed of dog.

What steps are Pennsylvania towns taking to protect their residents from pit bulls?

  • An October 9, 2009 article published on WPXI.com noted that Clairton PA formed a dangerous dog task force to enforce city ordinances enacted to protect the community from dangerous dogs.
  • Clairton took this action after a pit bull attacked a postal worker and trapped the mailman in his truck.
  • The pit bull aggressively circled the vehicle and then charged a police officer who shot it in self-defense.

Please see Why Attorney Newell to read about his qualifications to serve as your PA dog bite lawyer.  He has represented many victims with facial scars.


After my dog bite attack in Doylestown PA, the Defendant’s homeowner’s insurance company contacted me and requested a recorded statement. Should I given them one?

  • No. You have no legal obligation to do so. Remember, the defense adjuster is only protecting the dog owner’s legal interests.
  • Your Pennsylvania dog bite lawyer can provide them with the information they need to complete their investigation while also fully protecting your rights.


Will Attorney Newell come to my home to meet with me concerning my Pennsylvania dog bite case?

  • Dog attack victims in the Lehigh Valley, Poconos, Bucks County PA and Montgomery County PA have relied upon the experience of Attorney Newell to represent them for their Pennsylvania dog bite case.
  • Whether you live in Bethlehem or Easton, Stroudsburg or Bushkill, Lehighton or Allentown, Quakertown or Perkasie, Doylestown or Lansdale – Attorney Newell will provide you with a free HOME consultation for your PA dog bite claim – no matter where you live in Eastern Pennsylvania.

When should I hire a Pennsylvania dog bite lawyer after I have been attacked by a chow in Perkasie, PA?

  • Your legal rights deserve to be protected by a professional as soon as possible.  Your PA dog bite attorney would want to promptly begin the investigation regarding the past background of the dog that attacked you or your child.
  • An experienced PA dog bite lawyer knows the correct person to contact in Harrisburg to obtain information on the history, if any, of all prior attacks/incidents regarding this chow.


I was jogging near Stroudsburg PA when a dog bit my hand.  How concerned should I be that the dog bite wound might become infected?

  • According to a June 21, 2009 article published in Med Page Today, it is estimated the 30% to 40% of hand bites from dogs & cats become infected.
  • Common infections from dog bites include:  bacteremia, meningitis, endocarditis, peritonitis and tetanus.
  • Immediately consult with a doctor so that the dog bite wound can be thoroughly cleansed.  Frequently, antibiotics, a tetanus shot and/or a rabies shot are administered.

A neighbor’s rottweiler got loose and bit my son outside of our Lansdale PA home.  Does he need a tetanus shot?

  • Tetanus is a disease caused by bacteria found in soil or dust that infects humans by entering the body thru cuts or puncture wounds.
  • Sometimes symptoms of severe muscle spasms in the face, neck, abdomen and/or extremities do not appear for days after the initial trauma.
  • Please seek a doctor’s opinion, especially if it has been more than 5 years since your child’s last tetanus shot.


My wife was attacked by a German Shepherd in Quakertown PA.  The ER doctor used stitches to close her facial laceration.  How long does it take for a plastic surgeon to decide if surgery can improve her facial scar?

  • Many plastic surgeons wait for 6 to 8 months before evaluating the scar to see if dermabrasion surgery and/or scar revision surgery will help.
  • Take photographs after the dog bite attack and throughout the healing process.

I was riding my bicycle in Montgomery County PA when a pit bull knocked me off the bike and bit me in the face.  Will scar revision surgery help diminish my facial scar?

  • Scar tissue forms on the face as the skin heals from the dog bite.
  • Schedule an appointment with a board certified plastic surgeon to see if scar revision surgery is appropriate for your facial scar.
  • According to Healthline.com, scar revision surgery involves a series of small incisions on both sides of the scar site creating v-shaped skin flaps.  This hopefully results in a thin and less noticeable scar.

My child was playing with friends in Monroe County PA when a pit bull got loose and bit him on the face.  A relative suggested dermabrasion surgery.  What is that?

  • You should schedule an appointment with a board certified plastic surgeon who has significant surgical experience treating children’s facial wounds.
  • According to Healthline.com, during dermabrasion the surgeon carefully “sands” the rough surface of the skin around the scar.  The intended result is to have normal smooth skin which will minimize the scar’s appearance.

Local Pennsylvania Dog Warden Information

Berks County PA Orlando Aguirre 610-791-0795
Bucks County PA Verna J. North 215-453-0272
Carbon County PA George Nixon 570-629-1099
Lehigh County PA Orlando Aguirre 610-791-0795
Monroe County PA George Nixon 570-629-1099
Montgomery County PA Edward Bunt 610-287-1426
Northampton County PA Kathy Andrews 610-253-6428
Pike County PA James Rickert 570-488-9562


Since 1981, Attorney Thomas Newell has been aggressively representing PA personal injury victims in the Poconos, Lehigh Valley, Montgomery County PA and Bucks County PA.  The content of this website is for informational purposes only and is not legal advice for your dog bite claim.  PA law regarding dog bite cases changes.  I advise you to retain a dog bite lawyer to review the facts of your dog attack.

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PA Dog Bite
Attack News


Lackawanna County Dog Attack

On October 27, 2014, a Lackawanna County, PA dog attack victim called Attorney Newell after he was bitten by a German Shepherd. The gentleman was performing some work in Old Forge, PA when a customer’s neighbor asked him to repair a fence. When he began his work, their tethered German Shepherd attacked him without warning.


Poconos Dog Attack

On 9/4/14, Attorney Thomas J. Newell provided a free consultation to a utility company employee who was bitten by a customer’s German Shepherd while trying to service his meter. Your PA dog bite attorney strongly recommended the dog attack victim to immediately obtain medical care.


Attorney Newell Advises Northampton County Dog Owner

On Sept. 2, 2014, Attorney Newell provided a free consultation to a Mt. Bethel area woman. On August 5th, her neighbor’s mixed breed dog ran onto her property and attacked her chihuahua breaking 2 of its ribs. On August 30th, her poodle ran over to the defendant’s yard and was killed by the mixed breed dog.


Does Pike County Need its Own Dog Warden?

On August 20, 2014, the Pike County Commissioners held a meeting with various public officials. They discussed the possibility of having the PA Dept. of Agriculture assign a dog warden whose sole responsibility would be to Pike County. Multiple recent dog attacks in Pike County have local residents concerned.


Mixed Breed Attacks Man in Stroudsburg

On July 28, 2014, Attorney Newell spoke with a man who was attacked by a mixed breed dog in a parking lot in Stroudsburg, PA. The occupants of a car opened their door and a pit bull mixed breed dog jumped out and bit the man. PA Dog Law violations should be considered by the Stroudsburg Police Department.


Dachshund Killed in Northampton County

On July 11, 2014, Attorney Newell received a telephone call from a woman in Wilson Borough whose dachshund was mauled to death by a neighbor’s pit bull. The pit bull allegedly dug under a fence to attack the tiny dog. Attorney Newell urged the dog owner to contact the Northampton County Dog Warden, Kathy Andrews.


New Castle Man Attacked by Unleashed Dog

On 6/18/14, a 21 year old New Castle, PA man was attacked by an unleashed and unsupervised pit bull while behind his house on Pennsylvania Avenue. According to the New Castle News, New Castle Police arrived on the scene shortly after the attack and captured the vicious dog. It was placed in quarantine. Police are searching for the pit bull’s owner.


Reckless Lansdale Dog Owner Denies Dog Attack

On 6/2/14, Attorney Newell talked with a Lansdale, PA woman whose neighborhood has been terrorized by 2 pit bulls that have routinely gotten loose. On 5/18/14, the 2 pit bulls killed a man’s terrier as he was walking his dog with a leash on a sidewalk on Columbia Avenue.  Unbelievably, the pit bull owner has now denied the attack ever took place!


Chester County Dog Attack Victim Contacts Attorney Newell

On May 9, 2014, Attorney Thomas J. Newell provided a free consultation to a woman who was attacked by her friend’s pit bull in Downingtown, PA. As her friend’s boyfriend opened the front door, the unleashed pit bull jumped out and bit her left leg. The Chester County dog bite victim was taken to Brandywine Hospital where stitches were used to close the dog bite wounds.


Montco Youth Bitten by Dog

An April 28, 2014 article from thealternativepress.com, described a child who was bitten outside of Oak Park Elementary School by a leashed dog. Medical care was provided at Lansdale Hospital. Hatfield Township Police continue to investigate this Montgomery County, PA dog attack.


Bucks County Dog Bite Attorney Hired

On April 7, 2014, Bucks County dog bite lawyer, Thomas J. Newell, provided a free home consultation to a Bucks County dog bite victim. The defendant’s dog was unleashed and attacked the Lahaska, PA resident while she was walking her Boston Terrier. The Solebury Township Police Department investigated. PA Dog Law charges may be forthcoming.


Bernese Mountain Dog Attacks

On 3/30/14, a Bernese Mountain dog attacked a collie that was being walked on a leash in Chester County, Pennsylvania. The Bernese Mountain dog was not on a leash, nor was it under the control of its owner. Attorney Newell advised the owner of the collie to pursue harboring a dangerous dog & failure to confine charges vs. the negligent dog owner.


Chow Attack in Lackawanna County, PA

On February 15, 2014, Attorney Newell provided a free consultation to a woman who had been attacked by a chow in Old Forge, PA. The chow bit her multiple times on the backside. She sustained multiple puncture wounds which left some residual numbness in the damaged areas, presumably caused by scar tissue.


Attorney Newell Will Represent Harrisburg Area Pit Bull Bite Victim

On 1/1/14, Attorney Newell was hired by the parents of a PA pit bull victim who was bitten in the face by a neighbor’s pit bull several weeks earlier.  Attorney Newell met with the family in Dauphin County and obtained all of the relevant facts regarding this unprovoked dog attack and other situations when the pit bull was permitted to roam unrestrained in the neighborhood.


Negligent Dauphin County Dog Owner Served with Complaint

On 12/24/13, a negligent Dauphin County dog owner was served with a Complaint filed by Attorney Thomas J. Newell on 12/19/2013.  The 27 page legal document included requests for both compensatory damages, as well as punitive damages in excess of the Dauphin County Arbitration level of $50,000.00. The defense has 20 days to respond.


