Indiana County Driver Pleads Guilty After Fatal Car-Bicycle Accident

Posted on: May 16th, 2012       Attorney Thomas Newell

On May 4, 2012, an Indiana County PA driver plead guilty to a first degree misdemeanor hit and run accident charge. As described on, a bicyclist was hit by at least 2 motor vehicles on Route 119 during the early morning hours of July 15, 2005.

The Indiana County bicycle accident victim was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash. A year later, the defendant was charged with driving a vehicle involved in an accident resulting in an injury or death to a person. After multiple court rulings, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court held that the phrase “resulting in injury” should include car accidents resulting in harm or injury to a human body, whether dead or alive.

Sentencing for the hit & run driver is scheduled for July 13, 2012. If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, call Thomas J. Newell, Esq. at 800-980-4842. Attorney Newell has represented PA car crash victims since 1981. Visit his website: