Bethlehem Pit Bull Attack Victim Speaks Out

Posted on: November 15th, 2012       Attorney Thomas Newell

On Nov. 8, 2012, posted an article about a recent Lehigh Valley pit bull attack.  A female USPS worker was delivering mail when she was attacked by a pit bull 3x.  Over the course of the ordeal, its owners could not control nor confine the vicious attack dog.  The Bethlehem PA resident received 36 stitches to her face and an ear.  She was given antibiotics, a tetanus shot and injections to prevent rabies.

The pit bull owners were cited for multiple PA Dog Law violations, including failure to confine and not having up to date rabies vaccinations.  Meanwhile, the victim is dealing with psychological issues, as well as a fear of roaming dogs while she is delivering mail.  Pit bull advocates rarely address the serious mental health issues that the victims endure after these horrific attacks.

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