Chambersburg PA Pit Bull Attack

On 12/12/13, a Franklin County pit bull attack victim received a free consultation from PA dog bite lawyer, Thomas J. Newell, Esquire.  The young man had been walking on the sidewalk adjacent to Oak Street in Chambersburg when he was bitten by a passing pit bull.  A woman was walking the pit bull in the opposite direction with a leash and collar.  Attorney Newell’s opinion was that there were no PA Dog Law violations since the pit bull was reasonably restrained and the dog did not exhibit any signs of anger or viciousness prior to the dog bite attack.


Bethlehem Pit Bull Owner Charged After Attack

On November 18, 2013, a Bethlehem PA pit bull owner was charged by Bethlehem Police with multiple PA Dog Law violations, as well as criminal charges after he allegedly ordered his unvaccinated pit bull to attack another man two different times that morning.  He also allegedly pointed a gun at the victim.


Lancaster Pit Bull Attack Victim Consults with Attorney Newell

On Nov. 13, 2013, a Lancaster County pit bull bite victim spoke with Thomas J. Newell, Esquire regarding a recent pit bull attack in Manheim, PA.  The man was an invited guest at his friend’s house.  Suddenly, and without any warning, the defendant’s pit bull attacked him causing a large laceration in his left arm.  Physicians at Lancaster General Hospital used 7 stitches to close the dog bite wound.


$300,000.00 Payout for Gettysburg Area Dog Bite Victim Approved

On November 5, 2013, Attorney Thomas J. Newell presented a Petition for Minor’s Compromise to Judge Thomas R. Campbell of the Adams County Court of Common Pleas.  Attorney Newell and the 6 year-old dog bite victim’s parents testified regarding the facts of the unprovoked pit bull attack and their satisfaction in obtaining the maximum homeowners liability policy limit of $300,000.00 without the necessity of causing the young child to undergo the stress of depositions and/or trial.


Dauphin County Bicyclist Attacked by Dog

On 10/21/13, Attorney Thomas J. Newell provided a free home consultation to a bicycle rider from Dauphin County PA who was recently bitten by a neighbor’s mixed breed dog.  The animal was not restrained and was running loose in the apartment complex in violation of the PA Dog Law.  The dog bite wounds to his right leg required treatment at a Dauphin County medical office.  The Dauphin County dog bite victim was also given a prescription for anti-infection medication.


Berks County Pit Bull Attack Results in Serious Injuries to Labrador Retriever

On October 13, 2013, Attorney Newell was contacted by a woman in Berks County whose golden lab was mauled by a neighbor’s 2 pit bulls.  The woman was visiting the pit bull owner when the dogs attacked her lab.  As she tried to pull her dog away to the safety of her home, the pit bulls pursued them and continued their attack.  Surgery was performed on the Labrador Retriever.  The veterinary bill is expected to be in the thousands of dollars.


Roving Dog Damages Woman’s Car in Lackawanna County PA

On September 26, 2013, Attorney Newell was contacted by a woman whose car was damaged when an unrestrained black Labrador Retriever ran out onto the road and collided with her car.  The property damage was in excess of $1,000.00.  The Pennsylvania dog bite lawyer suggested that the woman file a claim vs. the negligent dog owner with the local District Justice in Lackawanna County.


Vicious Rottweiler Euthanized in Poconos?

A Sept. 18, 2013 posting on The Pocono Record’s website by Byron Moore hinted that he had euthanized his rottweiler which had killed a small 10 year old Jack Russell terrier and attacked its 72 year old owner.  According to a 9/14/13 article by Howard Frank, the Monroe County Dog Warden, George Nixon, has charged Mr.  Moore with multiple PA Dog Law violations, including harboring a dangerous dog.


Pit Bull Attacks for the 3rd Time in Luzerne County

On Sept. 4, 2013, a pit bull attacked for the 3rd time in the Sans Souci Mobile Home Park in Hanover Township PA.  A woman claimed the black & white pit bull escaped from its owner and knocked down a metal fence.  The vicious pit bull then grabbed her mixed breed dog and began to shake it.  Fortunately, her husband was able to separate the 2 dogs.


Pit Bull Attacks Monroe County Boy

On August 14, 2013, an unleashed pit bull bit a 14 year old boy in Pocono Country Place, Tobyhanna, PA.  The PA dog attack victim was walking his Pekinese when the vicious pit bull pursued and attacked them.  The Pekinese required veterinary care and the teenager was taken to Pocono Medical Center.


Pit Bull Euthanized After Biting 9th & 10th Victims

On June 25, 2013, Bethlehem Police seized and put down a pit bull after the vicious dog had bitten a baby, as well as the investigating animal control officer.  When police investigated the background of the pit bull, they found that the dog had previously attacked a mailman, in addition to 7 neighbors!  The police are awaiting rabies test results.


Attorney Newell Hired by Monroe County Dog Bite Victim

On June 18, 2013, Attorney Thomas J. Newell traveled to Monroe County to provide a free home consultation to a Pennsylvania dog attack victim.  Two Akitas had broken free from their elderly owner and began an unprovoked attack on the woman and her golden retriever.  PA Dog Law charges are expected to be filed vs. the negligent dog owner.


Lehigh County Dog Owner Continues to Violate PA Dog Law

On June 9, 2013, Attorney Thomas J. Newell was contacted by a Lehigh County PA dog bite victim.  She had been previously attacked by a dog owned by a man who lives just outside of Bethlehem PA.  He had been convicted of 3 PA Dog Law violations, including harboring a dangerous dog.  On June 6, 2013, she was walking by the defendant’s home when the unleashed dog came running out after her.


Pit Bull Attacks Woman in Philadelphia

On May 22, 2013, a 60 year-old woman was attacked by a roving pit bull in Philadelphia.  According to nbcphiladelphia.com, the woman was sitting on her porch on Devon Street when the unrestrained pit bull attacked her.  She suffered dog bite wounds to the face and legs.  The Philadelphia pit bull attack victim was treated at Einstein Hospital.  Hopefully, Philadelphia Police will cite the pit bull owner for multiple PA Dog Law violations.


Allentown Man Kills Attacking Pit Bull

On April 30, 2013, two pit bulls attacked an Allentown PA man as he was walking his dog on Emery Street.  As reported in The Morning Call, the victim was able to save his dog by placing it in his gated backyard.  When the 2 pit bulls came after him, he fired his gun to stop the attack.  One pit bull was hit and died from his wounds.  Police will not be filing charges vs. the victim since he had a gun permit and was entitled to protect himself.


Bethlehem Family Speaks With Attorney Newell About Out-Of-Control Neighbor’s Dog

On April 24, 2013, a Bethlehem PA woman telephoned Attorney Newell regarding ongoing problems her family is having with a neighbor’s dog.  This pit bull/rottweiler mix continues to run loose and constantly terrorizes the community.  Attorney Newell urged her to immediately telephone the Lehigh County Dog Warden, Orlando Aguirre, the next time this mixed breed dog runs onto their property.  PA Dog Law violations, including failure to confine, may be filed by the Dog Warden.


Allentown PA Dog Bite Victim Hires Attorney Newell

On 4/16/13, an Allentown PA dog attack victim retained the services of Attorney Thomas J. Newell after he sustained a serious facial injury when bitten by his friend’s Shar Pei.  This unprovoked dog attack took place in Bethlehem on April 9, 2013.  The Lehigh County Dog Warden, Orlando Aguirre, is investigating the attack and reviewing whether PA Dog Law charges are appropriate.  Attorney Newell supplied the dog warden with photos of the victim’s dog bite wounds.


Attorney Newell Files Lawsuit for Adams County Dog Attack Victim

On April 10, 2012, Attorney Thomas J. Newell filed a complaint on behalf of an Adams County dog bite victim who was 6 years old when she was bitten by a neighbor’s dog. A portion of her nose was bitten off by the vicious dog. She has undergone 4 surgeries with 2 more planned in several years.


Bethlehem Man Attacked By 3 German Shepherds

On March 13, 2013, Attorney Thomas J. Newell was consulted regarding a recent attack by 3 German Shepherds just outside of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. A 49 year-old Lehigh Valley resident was walking his leashed dog in Hanover Township, Northampton County. Three unleashed and unsupervised German Shepherds began to attack him and his dog. The Bethlehem PA dog bite victim sustained injuries to his right thumb and left knee.


Quakertown Dog Bite Victim Consults With Attorney Newell

On 3/8/13, the mother of an 11 year-old Bucks County dog attack victim consulted with Attorney Thomas J. Newell regarding her daughter’s dog bite case.  A mixed breed dog escaped from its owner’s home, pursued her and then bit her right hand.  She received medical care at St. Luke’s Hospital in Quakertown PA.  Attorney Newell is awaiting receipt of the medical records, as well as an update from the young girl’s pediatrician.


Bensalem PA Boy Attacked By Pit Bull

On March 4, 2013, a seven year old child was bitten by an unrestrained pit bull in Lower Bucks County.  The boy was playing soccer outside his apartment when the pit bull pursued him and bit his lip.  The emergency room surgeons at St. Mary’s Hospital in Langhorne PA used 7 stitches to repair the damage to his mouth.  Attorney Newell hopes the Bensalem Township Animal Control Officer files PA Dog Law charges versus the pit bull owner.


Bangor Dog Attack Victim Contacts Attorney Newell

On February 23, 2013, a Bangor PA dog attack victim telephoned Attorney Thomas J. Newell to discuss his recent ordeal.  He was walking with his bicycle up a hill on W. Central Avenue in East Bangor when 2 unleashed dogs pursued him.  One of the vicious dogs bit him on the back of his left leg.  The Pennsylvania State Police are investigating this unprovoked dog attack.


PA Dog Law Trial For E. Stroudsburg Rottweiler Owner

On February 21, 2013, a Monroe County negligent rottweiler owner will be a defendant in a non-jury trial in Stroudsburg PA after her appeal from PA Dog Law convictions by a Monroe County District Justice.  Rhkiah Harris was found guilty on 10/4/12 of Harboring a Dangerous Dog and Failing to Confine the rottweiler.


