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Reckless Uninsured Dog Owner Strikes Again

Posted on: March 30th, 2015       Attorney Thomas Newell

On 3/27/15, your Pennsylvania dog attack attorney received a call from yet another innocent PA dog bite victim with no legal recourse. He was mauled by a neighbor’s unleashed and unsupervised pit bull. The neighbor is a renter with no liability insurance.


Uninsured dog owning renters have no incentive to behave in a responsible fashion. There is no law requiring them to have insurance and, a lawsuit vs. the renter personally would undoubtedly result in no economic recovery for the PA dog bite victim. Until the PA Dog Law is changed, more and more dog attack victims will be unable to receive any compensation for their medical bills, lost wages, permanent scarring and pain and suffering.

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Another Uninsured/Irresponsible Dog Owner

Posted on: May 1st, 2014       Attorney Thomas Newell

PA dog bite lawyer, Thomas J. Newell, was referred to a Luzerne County dog attack victim by another personal injury attorney. On March 11, 2014, the retired gentleman was walking on a sidewalk adjacent to his Nanticoke, PA home. The property next to his was in a neglectful state and was inhabited by a renter with an aggressive pit bull.


On this day, the unleashed & unrestrained pit bull got loose and attacked the victim without any provocation. The PA dog attack victim instinctively threw up his right arm to protect his face. The pit bull attack left him with a badly injured right hand. Surgery was needed, a pin was implanted in his ring finger and dozens of stitches were used to close the dog bite wounds.

The tenant/pit bull owner has ignored all of Attorney Newell’s letters and was recently jailed for charges alleging that he was selling drugs. As of this date, there does not appear to be any liability insurance coverage available to compensate the Luzerne County dog bite victim.

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Maryland Legislation to Protect Dog Bite Victims One Step Closer to Fruition

Posted on: March 18th, 2014       Attorney Thomas Newell

On March 12, 2014, the MD House of Representatives passed a bill that would provide significant legal support for dog attack victims in Maryland. If signed into law by Gov. O’Malley, dog owners would be strictly liable for injuries their dog inflicted upon an innocent dog bite victim.


According to, an amendment to the bill was approved which will hold the dog owner liable anytime a dog bites someone while it is running at large. Exceptions to liability would occur if the victim was trespassing or provoked the dog. The legislation was adopted after a brutal pit bull attack led Maryland’s Court of Appeals to issue an April 2012 landmark ruling in the case of Tracey v. Solesky.

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Does a Dog Actually Have to Bite Someone for its Owner to be Liable for Injuries?

Posted on: February 26th, 2014       Attorney Thomas Newell

On 2/19/14, Attorney Thomas J. Newell received a telephone call from a concerned dog owner. Someone opened the front door that morning and the family dog ran out into the street and chased a young boy. While the dog never actually bit the child, he did fall and sustained an injury to his arm.


The Allentown dog bite attorney informed the dog owner that he would be responsible for the injuries the boy sustained. Neither the PA Dog Law nor Pennsylvania personal injury law requires an actual bite for legal liability to be assessed to the dog owner.

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What Dog Attack Victims Should & Should NOT Do After They’ve Been Bitten

Posted on: February 17th, 2014       Attorney Thomas Newell

On Feb. 15, 2014, I received a call from a Lackawanna County dog bite victim requesting my legal assistance. Unfortunately, I could not accept her dog bite case. This is an ideal time for me to discuss mistakes some dog bite victims make:


  • NEVER listen to the plea/demand of the dog owner to not get medical care and not report the attack to the PA Dog Warden/Police.
  • ALWAYS seek immediate medical care and report the attack ASAP to the dog warden/police.
  • NEVER assume that you won’t be making a legal claim for your medical bills/injuries.
  • ALWAYS take pictures before AND after your ER care just in case they are needed to document your injuries.
  • NEVER act as your own legal counsel.
  • ALWAYS remember that the defense adjuster’s job is to pay you as little as possible – a task made much easier when dealing with an “amateur” lawyer.
  • NEVER assume that just any lawyer can handle your PA dog bite claim with expert legal advocacy.
  • ALWAYS remember the old proverb:  “A jack of all trades is a master of none.”  Hire an attorney who fights for PA dog attack victims every day.

