Chester County PA Fatal Car Accident Renews Calls for Teenage Driver Restrictions

Posted on: October 1st, 2010       Attorney Thomas Newell

The September 10, 2010 car crash in Chester County PA that killed 2 teenagers has caused area politicians to renew their attempts to pass legislation to improve teenage driving safety in Pennsylvania.  Four teenagers were in a Plymouth Neon after attending an Avon Grove High School football game.  Police investigators stated that the 18 year-old West Grove, PA driver crossed a double yellow line to pass cars on a curve.  His car then slammed head-on into a GMC Yukon.  The driver and a 15 year-old passenger were pronounced dead at the scene of the Chester County PA car crash.

In a blog earlier this summer, your Pennsylvania car crash attorney had discussed the inability of the PA Senate and PA House to agree on teenage driving legislation.  In a recent Pottstown Mercury article, Rep. Stephen Barrar from Chester County called for a renewed effort to pass H.B. 67.  Known as “Lacey’s Law”, the bill would ban a driver’s use of hand-held devices, make failure to use a seatbelt a primary offense and limit passengers of teenage drivers to one non-family member younger than 18.

A federal law addressing teenage driving has been co-sponsored by Rep. Jim Gerlach.  H.B. 1895 would require graduated driver’s licenses (GDL) for all teens in the United States with full driving privileges delayed until age 18.  Use of hand-held devices would be banned.  Pennsylvania’s failure to pass meaningful legislation to address the teenage driving issue has caused the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety to give PA its worst grade among all 50 states on this public safety issue.

Your PA car wreck lawyer hopes that the politicians in Harrisburg can pass meaningful legislation on teenage driving safety by the end of this legislative session in December.  A failure to do so would require a brand new bill to be proposed in 2011 after the November 2010 elections.  If you have suffered a serious injury in a PA car accident, please contact me, Attorney Thomas Newell at 800-980-4842 or by way of the internet at  I provide free home consultations.  I have been representing PA car crash victims for nearly 30 years.