Unrestrained Husky Kills Deer at Erie Zoo

On February 18, 2013, an unrestrained husky attacked and killed a deer at the Erie Zoo.  According to erietvnews.com, the husky-type dog was standing over the deer and would not let zoo employees get near the stricken animal.  Police shot and killed the vicious dog.  The negligent dog owner is facing a PA Dog Law charge of failure to confine.


Delaware County K-9 Dog Dispute

A February 11, 2013 article on haverford.patch.com highlighted a recent dispute between a Haverford Township Commissioner and the Haverford Township Police Department.  The public official alleged that at a recent workshop meeting, the K-9 dog lunged at his 8 year old son from behind.  The Delaware County dog attack victim’s shirt was torn but he did not suffer any dog bite wounds.  The Commissioner had previously voted against adding K-9 dogs to the Township’s police force


Lehigh County Pit Bull Attack Injures 2 People And a Dog

On February 4, 2013, a stray pit bull attacked 2 people and seriously injures a small dog in Salisbury Township.  According to lehighvalleylive.com, a woman was mauled by an unrestrained pit bull in her own yard.  This vicious dog then attacked a man and his dog who were walking nearby.  The small dog needed surgery to care for his broken bones and internal injuries.


Attorney Newell Settles Bucks Dog Attack Case

On Jan. 29, 2013, Attorney Thomas J. Newell finalized the settlement of a Bucks County PA dog bite case.  The defendants allowed their Australian Shepherd to run loose on their property without any restraints.  While the dog bite wounds to the victim’s left leg were not significant enough to require stitches, staples or surgery, the dog attack did cause her significant pain and discomfort.


Negligent Dauphin County Owner Convicted

On Jan. 10, 2013, a negligent Dauphin County dog owner was convicted of violating the PA Dog Law for failing to have 3 boxers under control and not having them licensed after a Nov. 21, 2012 dog attack.  Dauphin County Dog Warden Mike Zeigler represented the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in prosecuting the reckless defendant.  The innocent victim was bitten multiple times by the defendant’s boxers while he was inside his home and unable to help her during the attack.


Former Lehigh County Kennel Operator Sued For $167,900.00

A January 4, 2013 article on mcall.com reported on a lawsuit filed in Lehigh County versus Derbe “Skip” Eckhart for nearly $170,000.00.  The Upper Milford Twp. resident had been found guilty of animal cruelty charges after allegations surfaced over the operation of his dog kennel business.  The article claims that he had received massive fines due to his housing of dogs after his kennel operating license was suspended.  The Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office is prosecuting the case.


Chalfont Dog Bite Victim Contacts Attorney Newell

On Dec. 26, 2012, a Chalfont PA dog bite victim telephoned Attorney Newell regarding a recent dog attack.  Her neighbor’s dog was not on a leash and bit her as she sat on her front porch.  She sustained a dog bite wound to her left arm and fears that she may be left with a permanent scar.


Failure to Confine Charges After Dauphin County Attack

On December 21, 2012, Attorney Newell learned that the negligent owner of 3 boxers will be charged with failing to confine his dogs after a recent dog attack in Millersburg PA.  The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture concluded that there was a violation of the PA Dog Law.  Attorney Newell provided evidence to their legal counsel sufficient to form a basis for prosecution.


Another Hanover PA Pit Bull Attack

On December 5, 2012, 2 pit bulls escaped thru a door and attacked a woman and her small dog in Hanover, Pennsylvania.  The York County pit bull attack victim was walking her Shih Tzu with a leash when the pit bulls began to maul her small dog.  As she tried to stop the attack, she was bitten on the left hand/arm.  The York County Dog Warden, Cathy McKinney, is investigating the attack.


Bucks County Dog Attack Victim Speaks With Attorney Newell

On Dec. 4, 2012, a Bucks County PA dog bite victim contacted Attorney Newell regarding a recent dog attack in New Hope PA.  The gentleman was delivering propane gas to a customer’s home.  After he completed the delivery, he walked up to the front step to drop off the bill.  Suddenly, the defendant’s Australian Shepherd attacked him, biting his left calf.  He was treated at Grand View Hospital and given a tetanus shot.  Fortunately, the aggressive dog was up to date with its rabies vaccine.


Doylestown Twp. Dog Attack Victim Retains Attorney Newell

On November 23, 2012, Attorney Newell began his representation of a Doylestown Twp. dog attack victim.  Thirteen days earlier, the gentleman was on his own front yard when he was bitten by a border collie owned by his neighbors.  Their electric fence was inoperable, yet they let their dogs roam outside without any restraints.  Physicians at Doylestown Hospital provided him with medical care.


Dauphin County PA Dog Bite Attack

On Nov. 21st, a woman was attacked by several boxers in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania.  She had a scheduled delivery in Millersburg and walked up to the house to deliver the package.   Three boxers came after her and bit her multiple times.  The dogs were unrestrained and had a history of aggressive actions toward a previous delivery person.  The Dauphin County PA dog bite victim is under doctor’s care and is using antibiotics to fight off possible infections.


Allentown PA Dog Law Hearing Scheduled

On Oct. 31, 2012, District Judge Michael D’Amore scheduled a hearing versus Jamil Hanna for multiple PA Dog Law charges, including failure to confine and harboring a dangerous dog.  The citations were based upon a March 20, 2012 Lehigh Valley dog attack that resulted in injuries to the victim’s hand.


Delaware County Dog Attack Injures 60 Yr. Old Woman

On Oct. 21, 2012, a Havertown PA woman dog owner was walking her dog when an unrestrained Jack Russell/Boston Terrier mix bit her left heel.  She was taken to Bryn Mawr Hospital where antibiotics and a tetanus shot were administered.  The PA dog attack victim is now suffering from a fear of dogs and other mental  health issues caused by the negligent Delaware County dog owners.


Lehigh Valley Pit Bull Attack

On Oct. 7, 2012, a Lehigh Valley pit bull attack victim contacted Attorney Newell regarding a recent Allentown PA dog attack.  The woman was walking her restrained rat terrier when it was mauled by 2 pit bulls.  The terrier needed surgery to repair its wounds.  The negligent dog owners face multiple PA Dog Law citations, including failure to confine.


Luzerne County Rottweiler Attack

On Oct. 2, 2012, a rottweiler attacked a woman at a veterinary hospital causing puncture wounds to her left hand.  The rottweiler had a history of prior vicious propensities and was left unattended with the Luzerne County dog bite victim.  She received medical care at Geisinger Medical Center that included a tetanus shot and antibiotics.


Bloodhound Attacks Lehigh Valley Man

On Sept. 17, 2012, a Lehigh Valley man was walking in the street in Macungie PA when an unrestrained dog ran out and attacked him.  The Lehigh County dog bite victim instinctively put out his left arm to protect his face.  He sustained a number of puncture wounds to his left forearm.  He received medical care at a nearby clinic.  The Macungie resident was given a tetanus shot, as well as an antibiotic shot.  PA Dog Law charges are pending.


Lancaster County Pit Bull Attack

On Sept. 6, 2012, a Lancaster PA woman was attacked by an unrestrained pit bull as she was walking her dog. The pit bull came from the porch of its owner and tried to bite the woman’s dog which was on a leash. As she tried to shield her dog from the vicious pit bull, she was bitten in the left thigh.


Lehigh Valley Woman Bitten by Dog

A Sept. 5, 2012 article from salisbury.patch.com reviewed a recent report of a dog attack in Salisbury Township. The Lehigh Valley dog bite victim was walking her child to a bus stop when a dog broke free from its owner’s leash and bit her.


Crawford County Dog Bite Victim Hospitalized

On Sept. 5, 2012, a Titusville PA woman was hospitalized after being mauled by a pit bull. The Crawford County pit bull attack victim was trying to separate 2 dogs that were fighting when she was attacked. Crawford County Dog Warden Ron Yochum is investigating.


Bulldogs Attack Young Girl in Cumberland County

On Aug. 28, 2012, a 7 year-old girl was attacked by 2 American Bulldogs in Hampden Twp., Cumberland County PA. According to wgal.com, the young child was walking with her grandfather when the bulldogs attacked. She sustained a severe leg injury and was taken to Penn State Hershey Medical Center.


Westmoreland County Woman Mauled by her Dogs

An Aug. 23, 2012 article on thepittsburghchannel.com described a horrific dog attack on a woman in Jeannette PA.  She owns 8 dogs, among them are Bull Mastiffs, pit bulls and Great Danes.  Allegedly, the dogs were fighting amongst themselves.  When the Westmoreland County resident went to break it up, they attacked her.  The Bull Mastiff caused severe injuries to her arm.  She was medevaced to UPMC Presbyterian Hospital.


Former PA Department of Agriculture Executive Sues Critics

An August 17, 2012 article on philly.com discussed a defamation lawsuit filed by Jessie Smith against alleged “radical animal welfare activists.”  Ms. Smith was appointed by former Governor Rendell in 2006 to the position of special deputy secretary in the PA Dept. of Agriculture.  The lawsuit claims the defendants engaged in a coordinated effort to “impugn her character” and impede her enforcement of the PA Dog Law.


Pit Bull Mix Bites Girl in Face in Philadelphia

On Aug. 17, 2012, a nine year-old girl was bitten in the face in Philadelphia by a pit bull mix.  An article on philly.com reported that the girl was at her babysitter’s home when she opened a cage housing the pit bull mix.  She was taken to Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania for treatment of her facial dog bite wounds.


Beaver Falls Woman & Poodle Attacked by Pit Bull Mix

On Aug. 10, 2012, a woman was attacked by a pit bull mix while walking her poodle in Beaver Falls PA.  As described on thepittsburghchannel.com, the pit bull mix escaped from its owner and went after the poodle.  Its owner was knocked down during the attack and suffered a hip injury.


Montco Dog Owner Violates PA Dog Law Again

An Aug. 8, 2012 article on lowermoreland.patch.com reported on another PA Dog Law violation by a Montco dog owner.  The defendant’s Great Dane and Bassett Hound got loose and ran onto a neighbor’s property.  The Great Dane attacked the victim’s cat.  Lower Moreland Police report that there have been prior incidents by the defendant and his dogs violating the PA Dog Law.


PA Head of Dog Law Enforcement Office Departs

A July 30, 2012 article from the Associated Press brought the welcome news that Lynn Diehl has been removed from her job as the Director of Pennsylvania’s Dog Law Enforcement Office.  Advisory Board members have been critical of the State’s failure to aggressively enforce the PA Dog Law.  Michael Pechart is her replacement.


