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Monroe County Rottweiler on Trial Today

Posted on: February 21st, 2013       Attorney Thomas Newell

On February 21, 2013, an East Stroudsburg rottweiler owner stood trial in the Monroe County Court of Common Pleas for numerous PA Dog Law violations.  The vicious and unprovoked rottweiler attack took place at the defendant’s residence on 6/13/12.  Her unrestrained rottweiler was running loose and attacked a 10 year old boy who was an invited guest of her sons.

Rottweiler dog breedThe Poconos dog attack victim testified on October 4, 2012 before the Honorable Brian Germano.  The defendant and her sons also testified.  Attorney Thomas J. Newell provided His Honor with a copy of a recent Pennsylvania Superior Court case which confirmed the legal culpability of the negligent dog owner.  She filed an appeal and the case was listed for a non-jury trial today.

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Lehigh Valley Pit Bull Owner Charged

Posted on: February 15th, 2013       Attorney Thomas Newell

On February 8, 2013, a negligent Lehigh Valley pit bull owner was charged with violating a Salisburg Township Ordinance prohibiting animals from running at large.  An article on noted that the maximum fine for violating the township ordinance is $300.00 plus costs.

PIT BULL - ONEAttorney Thomas J.Newell has been hired by the ABE pit bull attack victims.  He has stated on the record that his strong preference has been that the police charge the negligent dog owner with violations of the PA Dog Law.  Those charges carry with them serious fines, restitution for the victims and significant consequences if the defendant becomes a repeat offender.

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Attorney Newell is Hired by Lehigh County Pit Bull Attack Victims

Posted on: February 12th, 2013       Attorney Thomas Newell

On February 7, 2013, Attorney Thomas J. Newell was hired by Lehigh County pit bull attack victims after a horrific incident on 2/4/13.  Attorney Newell traveled to their Salisbury Township home to meet with them, examine their injuries and those of their small dog, as well as analyze the scene of the unprovoked attack.

PHOTO OF PIT BULLThe Lehigh Valley dog bite victims showed Attorney Newell their dog bite wounds, including the serious injuries sustained by their cock-a-poo, whose vet bills are approaching $4,000.00.  The female victim described in detail the horror of the nearly 40 minute attack by this vicious pit bull.

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Lehigh Valley Pit Bull Mauling Victims Recovering From Unprovoked Attacks

Posted on: February 7th, 2013       Attorney Thomas Newell

On Feb. 4, 2013, two innocent Lehigh Valley residents were mauled by a roaming pit bull in Lehigh County PA.  A press release provided by the Salisbury Township Police said that they were called to the 1400 block of Pearl Avenue to investigate a dog attack.  The officers found a woman who was bitten and knocked down by a stray pit bull in her own front yard.

cock-a-pooAs the Salisbury Township Animal Control Officer and the Lehigh County Humane Society were helping the dog bite victim and trying to capture the unrestrained pit bull, it attacked a 73 year-old man and his small dog who were walking nearby.  Both Lehigh Valley dog bite victims required medical care.

The small dog was taken to a local vet’s office where surgery was needed to repair numerous major injuries.  If you or a family member have been attacked by an unrestrained dog, call Attorney Thomas J. Newell at 800-980-4842.  Attorney Newell provides a free home consultation for dog bite victims anywhere in Pennsylvania.  Visit his website:

Dauphin County Dog Owner Violates PA Dog Law Again

Posted on: February 4th, 2013       Attorney Thomas Newell

On Jan. 29, 2013, a Dauphin County dog attack victim was put in a perilous situation by a negligent dog owner.  The defendant has recently been found guilty by District Justice Rebecca Jo Margerum for failing to confine his 3 boxers.  Despite his conviction, Clifford Schaffner refuses to follow the PA Dog Law.

BOXERS #4On this date, his 3 boxers were again running loose and unrestrained on his property.  A Federal Express worker tried to deliver a package and was walking up the defendant’s driveway.  The 3 boxers began to bark and came running down the driveway pursuing him.  The FedEx employee dropped the package on the driveway and fled the scene for his safety.  Unfortunately, this is the 3rd time the defendant’s unrestrained dogs have pursued a delivery person.

It is Attorney Newell’s hope that the Dauphin County Dog Warden and the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture will prosecute this grossly negligent defendant to the fullest extent of the law.  For those dog bite victims looking to set up a free home consultation with Attorney Thomas J. Newell, call 800-980-4842.  Please visit his website for more details: