Chester Pit Bull Attack Victim’s Life Saved By Good Samaritans

Posted on: September 9th, 2011       Attorney Thomas Newell

An August 30, 2011 Chester PA pit bull attack may have turned deadly if not for the heroic efforts of 2 Good Samaritans. According to The Delaware County Daily Times, a 21 year-old mother, Brittany Brown, was trying to catch a bus to work when a pit bull slipped out of its leash. The pit bull attacked her from behind and knocked her to the ground.

The local animal control officer stated that the pit bull went after Brittany’s throat and she instinctively threw up her arms to defend herself. The pit bull bit her right cheek and left arm. A passerby stopped her car and Ms. Brown jumped in. However, the pit bull was relentless and also jumped into the car.

The pit bull then began to attack the driver who soon fled her own car only to be bitten on the leg. Another passerby stopped and tried to save both dog bite victims by hitting the pit bull with a stick. The pit bull then attacked him resulting in a 3rd dog bite attack victim in a matter of several minutes.

The terror created by this vicious pit bull was not stopped until the dog was apprehended by Chester Police Officers. The Delaware County dog bite victim underwent surgery at Crozer-Chester Medical Center. The victim’s grandmother credits the 2 Good Samaritans with saving Brittany’s life. They also received medical care for their dog bite wounds at Crozer-Chester.

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