PA Dog Law Citation Issued to Macungie Dog Owner

A July 30, 2012 article on lowermacungie.patch.com reported that Pennsylvania State Police have issued a PA Dog Law citation to a Lehigh County dog owner.  On July 21, 2012, a Macungie woman was jogging in Lower Macungie Township when she was bitten by the defendant’s dog.  A failure to confine violation has been given to the defendant.


PA Pit Bull Attack Victim May Need Hand Surgery

On July 26,2012, Attorney Thomas J. Newell learned that a PA pit bull attack victim may need hand surgery due to ongoing nerve problems.   The Allegheny County resident was injured on the streets of McKeesport PA when she tried to rescue her Shih Tzu as it was being attacked by a pit bull.  Approximately 15 stitches were needed to close the hand lacerations.  She is still dealing with numbness and/or a tingling sensation in her injured hand.


Lehigh County Woman Bitten While Jogging

A July 25, 2012 report in lehighvalleylive.com described how a Macungie PA woman was attacked by a dog while jogging on Durham Drive in Lower Macungie Township.  The dog’s owner was cited for failure to confine in violation of the Pa Dog Law by Pennsylvania State Police.


Pit Bulls Kill a Terrier in York County

A July 20, 2012 article from yorkdispatch.com discussed a 7/17/12 pit bull attack in West York that killed a terrier.  The 2 pit bulls were running loose and unrestrained.  Police have charged the pit bulls’ owner with 2 counts of harboring a dangerous dog in violation of the PA Dog Law.


Pit Bull Attacks Child in Pittsburgh

A July 17, 2012 story on msnbc.msn.com detailed a recent pit bull attack in Pittsburgh.  A little boy was playing in his neighborhood when the unrestrained pit bull bit him on the leg.  The 9 year-old was taken to Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital for treatment of his dog bite wounds.  The pit bull will be quarantined for 10 days as per the PA Dog Law.


Pit Bull Attack in Philadelphia

On July 12, 2012, a pit bull attacked a mother and her son in the Kensington section of Philadelphia.  According to philadelphia.cbslocal.com, the pit bull bit the child in the leg and then bit the mother as she tried to help her son.  The pit bull attack was only stopped after the father hit the dog with a hammer.


Pack of Wild Dogs Kill Livestock in Mercer County

A July 6, 2012 article on wpxi.com detailed a report that a pack of wild or stray dogs attacked and killed 4 goats in Sugar Grove Township, Greenville PA.  Pennsylvania State Police, as well as PA Game Commission Officials are investigating.  If the owners of the dogs are found, Mercer County Dog Warden, Tom Wharry, could charge them with PA Dog Law violations.


Lehigh County Pit Bull Attack

A July 2, 2012 article on lehighvalleylive.com, reported on a recent pit bull attack in Washington Township, Lehigh County.  A 63 year old woman was using a walking trail in Washington Twp. when a pit bull bit her.  She received medical care at Palmerton Hospital.  The pit bull owner was charged with violating the PA Dog Law.


K9 Dog Apprehends Beaver County Man

On June 30, 2012, an inmate was apprehended by a police K9 dog as he was trying to escape from Heritage Valley Beaver Hospital.  The prisoner was receiving medical attention when he called a taxi.  The taxi driver alerted the police.  The K9 dog bit the inmate on his foot and prevented his escape.


Lehigh Valley Great Dane Owner Pleads Guilty

A June 28, 2012 article on lehighvalleylive.com, reported that a Whitehall Township dog owner plead guilty to a charge of owning a dog that inflicted severe harm to a human being without provocation.  The Great Dane attacked and bit a 5 year old boy.  The Lehigh County PA dog bite victim was taken to Lehigh Valley Hospital in Allentown where he needed stitches to close the dog bite wounds.


Philadelphia Pit Bull Attack

On June 23, 2012, a 9 year-old boy from Philly was attacked by a pit bull on North 24th Street.  6abc.com reported that the Philadelphia pit bull attack victim was taken to St. Christopher’s Hospital for dog bite wounds to his legs.  He was admitted and listed in stable condition.


Another Pit Bull Owner Flees Scene of Attack

A June 22, 2012 article on msnbc.msn.com detailed yet another example of a PA pit bull owner fleeing after his pit bull attacked.  On 6/18/12, a pit bull attacked and killed another dog in Lebanon PA in the 500 block of Oak Street.  The pit bull owner told the woman who owned the dead dog that he would take his pit bull home & then come back to the scene of the fatal attack.  He never returned.


Lancaster County Pit Bull Attack

A June 21, 2012 article from msnbc.msn.com detailed a 6/19/12 pit bull attack on a 19 year-old woman in Manor Township, Lancaster County.  She was bitten on the arm and taken to a local hospital.  The Lancaster County dog bite victim was admitted as a trauma patient and underwent surgery.


Allegheny Pit Bull Attack on Shih Tzu Injures Owner

A June 21, 2012 pit bull attack on a Shih Tzu in McKeesport, PA resulted in injuries to the small dog’s owner.  The Pittsburghchannel.com reported that the woman was walking her dog when the pit bull attacked.  She was injured while trying to rescue the Shih Tzu.  The Allegheny County pit bull attack victim received medical care at a local hospital.


PA Dog Law Charges for Lehigh Valley Woman

A June 14, 2012 report on abclocal.go.com reported that a Lehigh County PA dog owner faces 2 PA Dog Law charges stemming from a May 2012 attack by her Great Dane.  A 5 year-old boy from Whitehall Twp. was attacked.  Harboring a dangerous dog and failing to confine are the 2 PA Dog Law citations.


Delaware County PA Pit Bull Attacks Police

A June 12, 2012 article from delcotimes.com detailed a series of vicious attacks by a pit bull in Delaware County PA.  A woman was walking her dog in Ridley Township when the defendant’s pit bull attacked her dog.  When she pulled the pit bull off her dog, the pit bull owner ordered his dog to “get her” and to “sic” the woman.  Police soon arrived and had to taser the pit bull twice after it tried to attack them.


Allegheny County Woman Waives Hearing After Fatal Dog Attack

On June 11, 2012, a McKeesport woman waived her right to a preliminary hearing regarding charges filed against her after her 3 day old son was mauled to death by the family’s husky.  According to thepittsburghchannel.com, she is charged with harboring a dangerous dog in violation of the PA Dog Law and recklessly endangering her infant child.


Stroudsburg Dog Bite Attack Injures Man

On June 10, 2012, a man was walking with his family on Colbert Street in Stroudsburg PA when the defendant’s dog jumped up over the fence and bit his left shoulder.  This dog has shown prior vicious propensities as it has frequently barked & growled at the Stroudsburg dog bite victim on previous occasions.  He was treated at Pocono Medical Center.  The Monroe County PA Dog Warden – George Nixon, is investigating this Poconos dog attack.


Pit Bull Attacks Bucks County Teenager

On June 8, 2012, a Hulmeville PA teenage boy was attacked by a friend’s pit bull as he entered the defendant’s home.  As described on phillyburbs.com, the Bucks County dog bite victim was an invited guest and as he walked thru the front door, the pit bull bit him on his arms and a leg.  The young man was immediately taken to Doylestown Hospital for medical care.


Willow Grove Dog Owners Cited for PA Dog Law Violations

A June 5, 2012 article from abington.patch.com, reported on Pennsylvania Dog Law charges being filed against 2 Willow Grove PA men who let their dogs run loose.  The Abington Township Police Department cited them after their unrestrained dogs attacked a man and his dog as they were walking on Rothley Avenue.


Animal Control: Pit Bulls Bit the Most People in 2011

A June 3, 2012 article from capitalgazette.com reported that in 2011, pit bulls bit more people in Anne Arundel County MD than any other breed of dog.  This was the same county where the boy in Pasadena was viciously mauled by a pit bull which resulted in the Maryland Court of Appeals labeling pit bulls “inherently dangerous.”


Pittsburgh Pit Bull Owner Flees Scene of Attack

A May 23, 2012 report from KDKA TV highlighted yet another example of an irresponsible pit bull owner.  A 4 year-old girl walked a few doors down from her home to visit a friend when a tethered pit bull attacked her. The pit bull was chained to a fence while its owner sat nearby.  The pit bull’s owner fled the scene of the attack with his dog before police could arrive.


York Area Teenager Bitten in the Face by Pit Bull

A May 22, 2012 article on ydr.com described a recent pit bull attack in Hellam Township PA.  A man and woman were walking 2 pit bulls at Emig Park in Hellam when 1 of the pit bulls pit a 17 year-old girl in the face.  The pit bull owners fled the park before Hellam Twp. Police arrived.


York County English Bulldog Mix Attack

A May 21, 2012 article on ydr.com reported on a recent dog attack on a York Township woman.  The Lancastser County dog attack victim was watching a friend’s American English Bulldog mix when it bit her on the hand.  20 stitches were needed to close the dog bite wounds.  The vicious dog was scheduled to be euthanized after the 10 day quarantine period.


Family Kills Lancaster Pit Bull to Save Child

On May 20, 2012, a Lancaster County family killed a pit bull they were watching for a friend after the dog bit a 2 year-old child on the back of the head.  Lancaster Online said the Lancaster County pit bull attack victim was treated at Lancaster General Hospital for the non-life-threatening wounds.


Pittsburgh Pit Bull Mix Injures 2 Boys

On May 19, 2012, an unrestrained pit bull mix in Pittsburgh PA attacked 2 young boys, sending one to Children’s Hospital.  According to wtae.com, the 10 year-old pit bull attack victim was treated for puncture wounds on his legs, along with abrasions over his body caused when he fell to the ground.


Dog Bite Stats from the American Veterinary Medical Association

A May 16, 2012 article on triblive.com reviewed sobering statistics from the AVMA:  about 4.5 million people are bitten each year in America and 60 percent of dog bite victims are children.  50% of those are bitten by a neighbor’s dog and 30% of dog bite child victims are bitten by a family pet.


Harrisburg Man Saves His Dog From Pit Bull Attack

A May 15, 2012 article from abc27.com reported how a quick thinking Harrisburg man saved his dog from potentially fatal injuries.  He was walking his dog on N. 3rd Street when a pit bull escaped from its owner and jumped on his family pet.   The Harrisburg resident grabbed his dog & pulled her to safety.  The pit bull bit her tail and buttocks as she was escaping.


