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Monroe County PA                    $137,000.00

A Stroudsburg PA pedestrian accident settlement of $137,000.00 was agreed to by a Stroudsburg resident.  The pedestrian was hit by a car while crossing the street after visiting with a neighbor.  After being struck by the car, he was thrown up onto the hood and then into the windshield.

The Poconos resident was admitted to the Lehigh Valley Trauma Center in Allentown, Pennsylvania.  Surgery was required due to extensive hip and leg injuries.  The pedestrian was unable to work for several months due to his severe injuries.

The Monroe County Pennsylvania pedestrian accident lawyer obtained a $137,000.00 total payout for the pedestrian accident victim.

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Bucks County PA                       $115,000.00

A Bucks County PA pedestrian accident total settlement package of $115,000.00 was agreed to by a woman who was hit just outside of Doylestown.  She was about to start pumping gas into her car when the negligent driver slammed into her automobile forcing it into her leg causing severe injuries.

The Pennsylvania pedestrian accident victim was taken to Doylestown Hospital.  She was diagnosed with a right calcaneal tuberosity fracture, as well as medial and lateral ankle sprains.  A MRI of her ankle/foot showed ligament damage, bone contusions, edema and tenosynovitis.

Because the fractured right foot did not heal properly, the pedestrian underwent a surgery that was described as an:  open reduction and internal fixation of a malunited right calcaneal fracture.  Screws were required to maintain the alignment of the fracture site.  Once her medical care concluded, the Bucks County PA pedestrian accident attorney obtained a total settlement of $115,000.00 for his injured client.

Lehigh County PA                    $90,000.00

A Lehigh Valley PA pedestrian accident settlement of $90,000.00 was accepted by a Northampton County resident.  The pedestrian was hit by a car while crossing the road and she was taken by ambulance to Lehigh Valley Hospital in Allentown Pennsylvania.  Radiographic studies, including CT Scans, established that she had a lacerated bladder, a closed head injury and 2 fractures to herpelvis.

Surgery was performed on the Northampton County pedestrian accident victim.  In order to combat the internal bleeding, a French Foley Catheter and a Jackson Pratt Stomach Drain were installed.  Once her medical care ended, the Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania pedestrian accident lawyer obtained a $90,000.00 payout for his client – the maximum insurance coverage payment possible from the Defendant’s policy limit and her underinsured coverage limit.

**Past settlements/verdicts obtained by Attorney Thomas J. Newell in other PA pedestrian accident cases were evaluated according to their specific facts.  They do not guarantee a specific result in your PA car-pedestrian crash case.

Montgomery County PA                    $75,000.00

Montgomery County PA pedestrian accident settlement of $75,000.00 was approved by a King of Prussia resident.  A car went thru a stop sign hitting the pedestrian.  The driver also violated Pennsylvania law regarding pedestrians as he failed to yield the right-of-way to the pedestrian who was in the crosswalkwhen he was hit by the car.  After the pedestrian was struck, he was thrown up into the windshield and broke it upon impact.

The Montgomery County, Pennsylvania pedestrian was flown by Medevac helicopter to a Philadelphia area hospital.  He had 2 jaw fractures and needed 4 stitches to close a chin laceration.  The pedestrian underwent a closed reduction surgery to repair the jaw fractures.  He was restricted to a liquid-only diet for several weeks after the jaw surgery.

The Montgomery County PA pedestrian accident attorney negotiated a $75,000.00 payout for his injured client, as well as coordinated payment of his medical bills.

Please see PEDESTRIAN ACCIDENT FAQs if you were hit by a car and have questions as to how Pennsylvania law could possibly impact your PA pedestrian accident case.

Northampton County PA                    $52,000.00

A Bethlehem Pennsylvania pedestrian accident settlement of $52,000.00 was agreed to after a Lehigh Valley resident was hit on a golf course.  The pedestrian was hit by a golf cart and knocked to the ground.  The Lehigh Valley pedestrian accident victim sustained transversefractures of both the lateral and medial malleoli in his left ankle.

A Bethlehem orthopaedic surgeon performed an open reduction andinternal fixation surgery.  A plate was installed to hold the fracture sites in place.  A Lehigh Valley physical therapist aided him in the recuperation process.  The Bethlehem PA pedestrian accident lawyer obtained a $52,000.00 settlement for the Northampton County resident.

Monroe County PA                    $45,000.00

A Monroe County PA pedestrian accident settlement of $45,000.00 was accepted after a Cresco resident was hit by a car while walking in his driveway.  The Poconos pedestrian knockdown victim was initially taken to Pocono Medical Center in East Stroudsburg Pennsylvania.  Due to his severe injuries, he was transferred to St. Luke’s Hospital in Bethlehem PA.

