Lehigh Valley Rottweiler Attack Victim Undergoes 2nd Facial Surgery

Posted on: November 9th, 2010       Attorney Thomas Newell

In September of 2010, a Lehigh Valley dog bite victim underwent a second facial surgical procedure as a result of injuries caused by a rottweiler attack. In September of 2009, a 4 year-old girl was the victim of a vicious and unprovoked attack. She was rushed to the Lehigh Valley Hospital Trauma Center in Allentown, PA.

Approximately 50 stitches were used by the surgeon to close the facial wounds. Soon thereafter her parents hired a large law firm to make a personal injury claim on her behalf. Several months later they received a letter in the mail from their lawyer dismissing them as clients and claiming that there was no insurance coverage.

Your Pennsylvania dog bite attorney was then hired and I immediately conducted a full investigation which uncovered not one but two sources of insurance coverage – one for the owner of the rottweiler and an additional policy for the homeowner in whose home the attack occurred. I advised the parents to have her facial scars examined by a top Lehigh Valley plastic surgeon.

The decision was made to perform a second surgery one year after the attack as it was clear that the permanent facial scars could be minimized to some degree. Scar excision surgery was performed and we are awaiting a 3 month post-operative appointment to see if additional surgery is necessary.

Hiring the right PA dog attack lawyer is critical for any serious dog bite case. The attorney’s job is not only to identify sources of insurance coverage, but also provide helpful guidance in obtaining the best medical care for the dog bite victim. If you, a family member or friend have been seriously injured in a dog bite attack, I ask that you call me ASAP at 800-980-4842. As part of my dedication to personal service, I provide a free home consultation. You may also obtain additional information regarding my expertise at PADogAttackLawyer.com.