Montgomery County Man Charged With Harboring a Dangerous Dog

A May 12, 2012 article from abington.patch.com described numerous PA Dog Law violations being charged to an Elkins Park dog owner.  Abington Police claim the defendant’s dog, without provocation, attacked and seriously injured another dog.  During the atttack, the injured dog’s owner fell and was also hurt.


Easton Police Kill Drug Dealer’s Pit Bull

On May 11, 2012, Easton PA police were forced to shoot and kill a pit bull that tried to attack them during a drug raid at Ferry Street.  As described in The Morning Call, one of the defendants had a pit bull with him as he tried to escape.  The dog tried to attack the pursuing police officers who then shot it in self-defense.


Another York County Township Restricts Tethering

On May 9, 2012, Spring Garden Township became the 3rd local government municipality in York County to pass an ordinance significantly limiting tethering.  As reported by Elizabeth Evans of the York Dispatch, owners of outside dogs will have to build kennels or regularly bring their dogs inside.  The York County SPCA will enforce the ordinance.


Bangor PA Dog Bite Attack

On May 3, 2012, 2 young boys in Northampton County Pennsylvania were attacked by a German Shepherd mixed breed dog inside a neighbor’s home.   One of the Bangor dog attack victims was bitten on both ankles, the other on the calf.  Medical care was provided by a Lehigh Valley area medical facility.


Allegheny County Judge Sentences Husky to Dog Sanctuary

On April 27, 2012, an Allegheny County Trial Judge approved a compromise agreement regarding the husky that killed a 3 day old child in McKeesport PA.  The husky will be sent to a 100 acre out-of-state dog sanctuary.  The dog can never be adopted by a private family nor returned to Pennsylvania.  The infant’s mother faces multiple charges including endangering the welfare of her child.


Wilkes-Barre Pit Bull Attack

On April 28, 2012, 2 pit bulls attacked a young boy in Wilkes-Barre PA.  As described in citizensvoice.com, 2 pit bulls escaped their owner’s home and bit a 10 year old boy.  The Luzerne County PA dog bite victim was treated at Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center.


PA Dog Law Charges for Lebanon Co. Pit Bull Owner

An April 26, 2012 article found in the Lebanon Daily News described a North Annville Township pit bull owner as being charged with violating the PA Dog Law.  His pit bull had been running loose and killed a domestic goose in North Londonderry Township.  Citations included harboring a dangerous dog and failure to confine.


Family Dog Helps Owner Contact Police

On April 23, 2012, a Philadelphia dog owner was assisted by the family dog in contacting police after she was assaulted by a burglar.  According to nbcphiladelphia.com, police reported that the victim was blind and that her seeing-eye dog used a special device to call 911.


PA Dog Warden Declines to Press Charges

On April 20, 2012, Attorney Thomas J. Newell was contacted by a Northampton County dog owner who was quite dismayed over a decision made by Kathy Andrews.  Even though 1 of his German Shepherds had been injured after being attacked by an unrestrained collie, the Northampton County Dog Warden decided not to charge the defendant dog owner with violating the Pa Dog Law, most particularly failing to confine his dog.


Lancaster County Pit Bull Owner Cited re: PA Dog Law

An April 13, 2012 article from lancasteronline.com reported that a Manheim PA pit bull owner was cited for failing to confine her dog in violation of the PA Dog Law.  A 7 year-old Penn Township boy was mauled by the pit bull.  Surgeons at Hershey Medical Center performed surgery to repair dog bite wounds to his left arm, left shoulder and left ear.  He was hospitalized for nearly a week.


Northampton County Dog Attack Injures German Shepherd

On April 10, 2012, a dog owner from Lehigh Township in Northampton County was walking his 2 German Shepherds on a leash in the street. Suddenly, a border collie came rushing toward them and attempted to attack/bite the man and his dogs.  One of the German Shepherds suffered a displaced hip due to the attack.  The Northampton County dog warden is investigating.


Attacking Pit Bull Killed in Scranton

On April 7, 2012, a pit bull was shot by a man in Scranton PA.  According to The Republican-Herald, the man was walking his German Shepherd when an unrestrained pit bull came upon them and started to attack his dog.  Fearing for his German Shepherd’s life, the man pulled out a gun and shot the pit bull once, killing it instantly.


York Area Woman Bitten as Pit Bull Attacks Beagle

On April 4, 2012, a West York PA woman was bitten by a beagle after it was attacked by her pit bull.  According to The York Daily Record, the woman was walking the pit bull on a leash when it yanked free and attacked a beagle that was tethered to a post in the rear yard of its owner.  When the pit bull owner tried to separate the dogs, the beagle bit her on the left arm.  PA State Dog Warden Barry Hochley is investigating.


Pit Bulls Charge Officer in Upper Darby PA

On March 26, 2012, 2 blue pit bulls charged an investigating officer after he tried to capture the dogs which were terrorizing an Upper Darby PA neighborhood.  According to The Delco Times, the 2 pit bulls killed a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and then turned on the officer who fired one shot which scared off the vicious dogs.  PA Dog Law charges are pending against the owner of the pit bulls.


Allentown Woman Attacked by Bulldog

On March 20, 2012, an Allentown PA woman was walking a friend’s dog when a vicious bulldog began to attack the Wheaten Terrier.  The Lehigh Valley dog attack victim tried to save the little dog and she was bitten on both hands.  It is anticipated that the bulldog owner will be charged with violating the PA Dog Law, specifically failing to confine his dog.


Another York County PA Pit Bull Attack

On March 18, 2012, yet another York County PA pit bull attack left multiple people injured.  As described on fox43.com, a 9 year-old girl was visiting a family friend when a pit bull bit her in the backyard.  Two adults who came to rescue her were also bitten.  All 3 York County PA dog bite victims were treated at York Hospital.


Aliquippa Pit Bull Mix Shot as it Attacks Officer

On March 17, 2012, a pit bull mix charged a police officer in Aliquippa when he investigated a report of billowing smoke at an Aliquippa home.  According to officer.com, the unrestrained pit bull mix charged the officer who fired 3 times, hitting the pit bull mix once in the jaw.  The dog owner was allegedly illegally burning a large pile of spools in violation of the city’s burning ordinance.


Pit Bull Attacks Boy in Allegheny County PA in Playground

On March 16, 2012, a roaming pit bull attacked a 6 year old boy in Crafton Heights PA.  As described on wpxi.com, the boy was playing in a community park when the unrestrained pit bull bit him.  The pit bull also attacked a security guard and a police officer who had come to his aid.  The cop had to shoot and kill the dog to prevent any further attacks.  All 3 PA dog bite victims were taken to Pittsburgh area hospitals for medical treatment.


Lebanon County Pit Bull Attack

On March 15, 2012, a Lebanon County man was knocked to the ground and bitten by a pit bull.  Chris Neal of S. Harrison Street in North Londonderry was charged with violating the PA Dog Law.  The charges included harboring a dangerous dog, failing  to control his dog and failing to have a license.  The Humane Society of Lebanon County took possession of the pit bull.


PA Dog Law Violation For Greene County Pit Bull

On March 14, 2012, a Greene County pit bull owner was charged by the Greene County PA dog warden with harboring a dangerous dog after a March 3 dog attack.  According to observer-reporter.com, the pit bull had been running loose in Crucible PA when it killed a neighbor’s small dog.  Past acts of vicious propensities have been alleged and will be testified to at the upcoming hearing before Greene County District Judge Lee Watson.


Northampton County Woman Attacked by Golden Retriever

On March 13, 2012, a Forks Township woman was injured when she and her infant daughter were attacked by an unrestrained Golden Retriever while walking in their neighborhood.  The Lehigh Valley dog bite victim received injuries to her left arm while trying to fight off the dog.  The dog owner will be cited for failure to confine the retriever in violation of the PA Dog Law.


Dog in Fatal Allegheny County Infant Mauling to be Evaluated

On March 8, 2012, an Allegheny County judge ordered a husky to be evaluated by both an animal behaviorist and a trainer before an April 5 hearing.  On Feb. 16, 2012, the husky attacked and killed a 2 day old child that was left on the floor, unsupervised, by his mother.  The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review also reported that a hearing on charges brought against the deceased child’s mother will be held on April 16, 2012.


Pit Bull Attacks Woman in Scranton PA

A March 9, 2012 pit bull attack left a 79 year old Lackawanna County woman with significant injuries.  As reported in The Republican Herald, the woman was walking in Scranton when the pit bull bit her and knocked her down to the ground breaking her leg.  As Scranton Police Officers tried to capture the pit bull, it charged at them.  Although the dog was hit twice, it survived being shot.


Ephrata Pennsylvania Pit Bull Attack

A March 8, 2012 pit bull attack on a young boy from Lancaster County PA resulted in dog bite wounds which required medical care at a local hospital.  The pit bull left its owner’s property and bit the boy as he was playing in his own backyard.  It is expected that the pit bull owner will be charged with failure to confine in viiolation of the PA Dog Law.


Pittsburgh Offers Free Spay/Neuter for 3,000 Dogs/Cats

On Feb. 28, 2012, the Mayor of Pittsburgh, Luke Ravenstahl, announced a $170,000.00 program to spay/neuter at least 3,000 dogs & cats in Pittsburgh.  As described in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, the program is designed to cut down the number of dog bites and reduce the city’s population of homeless dogs and cats.  Veterinary care will be provided by the Animal Rescue League in Homewood, the Western PA Humane Society and Animal Friends in Ohio Township.


Washington County Jogger Bitten by Mixed Breed Dog

A Feb. 28, 2012 article from the observor-reporter.com detailed a recent dog attack on a jogger in Cecil Township.  On Feb 25th, a man was jogging on the Montour Trail  near Parkcrest Drive and McConnell Road when the mixed breed dog came at him and bit him on the right hand.  The dog’s owner grabbed the dog and fled the scene of the Washington County dog bite attack.  Anyone with information is asked to call Cecil Township Police @ 724-743-0940.


Dog That Mauled Newborn Taken From New Owner

On Feb. 24, 2012, the Associated Press reported that the Allegheny County Dog Warden seized a husky from its new owner a week after the dog killed a 2 day old boy in McKeesport PA.  The Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office stated that the PA Dog Law requires a dog involved in a fatal attack to be isolated and euthanized unless the owner successfully appeals.


