Monroe County Judge Dismisses Nationwide’s Cross-Claim

Posted on: June 29th, 2012       Attorney Thomas Newell

A January 7, 2011 decision by Judge Linda Wallach Miller dismissed a cross-claim filed by Nationwide in a Monroe County car accident case. The negligent driver was on Coolbaugh Drive in Middle Smithfield Township. He rear-ended the car in front of him which forced that automobile into the path of a motor vehicle traveling in the opposite direction.

The Monroe County car accident victim filed suit versus the driver, as well as the owner of the car on the basis of negligent driving and negligent entrustment of the auto. A legal claim was also brought by the Monroe County car crash lawyer versus Nationwide for underinsured motorist benefits. Nationwide then filed a cross-claim versus the car driver and owner for contribution or indemnification of any amounts Nationwide had to pay its insured.

The trial judge ruled that Nationwide had no legal claim versus the defendants. There was no jury award yet versus the defendants and nor was there any result requiring Nationwide to pay UIM benefits above and beyond the defendants’liability limits. Preliminary Objections were sustained and Nationwide’s cross-claim was stricken. Bridgeman v Cruz et al., Monroe County Court of Common Pleas No. 7030 Civil 2010 (January 7, 2011 J. Wallach Miller).