The Pocono Mts. pedestrian accident victim was treated for a fractured ankle and a broken leg.  A Lehigh Valley area orthopaedic doctor monitored his recovery.  Since the Monroe County PA pedestrian was hit by an uninsured motorist, Attorney Newell made an uninsured motorist (UM) claim.

Initially, the pedestrian’s insurance company refused to make a UM settlement offer.  They claimed that the pedestrian knockdown accident was really an intentional act.  If their theory regarding Pennsylvania law was correct, the PA pedestrian accident claim could be denied.  Fortunately, the Monroe County PA pedestrian accident attorney prevailed and obtained a $45,000.00 policy limit payment for the Pennsylvania personal injury victim.

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Northampton County PA                 $32,000.00

A Northampton County PA pedestrian accident victim obtained a total settlement of $32,000.00 after she was hit on Nazareth Pike in Bethlehem Township.  The pedestrian was walking within the designated crosswalk when the negligent driver hit the woman and knocked her to the ground.   The ambulance crew found her laying in the middle of the roadway surrounded by bystanders.

The Saylorsburg resident was treated at the Trauma Unit of St. Luke’s Hospital in Bethlehem.  Multiple CT-Scans and x-rays were taken.  Her Poconos family doctor prescribed multiple medications including Percocet.  A Monroe County pain treatment specialist administered a lumbar steroid block injection, as well as 6 bilateral lumbar facet joint block injections.

The Pennsylvania pedestrian knockdown victim received a $22,000.00 payment from the defendant’s insurance company and a $10,000.00 underinsured motorist coverage payment from her carrier.  Attorney Newell also obtained for her $15,000.00 in additional medical coverage that she had not actually paid for.

Monroe County PA                    $25,000.00

A Monroe County Pennsylvania pedestrian accident case resulted in a total settlement of $25,000.00.  A Pocono Lake PA pedestrian was walking at night in the Arrowhead Lakes Development when he was hit by a pick-up truck.  The driver put the injured pedestrian into his vehicle, dropped the young man off at his home and then fled the scene of the crash.  Pocono Mountain Regional Police investigated the pedestrian-car accident, identified the driver and filed criminal charges against him.

The Poconos pedestrian accident victim was taken by ambulance to Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center.  CT Scans were taken of several parts of his body.  An open scalp wound was closed with a few staples.  He was treated for a concussive injury.  A dentist later performed bonding on two teeth.  The Monroe County pedestrian accident attorney obtained the Defendant’s $15,000.00 liability limit, as well as a $10,000.00 underinsured motorist payment from his automobile insurance coverage.

Carbon County PA

A Carbon County PA pedestrian accident victim was hit by a car in a crosswalk in Palmerton PA.  A speeding motorist failed to yield the right-of-way to the pedestrian and then fled the scene of the accident.  The hit and run pedestrian accident victim received medical care at Palmerton Hospital.  X-rays of her hip and leg did not show any fractures.

A Palmerton area family doctor prescribed physical therapy to treat her soft-tissue injuries.  Since the hit & run driver was never identified by the police, Attorney Newell made an uninsured motorist claim against his client’s own car insurance company.  The Carbon County Pennsylvania pedestrian accident attorney settled the UM claim within weeks of the conclusion of the pedestrian’s medical care.

Northampton County PA

A Lehigh Valley PA pedestrian accident victim was hit by a car on Broadway in Bethlehem PA.  The young girl was waived between stopped traffic by the driver of a truck.  As the Northampton County pedestrian crossed into the other lane, she was struck by the car.  The girl was knocked unconscious and taken by ambulance to St. Luke’s Hospital in Bethlehem.

The Bethlehem Pennsylvania pedestrian accident victim suffered a fractured wrist and 2 facial lacerations which needed 8 stitches to close.  Because of her whiplash injuries, she received physical therapy and chiropractic manipulations at an Allentown PA medical office.  A Lehigh Valley orthopaedist monitored her recovery from the broken wrist.

The driver’s insurance company initially refused to make any settlement offer.  They claimed that the Bethlehem PA pedestrian darted out between stopped motor vehicles right into the path of their insured.  They also noted that the young girl did not cross at a designated crosswalk.

The Northampton County Pennsylvania pedestrian accident attorney successfully argued that his client did cross at an intersection and that the driver was driving too fast for rush hour traffic in a residential area.  Attorney Newell ultimately obtained the driver’s policy limit.  Unfortunately, the pedestrian’s father had waived underinsured motorist coverage.  Therefore, there was no other insurance policy to make a claim against.

Monroe County PA

An East Stroudsburg PA pedestrian accident victim was walking along the shoulder of the road outside of Stroudsburg when she was hit by a car. The injured pedestrian was taken to Pocono Medical Center in East Stroudsburg where stitches were used to repair a facial laceration.