Bethlehem Woman Bitten by Pit Bull

On Feb. 16, 2012, a Bethlehem PA resident was bitten on her hand while protecting her Chihuahua from a pit bull.  LehighValleyLive.com reported that a woman was walking her dog on Jischke Street when the unrestrained pit bull attacked.  The Bethlehem PA pit bull owner was cited for numerous PA Dog Law violations including harboring a dangerous dog and failing to have a proper dog license.


Huntingdon Valley Woman Bitten By German Shepherd

A Feb. 15, 2012 report from lowermoreland.patch.com detailed a recent attack on a Montgomery County PA woman by a large German Shepherd mix.  The woman was walking her 2 small dogs in Huntingdon Valley PA when the German Shepherd attacked and killed 1 of her dogs.  The Montgomery County PA dog attack victim sustained a dog bite wound to her arm as she tried to save her small dog.  The owner of the German Shepherd has been charged with failing to confine her dog in violation of the PA Dog Law.


St. Bernard Attack in Montgomery County PA

On Feb. 10, 2012, a St. Bernard was running loose in Whitemarsh Township when it attacked and killed a 9 year-old Maltese which was being walked on its leash by its owner.  Whitemarsh Township Police investigated this unprovoked attack.

It is expected that the dog owner will be cited for a violation of the PA Dog Law for failure to confine the Saint Bernard.  The Maltese’s owner suffered some scrapes and abrasions when she tried to save her little dog.


Gettysburg Dog Owner Arrested For Public Drunkeness

On Feb. 8, 2012, a Gettysburg PA dog owner was cited for public drunkeness after he allegedly stumbled into the path of oncoming traffic at 2:00 a.m. while walking his dog.  According to ydr.com, the 32 year-old Adams County resident was arrested by Pennsylvania State Police after oncoming vehicles had to come to a complete stop to avoid striking the dog and its owner.


Rottweiler Mix Attack Injures 2 People & 2 Dogs

On Feb. 2, 2012, 2 people and 2 dogs were attacked by a rottweiler mix outside the Western PA Humane Society in Elizabeth PA.  As described on wpxi.com, the rottweiler mix jumped out of an open car window and attacked 2 dogs.  Two people tried to stop the dog attack.  They were both bitten on the hands by the mixed breed dog.  The Allegheny County dog attack victims received treatment at Allegheny General Hospital.


Pit Bull Kills Chihuahua in Allegheny County

On Feb. 2, 2012, a pit bull attacked and killed a chihuahua in McKees Rocks PA.  According to wpxi.com, an elderly woman took her small dog outside when it was attacked by the pit bull that was running loose in the neighborhood.  Allegheny County veterinarians were unable to save the chihuahua.  The pit bull owner agreed to put the dog down.


Susquehanna County Man Sent to Jail After He Attacks Lab

A Jan. 25, 2012 article from independentweekender.com described how the President Judge of the Susquehanna County Court of Common Pleas sentenced a Montrose man to a total of 16 months in jail after he nearly slashed a Labrador Retriever to death.

The defendant used a knife to attack the lab which resulted in 18 individual wounds.  The dog’s right leg was paralyzed and vet bills were nearly $1,200.00.  The defendant plead quilty to an animal cruelty charge and no contest to a simple assault charge.


Bucks Woman Attacked by Fox Hounds

A Jan. 18, 2012 article in phillyburbs.com described a 1/1/12 dog attack in Bucks County PA.  A woman, her husband and their 2 family dogs were walking in the woods near their home in Warwick PA when she and one of her dogs were attacked by serveral fox hounds.  The Bucks County PA dog attack victim suffered bite wounds on both arms and was treated by her family doctor.


Beaver County PA Dog Bite Attack

On Jan. 1, 2012, a four year-old girl was bitten in the face by a dog in New Brighton PA.  According to timesonline.com, the dog attack took place on Penn Avenue in the Beaver County town.  The PA dog bite victim was taken by ambulance to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh for medical care for her facial injuries.


Rescued Pit Bull Attacks Chihuahua

On Dec. 27, 2011, a rescued pit bull was euthanized after it attacked a chihuahua housed at a York County SPCA office.  The pit bull had been found walking the streets of York on Dec. 15 suffering from apparent dog fighting wounds.  The SPCA cared for the pit bull trying to restore its health.  While being walked by a SPCA staffer on 12/26, it launched an unprovoked attack on the tiny chihuahua.  Fortunately, the little dog was wearing a coat which helped prevent serious injuries.


Lansdale PA Dog Bite Attack

A Dec. 23, 2011 Lansdale PA dog bite attack resulted in a woman being rushed to Lansdale Hospital for treatment of dog bite wounds.  According to thereporteronline.com,  the PA dog attack victim had adopted a mixed breed black lab earlier in December from the SPCA.  The woman told Lansdale Police that she had been emptying the dishwasher with the dog sitting on the floor nearby chewing on a bone.  When she walked by the dog it attacked her, biting her right hand.


Pit Bull Attacks its Owners in Philadelphia

On Dec. 15, 2011, a pit bull attacked its owners and caused serious injuries in Philadelphia PA.  According to 6abc.com, the pit bull attack took place in the 600 block of East Wensley Street in West Kensington.  An 18 year-old man and a couple in their 60’s were attacked by their pit bull.  Medical staff fear that the woman may have lost a thumb in the brutal attack.


Mixed Breed Dog Attacks Pedestrian in Pittsburgh

On Dec. 7, 2011, a Lab/German Shepherd mixed breed dog attacked a man in the Brookline section of Pittsburgh.  According to wpxi.com, the dog owner poked her head in the door of the Tobacco Outlet to ask a question when her dog bit a man who was crossing the street to enter the same business establishment.  The mixed breed dog was quarantined for the mandatory 10 day period prescribed by the PA Dog Law.


Norristown Pit Bull Owner Cited

A Dec. 12, 2011 article from norristown.patch.com discussed a Norristown Police Department report regarding a Nov. 6, 2011 pit bull attack.  Police responded to the 700 block of West Lafayette Street after a loose pit bull attacked and bit a pedestrian.  The owner of the pit bull was cited for a violation of the PA Dog Law.


Another Allegheny County Pit Bull Attack

On Nov. 30, 2011, a woman and her Scottish Terrier were attacked in Allegheny County PA.  According to wpxi.com, the pedestrian was walking her small dog on Grandview Avenue in North Braddock.  The pit bull attacked her terrier and bit the Allegheny County dog attack victim as she tried to protect her dog.  Police used a rope to subdue the pit bull and tied its mouth shut.  PA Dog Law charges are pending.


Harboring Dangerous Dog Convictions in Bizarre Lehigh County Case

On Nov. 7, 2011, 2 women were found guilty of harboring dangerous dogs by a Lehigh County District Justice.  As noted in The Morning Call, a woman’s 6 pit bulls attacked her sister-in-law in her home as she was feeding them crackers.  Whitehall Twp. Police had been called to the home several times before the 9/5/11 pit bull attack for dog related issues.  The homeowner had spent days in a local hospital being treated for dog bite wounds to her face and legs.


Westmoreland County Vet Fired After Being Bitten by Pit Bull

A Nov. 4, 2011 report from KDKA-TV detailed the bizarre story of a veterinarian who was fired after being bitten by a pit bull at the Animal Protectors Shelter in New Kensington PA.  Dr. Becky Morrow was tryng to give the pit bull a rabies shot when it bit her in the face.  Her employers fired her after the attack for allegedly not properly muzzling the pit bull that bit her.  Other former employees detailed numerous attacks by other dogs in the shelter.


Attacking Pit Bull Shot by State Police in Dauphin County

On Nov. 2, 2011, a Pennsylvania State Trooper shot and killed a pit bull ofter it attacked a woman in Middle Paxton Township. According to various media reports, a 44 year old woman had found the pit bull running loose in the community several days earlier and was trying to find it a home. She was planning on meeting with some people at the Boyd Big Tree Preserve to see if they would adopt the pit bull.

The Dauphin County pit bull attack victim was taken to Harrisburg Hospital where surgery was needed to treat severe bite wounds to her arm. Her mother was also attacked by the vicious pit bull.


Allegheny County Pit Bull Attack

On Oct. 31, 2011, a pit bull that was running loose in Braddock PA attacked and injured a chihuahua. As described on wpxi.com, a woman was walking her dog on Holland Avenue when the pit bull got loose and bit her dog on the neck. Viewers of Channel 11 heard about the dog attack and made cash donations to help with the chihuahua’s vet bills.


Pit Bull Attack in Norristown

On Oct. 26, 2011, a man was walking his dogs in Norristown, Pennsylvania when they were attacked by a pit bull. As noted on norristown.patch.com, the pit bull attack took place on Elm Street. Norristown Police investigated the attack and took the pit bull to a local SPCA office.


Aggressive Pit Bull Shot by Wilkes-Barre Police

On Oct. 20, 2011, police from Wilkes-Barre shot a pit bull that attempted to attack the officers. According to The Times-Leader, the cops were trying to arrest a man wanted on homicide charges when his pit bull went after them at the corner of South Franklin and Ross Streets in Wilkes-Barre.


Pug Killed by Pit Bull in Allegheny County

An Oct. 20, 2011 report on WPXI-11 described how a Verona PA dog owner dropped of his pug at an area kennel only to have it mauled to death while its owner was out of town. A worker found the pug in the pit bull’s mouth after the dogs had been left unsupervised.


Upper Dublin Dog Bite Attack

On Oct. 14, 2011 a woman was visiting a neighbor’s home on Linden Avenue when she was attacked. According to upperdublin.patch.com, she was taking ice over to the family when their dog escaped thru a screen door and bit her on the forearm.


Cat Euthanized After Pit Bull Attack in Carlisle

On Oct. 4, 2011, 2 pit bulls were roaming loose in their Carlisle PA neighborhood when they attacked a cat. The cat was euthanized due to its injuries. The pit bull owner was charged with failing to have his dogs licensed and properly vaccinated for rabies. Pennlive.com quotes Carlisle Police as claiming that the dogs had escaped from their Fairground Avenue backyard.


