Minimal Auto Medical Insurance Coverage Causes a Financial Catastrophe

Posted on: November 12th, 2010       Attorney Thomas Newell

The October 2010 settlement of a Lehigh Valley car accident case should have netted the personal injury victim tens of thousands of dollars more in his pocket. However, a family decision regarding the level of medical insurance coverage drastically reduced his net recovery. An April 2010 motor vehicle crash on Route 248 was caused by a negligent driver making a left turn into the path of an oncoming car.

The Northampton County personal injury victim was taken to ST. LUKE’S HOSPITAL in Bethlehem PA where he underwent several surgeries due to multiple fractures to his face, head & hand. Your Pennsylvania car crash lawyer was soon hired to represent this badly injured young man. His medical bills quickly exceeded $100,000.00. Unfortunately, his family had only paid for $10,000.00 of medical insurance coverage thru their car insurance policy.

His mother’s personal health insurance plan paid over $61,000.00 in medical benefits. While there is no obligation to reimburse the auto insurance company, in some circumstances, as it was in this case, a victim must pay back – from their settlement proceeds – the private health insurance carrier for medical bills paid on their behalf. Despite the fact that there was no attorney discount language in the insurance subrogation clause, your PA car wreck attorney was able to negotiate a 10% discount.

I urge all Pennsylvania residents to review their auto insurance policies. Please ensure that you have the maximum medical insurance coverage that your own economic situation permits. If you are in need of the services of a Pennsylvania auto accident attorney with 30 years of experience, I suggest you telephone me at 800-980-4842. I provide a free home consultation. For a more detailed review of auto insurance issues as they relate to motor vehicle accidents, please visit my website of