The Monroe County Pennsylvania pedestrian accident victim was seen by an Easton PA plastic surgeon who gave her a steroid injection to help soften the scar tissue in her cheek. The wound healed without the need to have scar revision surgery performed.  The Stroudsburg Pennsylvania pedestrian accident lawyer negotiated a settlement which was approved by Judge Jerome Cheslock of the Monroe County Court of Common Pleas.

Please go to CLIENT REVIEWS to read about the experiences of over 50 of Attorney Newell’s former Pennsylvania personal injury clients.

Monroe County PA

A Stroudsburg Pennsylvania pedestrian accident settlement was reached after a young man was hit by a car.  He was walking along the shoulder of the road in a rural part of Monroe County PA when the accident took place. The doctors at Pocono Medical Center in East Stroudsburg PA diagnosed the pedestrian knockdown victim as suffering from a concussion and soft-tissue injuries.

A Pocono Mts. chiropractor provided physical therapy and chiropractic manipulations which aided in his recuperation from the neck and back injuries. The Stroudsburg High School student made a complete recovery and was able to resume participation in school sports.  The Stroudsburg PA pedestrian accident attorney coordinated payments of his client’s medical bills and obtained a pain and suffering settlement for the Poconos resident.

For Attorney Newell’s qualifications to serve as your Pennsylvania pedestrian accident lawyer, please see WHY ATTORNEY NEWELL.


Attorney Thomas Newell provides the content of this website for informational purposes only.  Nothing provided in this website should be interpreted as being legal advice.  Each Pennsylvania pedestrian accident case must be evaluated on the specific facts of that case.  Critical factors include violations of the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code, the injuries suffered and available insurance coverage(s).  Pennsylvania laws regarding pedestrian accident claims are constantly evolving and changing.  If you were a pedestrian hit by a car in a crosswalk, while crossing the street or on the shoulder of the road, you should be represented by a pedestrian accident lawyer licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania.


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    PA Pedestrian
    Legal Decisions


    Governmental Immunity Bars Pennsylvania Pedestrian’s Claim

    A December 2009 Opinion of the PA Commonwealth Court affirmed a decision by the Washington County Court of Common Pleas dismissing a Pennsylvania pedestrian accident case.  A 31 yr. old man was dropped off on the opposite side of the street on State Route 231 by a Washington County Transportation Authority bus.  The pedestrian was forced to walk through traffic to get to his home even though he had a diminished mental capacity.

    The Pennsylvania pedestrian was hit by a car and suffered a pelvic fracture, a coccyx fracture, a broken nose and permanent neurological impairment.  The PA pedestrian accident lawyer filed suit claiming it was negligent for the bus driver to drop off the pedestrian on the wrong side of the road.  The Appeals Court upheld the dismissal based upon the defense of governmental immunity.  The vehicle exception did not apply since the transit bus was not in motion at the time of the pedestrian accident and the bus driver’s alleged negligence.  Phillips ex rel. Phillips v. WCTA, 986 A.2d 925 (PA Cmwlth. 2009)


    Pedestrian Hit at Intersection to Undergo 2nd Trial re: Damages

    An August 2009 ruling by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania affirmed a jury’s liability decision in favor of a PA pedestrian accident victim.  However, the Appeal’s Court ordered a new trial on the issue of damages.  A 5 year-old boy was hit by a SEPTA paratransit bus while crossing the street at a Philadelphia intersection.  A lawsuit was filed in the Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia.

    At trial, the bus driver testified that he intended to make a turn at the intersection when he saw the boy and his uncle stopped at the corner crosswalk.  When the boy did not begin to cross the street, the bus driver turned and the pedestrian was hit soon thereafter.  The Pennsylvania pedestrian accident lawyer presented expert medical testimony that the young child’s injuries included a fractured right hip, fractured pelvis, separation of the sacroiliac and a bowel injury.

    The attorney representing the bus driver requested a delay in concluding the trial so that he could present his Allentown PA medical expert to testify live to the jury.  The Philadelphia trial court judge denied the request.  After a jury entered a verdict for the PA pedestrian accident victim, an appeal was taken.  The Commonwealth Court ruled that a new trial on the issue of damages only should be granted.  The failure to give the defense a short delay to present their only witness on damages was an abuse of discretion.  Cheng v. SEPTA, 981 A.2d 371 (PA Cmwlth. 2009)


    Pedestrian’s Verdict vs. Philadelphia Reversed as City Didn’t Own Street

    A PA Commonwealth 2009 decision overturned a trial court decision which awarded damages to a Pennsylvania pedestrian accident victim.  Road construction had been performed on Chestnut Street in Philadelphia.  The work site was left with various height levels and a pedestrian tripped on a raised portion of the road.  She sustained a fractured patella which required two surgeries.  She also developed deep vein thrombosis.