Pit Bulls Attack York County Pedestrian

On Oct. 6, 2011, 2 pit bulls attempted to attack a little girl as she was walking with her mother in Shrewsbury, York County PA. The woman picked up her daughter to protect her from the attacking pit bulls that had escaped from their home thru the front door. The mother was bitten on the legs by the pit bulls. The dog owner has been cited for violating the PA Dog Law.


Pit Bull Shot After Attacking Lebanon Police Officer

On Oct. 1, 2011, 3 pit bulls were fighting while running loose in Lebanon PA. A Lebanon police officer was called to the scene of the pit bull attack. Two of the pit bulls charged the cop. The officer shot one of the pit bulls twice, with the 2nd bullet killing it. The Lebanon Daily News reports that a police investigation is ongoing.


Guilty Plea in Bethlehem Pit Bull Attack

On Sept. 30, 2011, a Bethlehem PA pit bull owner plead guilty to numerous charges, including ordering his dog to attack a man the defendant had an argument with. According to lehighvalleylive.com, the 36 year old man was sentenced to 4 months to one year in prison for ordering the pit bull attack which eventually resulted in dog bite injuries to 3 individuals.


2 Pit Bulls Attack Man & His Dog in Ambler

On Sept. 24, 2011, an Ambler PA pit bull owner was charged with violating the PA Dog Law. According to montgomerynews.com, her 2 pit bulls got loose and attacked a 79 year old pedestrian and his Shih Tzu. The victim’s dog required veterinary care. The pit bull owner was charged with failing to confine her dogs.


Akita Dog Attack in Allegheny County

On Sept. 13, 2011, an Akita mixed breed dog got loose and attacked a young child in Allegheny County as he was walking to school. The PA dog bite victim was rushed to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh where 10 stitches were used to close a gaping wound on his left leg.


Bethlehem Police Taser Aggressive Pit Bull

On Sept. 4, 2011, Bethlehem PA Police Officers were forced to taser a pit bull while they were investigating a burglary. According to The Morning Call, the cops were called to a home on Philip Street. Once they arrived, a large brown pit bull, which was loose on the house’s porch, blocked the officers from entering the home. The police tasered the pit bull and charged its owner with 2 drug related crimes.


Dauphin County Pit Bull Tries to Attack Firefighters

On Sept. 4, 2011, firefighters responded to a house fire in East Hanover Township, Dauphin County. According to wgal.com, as the firefighters tried to put out the fire in the 700 block of Manada Bottom Road, the family’s pit bull tried to attack them. Fortunately, they escaped any injuries.


Yet Another Schuylkill County PA Pit Bull Attack

On Sept. 2, 2011, the latest in a string of pit bull attacks in Schuylkill County resulted in the pit bull being shot dead. As described in The Republican-Herald, a pit bull jumped over a fence and attacked a woman in Tower City. Her husband came to her rescue and shot the dog dead in front of 507 E. Grand Avenue. Tower City Police, as well as a Pennsylvania State Trooper responded to the scene of the pit bull attack.


Pit Bull Mauling in Allegheny County

On Aug 30, 2011, 2 pit bulls jumped a fence in Ross Township and attacked a pedestrian and his Chihuahua. According to cbspittsburgh.com, the pit bulls attacked as the man was walking his dog. The Chihuahua ended up with 2 crushed ribs and a damaged kidney that was surgically removed. The pedestrian was bitten on the nose and both hands as he tried to save his dog.


Upper Dublin Pit Bull Attack

On Aug. 29, 2011, a pit bull allegedly broke free from its owner and attacked another dog on Tressler Dirve. According to a report on upperdublin.patch.com, a pedestrian was walking her dog in her Montgomery County neighborhood when a brown pit bull came from behind a home and attacked her dog. The pit bull owner admitted to Upper Dublin Police that her dog was aggressive toward other canines.


Pack of Wild Dogs Attack Again in Northumberland County

On Aug. 27, 2011, a pack of wild dogs killed 2 swans in Dornsife, Northumberland County. According to the DailyItem.com, 6 or 7 mixed breed dogs attacked the swans at a pond near Route 225. Alan Fegley, the dog warden for Northumberland County, set up a trap near the attack scene to catch the wild dogs. Witnesses believe these same dogs tried to attack deer earlier in the year.


Pittsburgh Pit Bull Attack Victim Suffers Severe Injuries

On Aug 24, 2011, a 13 year-old girl from Pittsburgh nearly had her ear torn off by an attacking pit bull. According to wpxi.com, Shyanna Cannon was sleeping over at a friend’s home when the pit bull burst thru a bedroom door and began the unprovoked attack. The mauling was only stopped when the pit bull’s owners pulled it off the victim. PA Dog Law citations will follow.


Harboring a Dangerous Dog Charge for Butler Co. Pit Bull Owner

On Aug. 13, 2011, KDKA-TV reported that a Butler County pit bull owner will be cited for harboring a dangerous dog. The TV station alleged that his pit bull mauled to death a neighbor’s chihuahua that was being walked by its owner. The Butler County resident allegedly had 4 adult pit bulls and 7 pit bull puppies in his home and, was cited in 2009 for a failure to confine violation.


Bethlehem Dog Owner to be Cited After Attack

On Aug. 16, 2011, a Bethlehem PA dog owner did not have her dog under control and it bit a man and his dog. According to lehighvalleylive.com, the dog broke free from its leash and started to attack a man as he walked his dog. The pedestrian was bitten on his hand and his dog suffered injuries to a back leg. Bethlehem Police will cite the owner for a violation of the PA Dog Law.


Washington County Pit Bull Owner Cited

On Aug. 10, 2011, a Washington County PA pit bull owner was cited for a violation of the PA Dog Law after a vicious dog attack on Aug. 1, 2011. According to The Observer-Reporter, a Claysville PA resident allowed his pit bull to run loose at a groundbreaking ceremony to mark the construction to restore Dutch Fork Lake. The pit bull mauled a beagle. The injuries required 3 surgeries and over 250 stitches to treat with vet bills of in excess of $1,500.00.


New Castle Pit Bull Attack Victim Bitten While Biking

On Aug. 9, 2011, a 9 yr. old girl from New Castle PA was bitten by a pit bull mix as she was bicycling in an alley near County Line Street. As described on wpxi.com, Emily Brightshuel tried to keep the bike between her and the pit bull but it still was able to bite her leg. Her father, Michael Brightshuel. said his daughter sustained 4 major puncture wounds from the pit bull’s teeth. New Castle Police claim that the pit bull mix broke thru a fence to attack the little girl.


Allegheny County Pit Bull Attack Injures 3 Year Old

On August 8, 2011, a three year-old girl, Lainka Lewis, was bitten by the family’s pit bull in Penn Hills PA. According to wtae.com, the victim’s grandmother was moving a gate which separated the dog from the family when the pit bull lunged at the little girl. She was bitten on the right cheek. The Allegheny County pit bull attack victim was rushed by ambulance to Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh.


Pit Bull Bites Cop in Allegheny County

On Aug. 4, 2011, a pit bull attacked a police officer in Milville PA. As described on thedailyjournal.com, the cop was investigating a 911 call when the pit bull charged him and leaped on top of the officer. He was able to break free only after kicking and punching the pit bull. The pit bull attacked again and the officer fired a shot at the dog. Numerous citations regarding the PA Dog Law have been levied against the dog owner.


Berks County Pit Bull Attack Seriously Injures Woman

On Aug. 4, 2011, a pit bull-mastiff mix attacked a woman in Oley, Pennsylvania. The Berks County dog bite victim instinctively put up her right arm to protect herself. Medical care was provided at Reading Hospital. The dog bite wound became infected. The arm was swollen and the woman developed a fever. The victim returned to Reading Hospital for medication which was given to her intravenously.


Pit Bull Attacks German Shepherds & Owner in Pittsburgh

On Aug. 1 2011, a pit bull that was running loose in Pittsburgh attacked German Shepherds that were in their own backyard. According to wpxi.com, their owner came out to break up the fight when he was also bitten by the pit bull. The Pennsylvania pit bull attack victim was treated at Allegheny General Hospital. Hopefully, the pit bull owner will be charged with multiple violations of the PA Dog Law.


Pit Bull Owners Flee Scene of Kingston PA Dog Attack

On July 29, 2011, 2 pit bull owners fled the scene of an attack where their pit bull nearly killed a Chihuahua. As noted in the Citizen’s Voice, a woman was walking her Chihuahua in a park in Kingston when she saw 2 men whose 3 pit bulls were running loose. One of those pit bulls chased after and attacked her dog. The pit bull tried to run away with the 8 pound dog when its owner grabbed it and pulled apart its jaws to free the tiny dog. Both pit bull owners fled the scene of the attack.


Rottweiler Mix Attacks Dogs & People in Pittsburgh

On July 27, 2011, a rottweiler mix attacked 2 dogs, as well as 2 people in Pittsburgh PA. According to wpix.com, the rottweiler mix was sitting in a car with its owner outside of a Western PA Humane Society Clinic when it jumped out of the window and began to attack two other dogs. 2 people who tried to separate the dogs were also attacked by the rottweiler mix and were transported to Allegheny General Hospital for medical treatment.


Doylestown Twp. Bulldog Shot by Owner After Dog Attack

On July 24, 2011, a man shot his bulldog in Doylestown Township after it allegedly bit a person 2 days earlier. According to phillyburbs.com, an employee of the Doylestown Country Club shot his 10 year old American Bulldog with the intent to kill it after it had attacked someone on July 22, 2011. The bulldog was taken to the Bucks County SPCA where it was euthanized. The Bucks County PA Dog Warden, as well as Doylestown Township Police are investigating.


Easton Dog Bite Victim Files Suit in Northampton County

On July 18, 2011, an Easton PA dog attack victim filed a civil lawsuit in Northampton County. According to wfmz.com, a woman was visiting an Easton residence when the tenant’s dog bit off a large portion of her right ear. The dog owners allegedly removed the dog from the residence after the attack and had it euthanized before it could be tested for rabies, causing the victim to allegedly undergo additional tests.


Allegheny County Pit Bull Attack Victim Recovering

On July 17, 2011, an Allegheny County man was walking near his home on South Canal Street in Sharpsburg PA when he was suddenly attacked from behind by a pit bull. According to wpxi.com, the pit bull was running loose in the neighborhood when it bit him on the leg. He was able to fight off the pit bull and ultimately needed 7 stitches to close the dog bite wounds. Since the pit bull was never captured nor identified, the Allegheny County dog bite victim is receiving rabies shots.


