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204 Riders Killed in 2009 PA Motorcycle Accidents

Posted on: October 15th, 2010       Attorney Thomas Newell

An Oct. 1, 2010 article printed in The Morning Call details the fact that in 2009, Pennsylvania motorcycle accidents claimed the lives of 204 bikers.  According to the Pennsylvania Dept.  of Transportation, motorcycle riders are 35 times more likely to die in an accident than occupants of cars.

Your PA motorcycle accident lawyer is a big supporter of riders wearing helmets.  PennDOT statistics show that in 1998 there were 111 PA motorcycle deaths with 19 of those bikers being helmetless riders.  Since the 2003 repeal of the mandatory helmet law, Pennsylvania has seen a dramatic increase in motorcycle accident deaths.

In the 11 years between 1998 and 2009 there was an 84% increase in PA ‘cyclist deaths.  In 2008, 114 helmetless bikers died in Pennsylvania motorcycle accidents.  That is a 600% increase compared to the 1998 helmetless death count!  Conversely, during the last 10 years there has only been a 29 percent increase in the number of licensed PA motorcyclists.

The National Transportation Safety Board, Governors Highway Safety Association and PennDOT all advocate the use of helmets by bikers.  As a Pennsylvania motorcycle accident attorney, I am also aware of motorcycle safety studies which show that speeding is often a problem with younger riders.  Accidents involving older bikers too often have alcohol consumption as a contributing factor.

Education of drivers to respect the rights of motorcyclists and to avoid driving while distracted is also critical to help reduce fatal motorcycle accidents.  If you have been seriously injured in a Pennsylvania motorcycle accident, please telephone me, Attorney Thomas Newell at 800-980-4842.  I provide a free home consultation.  Please also visit my website @

Can Pennsylvania Reduce Motorcycle Accident Deaths?

Posted on: September 2nd, 2010       Attorney Thomas Newell

Seemingly every week we read about motorcycle accidents in Pennsylvania causing riders’ deaths.  The June 27, 2010 motorcycle-car accident which took the lives of 5 motorcycle riders in Lancaster received much publicity.  What steps are being taken by governmental officials and concerned citizens to stem the tide of this epidemic of ‘cycle fatal crashes?  Your Pennsylvania motorcycle accident attorney has reviewed articles which address this issue.

Information on Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Programs can be found at  There are free courses designed for both novice and experienced riders.  PennDOT is promoting a motorcycle safety program called “Live Free, Ride Alive” which strongly advocates the use of helmets by bikers.  The summer months account for the highest number of motorcycle accidents, with July having the highest monthly total.

A July 15, 2010 article by Cindy Stauffer of stated that 14 motorcycle riders had died in Lancaster County in the first 6-1/2 months of the year.  Chuck Becker is president of the Lancaster-Lebanon Liberty Riders, a chapter of Alliance of Bikers Aimed Toward Education (ABATE).  He promotes 2 different methods of cycle-driver education.  One is the distribution of motorcycle yard signs which encourage drivers to “look twice, save a life.”  He also recommends that motorcycle riders slow down and plan evasive action when they see a motorist stopped at an intersection/driveway waiting to pull out.

An August 30, 2010 report by Amanda Dolasinski of The York Dispatch notes that the 9 motorcycle fatalities in York County in 2010 match the total of bikers’ deaths in all of 2009.  Six of the 9 riders were not wearing helmets.  A University of Pittsburgh study states that there has been a rapid rise in the number of motorcycle related head injury hospitalizations since Pennsylvania’s repeal of mandatory biker helmet laws.  While your PA motorcycle accident lawyer strongly supports the use of helmets by motorcycle riders, the general public can help reduce the number of motorcycle accidents by being more vigilant in making sure there are no ‘cycles on the road when they pull out from a side street or driveway.

ABATE has distributed approximately 14,000 yellow yard signs that are designed to remind motorists of the presence of motorcycles on PA highways.  In York County, the director of the Center for Traffic Safety is forming a committee designed to promote motorcycle safety and awareness.  Motorcycle clubs, dealers & repair shops will be represented on this committee.  For more information on motorcycle safety issues, I suggest you visit websites such as and

If you or a family member has been injured in a PA motorcycle crash, please contact me, Attorney Thomas Newell for a free home consultation at 800-980-4842 or online at  I represent seriously injured motorcycle accident victims in Pennsylvania.