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How Can a Dog Owner Reduce the Chance Their Dog Will Bite a Child?

Posted on: February 11th, 2014       Attorney Thomas Newell
  1. When your guests arrive with children, put your dog in a closed room and make the room off-limits to all of your visitors.
  2. If you allow your dog to interact with company, strongly consider always having adult supervision.
  3. Never let kids interfere with your dog if the dog is interacting with her puppies.
  4. Children shouldn’t be anywhere near a dog when it is eating.
  5. Children don’t like it when an adult invades their “face space.”  They should be taught the same applies to dogs.
  6. Kids can jump on top off, pull ears and grab the tails of stuffed animals.  That conduct is never acceptable when it involves a family pet.
  7. People hug, dogs don’t!  Most dogs dislike it when a person tries to hug them.
  8. Screaming children running at/near a dog can startle or make the dog nervous – never a good thing!

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Can a Pit Bull Once Used For Dog Fighting Ever Be Truly Rehabilitated?

Posted on: January 27th, 2014       Attorney Thomas Newell

A January 17, 2014 pit bull attack in Pittsburgh, PA brought to the spotlight a serious question – what can be safely done with pit bulls rescued from a dog fighting ring?  As reported by KDKA TV, a 4 year-old pit bull escaped thru the front door of his new owner’s home as the man was retrieving his mail.


The unleashed pit bull attacked a pit bull of a couple who were following the PA Dog Law. Their dog was on a leash.  Unfortunately, it sustained some facial injuries.  The police had to taser the unleashed pit bull.  Its unapologetic owner stated:  “This dog couldn’t be more friendlier, affectionate & loyal.”

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Attorney Newell Hired by Harrisburg Pit Bull Mauling Victim

Posted on: January 15th, 2014       Attorney Thomas Newell

On January 1, 2014, Attorney Thomas J. Newell provided a free home consultation to a Harrisburg, PA family whose 9 year-old son was bitten in the face by a neighbor’s pit bull.  The pit bull, “Nitro”, jumped over the fence installed by the plaintiffs on the property line.  The boy was treated at Pinnacle Health Hospital for the dog bite to his nose.


The parents of the Harrisburg pit bull attack victim described for Attorney Newell the lengthy history of Nitro, the pit bull, acting aggressively to area residents and/or running loose off its owner’s property.  Attorney Newell also spoke with a neighbor whose Weimaraner was pursued and attacked by the unleashed pit bull in April of 2012.

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PA Dog Bite Attorney’s Complaint Served Upon Dog Owner

Posted on: January 7th, 2014       Attorney Thomas Newell

On 12/24/13, a 27 page Complaint filed by your PA dog bite attorney was served upon a Dauphin County dog owner.  The legal pleading was filed by Attorney Thomas J. Newell on 12/20/13.  It alleged that his client was attacked on 11/21/12 by the defendant’s 3 boxers while delivering a package on behalf of Federal Express.

Dauphin_County_CourthouseAttorney Newell’s document described 3 separate attacks alleged to have been committed by the unrestrained boxers.  Therefore, the Complaint set forth 3 separate bases for a recovery of punitive damages versus the Dauphin County dog owner.

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PA Dog Bite Attorney Referred a Schuylkill County Dog Attack Case

Posted on: December 30th, 2013       Attorney Thomas Newell

On 12/20/13, Attorney Thomas J. Newell began his legal representation of a Schuylkill County dog attack victim who had been referred to him by a Schuylkill County personal injury lawyer.  On 11/5/13, the 58 year-old man was jogging on Raven Run Road outside of Shenandoah, PA when two unrestrained dogs began to pursue him.


It appears that their owners were walking with them in the nearby woods without leashes in violation of the PA Dog Law.  The Bull Mastiff and Labrador Retriever chased after him.  The Pennsylvania dog attack victim was bitten on the right forearm and his right flank.  In excess of a dozen stitches were needed to close the dog bite wounds.

PA Dog Warden, Richard Hine, is investigating this unprovoked PA dog attack.  Contact Attorney Newell today if you’ve been mauled/attacked by a dog in Pennsylvania.  Arrange for a free home consultation by calling 1-800-980-4842.  See Attorney Newell’s dog bite settlements @