Philly Pit Bull Attack Victim Hospitalized

On July 13, 2011, a 10 year-old girl was attacked by a neighbor’s pit bull in the Mayfair section of Philadelphia. As described in the Philadelphia Inquirer, the girl’s dog bite wounds required stitches and an admission to St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children. The pit bull has been quarantined for 10 days as required by the PA Dog Law.


Family Dog Saves Girl in Erie Pit Bull Attack

On July 08, 2011, a German shorthaired pointer saved an 8 year-old girl while she was being attacked by a neighbor’s pit bull. As described on goerie.com, the pit bull got loose and ran into the victim’s yard where it grabbed the girl’s right arm. The family pet then attacked the pit bull causing it to loosen its grip on the girl. The victim’s father then pulled his daughter free. The Erie County Dog Warden is investigating the dog attack.


Washington County Boy Attacked by Pit Bull

On July 7, 2011, the Southwest Regional Police Department requested that the Washington County dog warden investigate a July 2, 2011 pit bull attack. According to thePittsburghChannel.com, the 2 year-old boy was attending a fireworks display at Coheburg Park when the pit bull bit him in the face. 25 stitches were needed to close the large wound just below the PA dog bite victim’s left eye.


Family’s Pit Bull Attacks Girl in Luzerne County

On July 9, 2011, a Luzerne County pit bull attack victim was mauled by her family’s pit bull. As described on WBRE, the 6 year-old girl was bitten by the pit bull and immediately taken to Wilkes-Barre General Emergency Room. Surgery was performed to close lacerations over her eye. She was later released to return to her Edwardsville PA home.


Another Pottsville PA Pit Bull Attack

On July 3, 2011, an 80 year-old Pottsville PA man became the 4th pit bull attack victim in that city in the last two weeks. As described in the Republican & Herald, the Pottsville pit bull attack victim was standing near a street corner waiting for a ride to church when he was bitten on the leg. A tourniquet was used to stop the bleeding and he was taken to Schuylkill Medical Center. The Pottsville resident’s leg has 4 puncture holes from the dog bites, as well as a black & blue leg.


Monroe County Dog Owner Cited

On June 29, 2011, Pennsylvania State Police cited a Poconos dog owner with 2 violations of the PA Dog Law. As described on wfmz.com, a dog got loose, ran into a neighbor’s home and killed a cat in the house. The dog then attacked and bit an occupant of the home in Middle Smithfield Township, Monroe County.


Another Schuylkill County Pit Bull Attack

On June 23, 2011, a 2nd pit bull attack in Pottsville PA in 24 hours left an 8 year-old Schuylkill County dog bite victim needing medical care for multiple dog bite wounds to his right arm. According to The Republican Herald, 2 pit bulls were fighting in their home. When the child tried to separate them, he was attacked. The dogs then escaped and were fighting in the streets when Pottsville Police arrived. Charges re: violations of the PA Dog Law are pending.


Pit Bull Shot Twice by Police During Attack Still Survives

On June 19, 2011, Uniontown PA police shot a pit bull twice to try to stop it from killing a mixed breed collie. As described in the Tribune-Review, the pit bull got loose and went after a man who had to jump into a truck to avoid injury. The pit bull then attacked a nearby dog that was chained. The police shot the pit bull twice in its shouders before the dog went to its own back porch and laid down. The pit bull owner later agreed to have the dog euthanized.


Pit Bull Attacks Police Detectives in Norristown

On June 14, 2011, Montgomery County Police Detectives were attacked by a pit bull while they were arresting a suspected drug dealer in Norristown PA. According to mainlinemedianews.com, police officials were making multiple arrests in 3 Southeastern Pennsylvania Counties when the pit bull attack took place. The pit bull was unrestrained and the police were forced to shoot the dog to prevent injury to themselves and/or neighbors in the adjoining homes in Norristown.


Harrisburg Woman Attacked by Pit Bull

On June 10, 2011, a Harrisburg PA dog attack victim sustained a fractured hip and leg after being knocked down to the sidewalk by a pit bull. According to abc27.com, the 80 year-old woman was walking with her husband on N. 4th Street in Harrisburg when she was attacked by the pit bull. The pit bull owner was cited for numerous violations of the PA Dog Law, including harboring a dangerous dog, failure to confine and failure to have up-to-date vaccinations for rabies.


Punxsutawney Dog Bite Victim Seriously Injured

A June 10, 2011 report from wced 1420 stated that a 2 year-old boy from Punxsutawney PA was attacked while in a home in Knoxdale PA. The boy was allegedly near the family’s dog while it was eating when it suddenly viciously attacked him. The PA dog bite victim was bitten on the head, neck and shoulder. He was medevaced to Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh. The Jefferson County dog warden took custody of the dog.


Luzerne County Trial re: Dangerous Dog Charge

On June 1, 2011, testimony was given in Luzerne County regarding a charge of harboring a dangerous dog. An article in The Times Leader noted that a 165 pound Great Pyranees dog had bitten 3 people in Dallas Twp. The dog owner was found guilty of violations of the PA Dog Law by a District Justice. A decision from the Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas is expected by the end of June.


Allentown Pit Bull Owner Cited

On May 31, 2011, an Allentown PA pit bull owner was cited for numerous violations of the PA Dog Law, including failure to confine. According to The Morning Call, the charges were filed due to a May 19 incident where the pit bulls were running loose on Linden Street and acting aggressively.


Towanda Dog Bite Attack

A May 26, 2011 article in thedailyreview.com reported that Towanda Police Chief Mitch Osman confirmed that a person was taken to a Bradford County area hospital after being attacked by a dog inside a home on Main Street in Towanda, Bradford County PA.


K-9 Dog Bites Burglary Suspect

On May 18, 2011 Pittsburgh police responded to a 911 call regarding a possible burglary. According to wtol.com, when one of the suspects tried to flee out the back door, a K-9 dog attacked and bit the criminal.


Cumberland County Dog Warden Investigates Pit Bull Attack

A May 11, 2001 article from the Patriot-News detailed the investigation of a May 3, 2011 North Middleton Township pit bull attack. Twp. Police reported that a man and his dog were severely bitten by a pit bull after it escaped from its home and crossed over Route 34. Charges regarding violations of the PA Dog Law are pending. The pit bull was quarantined for the 10 day period required by Pennsylvania Law.


Allegheny County Pit Bull Attacks Again

A May 11, 2011 report on wpxi.com reviewed 2 alleged attacks by a Verona PA pit bull approximately 3 weeks earlier. A 4 year-old boy was bitten so severely that surgeons needed 50 stitches to close the dog bite wounds. Another child was attacked by the pit bull last week. Police will be filing charges of harboring a dangerous dog against the Allegheny County pit bull owner.


Palmerton Pit Bull Owner Charged

On May 8, 2011, a Palmerton PA pit bull owner was charged by the Pennsylvania State Police with harassment. As described in The Morning Call, a Carbon County resident was walking her dog when the defendant’s 2 pit bulls came out and began to chase and attack it. When the woman screamed for help, the pit bull owner ordered her to shut up or he would sic the pit bulls on her.


Pit Bull Attack in Cumberland County

On May 3, 2011 a pit bull attacked a man and his Chesapeake Retriever in Cumberland County Pennsylvania. According to wgal.com, the pit bull escaped from its home, crossed over Route 34 and bit the innocent dog owner and his retriever in North Middleton Township. The Cumberland County PA dog bite victim was treated at Carlisle Regional Medical Center. PA Dog Law charges of harboring a dangerous dog and failure to confine have been filed.


Dangerous Dog Citation For Quakertown Pit Bull Owner

On April 26, 2011 a Quakertown PA pit bull owner was cited for violations of the PA Dog Law due to an April 13, 2011 pit bull attack. As described in phillyburbs.com, the 29 year old pit bull owner was charged with harboring a dangerous dog after his pit bull attacked a 1 year old child in his residence on Plymouth Court.


Huskies Attack Sheep in Doylestown Township

On April 26, 2011, 2 Siberian-Indian husky mixes attacked and severely injured sheep at a Bucks County PA farm. As reported on phillyburbs.com, the dogs were able to flee their property despite electronic collars and fences. Doylestown Township police report that up to 11 sheep may have been injured in this PA dog attack. The dog owner will be cited for violating the PA Dog Law re: failure to confine.


Lawrence County Woman Attacked by Neighbor’s Pit Bulls

On April 21, 2011 a New Castle PA woman was attacked by her neighbor’s 3 pit bulls. As discussed on wpxi.com, the 91 year-old woman was in her own backyard when the 3 pit bulls came onto her property and attacked her. New Castle police are preparing citations for violations of the PA Dog Law. Thankfully, rabies tests performed on the pit bulls were negative.


Delaware County Pit Bull Attack Victim Sustains Serious Injury

On April 20, 2011, an Upper Darby PA woman was the victim of an unprovoked pit bull attack. According to the Delco Times, a pedestrian was on Oak Avenue when she passed a woman walking 2 pit bulls. One of the pit bulls suddenly attacked the pedestrian ripping open her arm. A passerby, the pit bull owner and a Verizon employee were only able to free the woman after the pit bull was hit with a pole. The PA dog attack victim was treated at Delaware County Memorial Hospital.


Harboring A Dangerous Dog Charge After PA Dog Attack

An April 13, 2011 article on Centredaily.com discussed 4 charges of violations of the PA Dog Law by a Centre County PA dog owner. Allegedly a 10 year-old boy was seriously injured as a result of being attacked by the defendant’s labrador retriever. A Patton Township police officer cited him for harboring a dangerous dog, failure to confine the dog, failure to have a current dog license and a lack of the necessary vaccinations.


Delaware County Dog Bite Victim Suffers Facial Wounds

On April 12, 2011, a Sharon Hill PA resident was bitten in the face by a neighbor’s German Shepherd. According to the Delco Times, a 75 year-old woman was trying to help free the dog after its leash got caught in a fence between 2 yards. Somehow the German Shepherd mistook her act of mercy and attacked her. The PA dog bite victim received medical care at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. The dog owner faces multiple citations of for violations of the PA Dog Law.