    The PA pedestrian accident attorney filed a lawsuit against the City of Philadelphia and the companies responsible for leaving Chestnut St. in a negligent condition.  The personal injury claims against the businesses settled.  She received a verdict against the City of Philadelphia whose lawyers filed an appeal.  Chestnut Street was actually owned by Pennsylvania – not the City.  Since PennDot was responsible to maintain Chestnut Street, the decision in favor of the PA pedestrian accident victim was overruled.  Leiphart v. City of Philadelphia, 972 A.2d 1239 (PA Cmwlth. 2009)


    Pedestrian Struck in Intersection Entitled to Jury Trial

    A 2009 Opinion of the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania reinstated a pedestrian accident claim.  A woman was crossing at an intersection in Philadelphia when she was struck by a police car. She suffered injuries which included a fractured tibia and a fractured patella.  Her Pennsylvania pedestrian accident lawyer filed a lawsuit versus the police officer and the City of Philadelphia.

    The defendants filed a legal motion to have the lawsuit dismissed claiming that they were not properly served.  The trial judge agreed and entered judgment for the defendants.  The PA pedestrian accident attorney filed an appeal and the Commonwealth Court reversed the lower court ruling.  Pfister v. City of Philadelphia, 963 A.2d 593 (PA Cmwlth. 2009)


    Pedestrian Hit By Car Has 4 Years to Sue for Medical Bill Coverage

    Pennsylvania pedestrian accident victims received a victory in a 2008 ruling by the PA Superior Court.  A car hit a pedestrian who did not own a car nor was covered under any auto insurance policy.  State Farm insured the negligent driver.  They denied the request of the Pennsylvania pedestrian that they pay his medical bills.

    His Pennsylvania pedestrian accident lawyer filed a lawsuit versus the insurance company in Philadelphia County.  The Trial Judge dismissed the pedestrian’s case and agreed with the legal theory of State Farm’s attorneys that the PA pedestrian accident attorney had failed to file a lawsuit versus the driver within the 2 year Statute of Limitations for negligence actions.

    The Appeals Court overruled the Trial Judge and reinstate the pedestrian accident claim.  The proper defendant to sue was State Farm – not the driver.  Since it was a contract dispute, the Pennsylvania pedestrian correctly filed the lawsuit vs. State Farm with the applicable 4 year Statute of Limitations.  Grover v. State Farm, 950 A.2d 235 (Pa. Super. 2008)


    Pedestrian Accident Victim Successfully Sues Co-Worker

    A 2008 Decision by the PA Superior Court upheld an award for a Pennsylvania pedestrian accident victim.  A security guard was hit by a car driven by a fellow employee.  The PA pedestrian accident victim sustained injuries to his leg which required several surgeries.

    The medical bills and lost wages of the PA pedestrian were paid by the Worker’s Compensation carrier.  The Pennsylvania pedestrian accident lawyer filed a lawsuit vs. the co-worker alleging that her negligence caused the car to hit the pedestrian.  Although the Worker’s Compensation Act provides a defense to claims of negligence by one employee against another, the attorney representing the driver failed to list that defense in his legal pleadings.

    The jury heard the evidence as to how the car hit the pedestrian and the injuries that resulted from the pedestrian accident.  A large award was entered in favor of the PA pedestrian accident victim.  An attempt by the driver’s lawyer to raise the immunity defense in his appeal was rejected and the pedestrian’s personal injury verdict was preserved.  Bell v. Kater, 943 A.2d 293 (PA Super. 2008)


    Motorist Hits Passenger in Crosswalk – Negligence per se

    A 2006 Superior Court of Pennsylvania Decision awarded a Pennsylvania pedestrian accident victim a new trial after a Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas judge gave faulty jury instructions.  A woman was crossing with a green light at an intersection when a negligent driver turned right and his passenger side mirror struck her.  The pedestrian was knocked unconscious and received medical care.

    Despite the request of the Pennsylvania pedestrian accident lawyer, the trial judge refused to provide the jury with a charge that the driver was negligent per se if they found the evidence proved that the pedestrian was in the intersection at the time of the crash.  Section 3112 of the PA Motor Vehicle Code requires a driver to yield the right-of-way to any pedestrian lawfully within an intersection or crosswalk.

    The Superior Court noted that the driver and pedestrian did not have the same obligation to look for the other.  The driver’s duty to yield the right-of-way was the primary responsibility.  The failure to inform the jury of that legal requirement necessitated a new trial.  Jenkins v. Wolf, 911 A.2d 568 (PA Super. 2006)