No UIM Coverage for PA Car Crash Victim

Posted on: November 6th, 2013       Attorney Thomas Newell

On 10/17/13, the Pennsylvania Superior Court ruled that a PA auto accident victim was not entitled to recover underinsured motorist benefits.  The 24 year old man was driving his parents’ car when a negligent driver hit him.  The defendant’s insurance company paid its $50,000.00 liability limit.  His UIM claim versus his parents’ automobile insurance coverage was denied.

The PA Superior Court held that while he kept his belongings and received mail at his parents’ home, he did not really reside there because he slept at his girlfriend’s home every night for the previous 6 months.  His parents had also informed their car insurance company that their son lived at his girlfriend’s address and he was “a family member no longer in the household.”  Atlantic State Insurance v. Bubeck (2013)