Monroe County Rottweiler on Trial Today

Posted on: February 21st, 2013       Attorney Thomas Newell

On February 21, 2013, an East Stroudsburg rottweiler owner stood trial in the Monroe County Court of Common Pleas for numerous PA Dog Law violations.  The vicious and unprovoked rottweiler attack took place at the defendant’s residence on 6/13/12.  Her unrestrained rottweiler was running loose and attacked a 10 year old boy who was an invited guest of her sons.

Rottweiler dog breedThe Poconos dog attack victim testified on October 4, 2012 before the Honorable Brian Germano.  The defendant and her sons also testified.  Attorney Thomas J. Newell provided His Honor with a copy of a recent Pennsylvania Superior Court case which confirmed the legal culpability of the negligent dog owner.  She filed an appeal and the case was listed for a non-jury trial today.

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