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Attorney Newell Settles Montco Dog Bite Case for $101,000.00

Posted on: September 27th, 2012       Attorney Thomas Newell

On Sept. 25, 2012, Attorney Thomas J. Newell reached a final agreement on all legal aspects of a $101,000.00 settlement of a Montgomery County PA dog bite claim. A woman in her 50’s was an invited guest at a neighbor’s home in Hatfield PA. The homeowner decided to open the basement door and bring up her large mixed breed dog.

The Montco dog attack victim obtained permission to pet the dog before interacting with it. For some unknown reason, the dog turned and attacked her. The Hatfield PA resident sustained significant facial injuries. Nearly 30 stitches were needed to close her facial wounds.

Thereafter, she was given 3 cortisone injections and underwent plastic surgery to minimize her permanent facial scars. Her surgeon estimated that the mixed breed dog had bitten off 25-30% of her right lower lip. The defendants’ homeowners insurance carrier paid its $100,000.00 liability limit, as well as the $1,000.00 med pay coverage amount.

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Attorney Newell Obtains $117,460.00 Payout For Poconos Dog Bite Victim

Posted on: September 24th, 2012       Attorney Thomas Newell

On Sept. 15, 2012, Attorney Newell received a copy of a Court Order from Orphans’ Court of Monroe County approving a $117,460.00 settlement for a Monroe County PA dog bite victim. The 2 year-old girl was being babysat by a relative when their dog mauled her.

The defendants were well aware of their dog’s prior vicious propensities, but let the young child interact with this aggressive dog. She was bitten in the face and head. Plastic surgery was performed at Wilkes-Barre General Hospital on the Poconos dog attack victim.

Her mother hired Attorney Newell who obtained the defendants’ homeowners insurance policy limit. Judge Williamson approved of Attorney Newell’s plan to put the settlement proceeds into a structured settlement annuity fund.

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Northampton PA Pit Bull Attack Victim Consults with Attorney Newell

Posted on: September 14th, 2012       Attorney Thomas Newell

On Sept. 10, 2012, a Northampton PA pit bull-mixed breed dog attack victim contacted Attorney Newell to speak with him regarding a recent dog attack. The victim was performing some painting duties at a home when he asked permission to go inside the house to use the bathroom.

The homeowner’s daughter gave him permission and as he was about to enter the restroom, the pit bull-mixed breed dog bit his right hand. The Lehigh Valley resident later found out about the dog’s prior vicious propensities. It had bitten 2 people prior to the attack on him. He was told that because of the dog’s prior attacks, it was normally restrained in a locked room when guests were present.

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Cumberland County Girl Mauled by Bulldogs

Posted on: September 11th, 2012       Attorney Thomas Newell

A Sept. 4, 2012 article on detailed the ongoing medical care necessary to treat a Cumberland County dog bite victim. A week earlier, a 7 year-old girl was walking thru her neighborhood in Hampden Township when 2 American Bulldogs mauled her. The 2 bulldogs were running loose with no supervision.

The PA dog attack victim sustained several injuries to her left leg which resulted in the need for several surgeries. Police officers seized the vicious dogs and took them to the Humane Society of Harrisburg where they are being quarantined. Citations for PA Dog Law violations are being considered.

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Allentown Bulldog Owner Cited for Harboring a Dangerous Dog

Posted on: September 7th, 2012       Attorney Thomas Newell

On Sept. 4, 2012, an Allentown PA bulldog owner was cited for harboring a dangerous dog in violation of the PA Dog Law. Tom Harper, Sweep and Animal Control Manager of Allentown filed the charges with District Justice Michael D’Amore. The defendant’s hearing will take place on October 2, 2012 at 10:45 a.m.

The Allentown dog bite victim was walking a friend’s Wheaten Terrier on March 20, 2012 on East Clair Street. She was using a leash and had the dog totally restrained. The defendant’s bulldog was running loose, bit the terrier from behind and then placed its teeth around the terrier’s neck.

The 45 year-old woman kicked the bulldog to try to stop its attack on the terrier. The bulldog then attacked the woman. She put up her hands to protect her face. The Allentown PA resident sustained 8 dog bite wounds to her right hand. She received medical care at Sacred Heart Hospital with those medical bills alone totalling nearly $8,000.00.

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Washington County Woman Charged After Dog Attack

Posted on: September 4th, 2012       Attorney Thomas Newell

An August 28th article from described the arrest of a Donora PA woman after a PA dog mauling at her home.  Her boyfriend’s nephew was visiting when he was attacked by her 3 dogs.  Incredibly, they delayed getting medical care for the boy.

The police allege that the defendants tried to eliminate all evidence of the dog attack inside the home and instructed the Washington County dog bite victim to lie about the mauling to investigators.  The dog bite victim was eventually treated at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.

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