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Northampton County PA                    $250,000.00

A Lehigh Valley truck accident victim received a $250,000.00 settlement after a crash in Bangor, PA.  The Northampton County resident was an on-duty police officer driving on Market Street when a tractor-trailer driver looked away from the road to read a map.  The large rig went thru a red light and crashed into the police car causing $11,000.00 in property damage.

The Northampton County, PA truck accident victim was taken by ambulance to Easton Hospital.  An MRI showed that he had a cervical herniated disc.   AnEaston, PA neurosurgeon had the officer placed under general anesthesia and performed a cervical diskectomy andfusion.  The Lehigh Valley resident was unable to return to the police force until 5 months post surgery.

At the conclusion of the rehabilitation process, the Lehigh Valley specialist informed the officer that he had a higher rate of developing arthritis in the disk spaces above and below the surgery site.  The Pennsylvania truck accident lawyer obtained a $250,000.00 settlement after he filed a lawsuit in the Northampton County Court of Common Pleas.

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Monroe County PA                    $80,518.00

Poconos truck accident victim obtained a $80,518.00 settlement after a car/truck accident on I-80.  A tractor-trailer slammed into the rear of his car without any warning.  The Monroe County truck accident victim was diagnosed with post-traumatic headaches and post-traumatic cervical spondylosis.

The driver initially treated with a Mt. Pocono, PA chiropractor.  Then he was referred to an orthopaedist and a neurologist in the Scranton, PA area. The Tobyhanna, PA truck accident victim was given multiple cortisone injections, nerve block injections and trigger-point injections.  He missed several months of work so that he could receive maximum benefit from the injections.

His car insurance company initially refused to pay the lost wage claim.  Attorney Newell diligently fought them and ultimately they paid the money due under their income protection coverage.  The Monroe County PA truck accident attorney obtained a total payout of $80,518.00 for the Tobyhanna resident.

**Past settlements/verdicts obtained by Attorney Thomas J. Newell in other PA truck accident cases were evaluated according to their specific facts.  They do not guarantee a specific result in your Pennsylvania truck-car crash claim.

Northampton County PA                    $70,000.00

Northampton County, Pennsylvania truck accident victim agreed to a $70,000.00 settlement.  The truck driver was delivering a load of topsoil in Philadelphia when he was hit in the head by a backhoe at a construction site.  The Bangor, PA resident was knocked unconscious, suffered a concussion, had post-traumatic cognitive dysfunction, as well as a TMJ disorder.

The Lehigh Valley truck accident victim received medical care from his doctors in Allentown, Bangor and East Stroudsburg.  Since the defendant’s insurance company claimed the truck driver was guilty of comparative negligence, Attorney Newell filed a lawsuit versus the backhoe operator and his employer.  Shortly thereafter, the Lehigh Valley PA truck accident lawyer obtained a $70,000.00 settlement for the Bangor truck driver.

Please visit CAR ACCIDENT FAQ’s to read Attorney Newell’s answers to some of the most frequently asked questions by PA truck accident victims.

Monroe County PA                    $42,500.00

Stroudsburg PA truck accident victim received a $42,500.00 settlement.  He parked his truck at a Home Depot parking lot and began to walk to the store.  A female driver lost control of her car and rear-ended his truck.  The collision propelled the truck into the Poconos resident, dragging him over 25 feet thru the parking lot.

The Monroe County Pennsylvania truck accident victim was treated at Pocono Medical Center in East Stroudsburg, PA.  The Stroudsburg resident was diagnosed with a fracture of the medial femoral condyle.  The truck driver wore a knee immobilizer, used crutches and missed 4 months of work due to his broken leg.

After the fracture had healed, the Monroe County PA truck crash victim endured a rigorous 30 session physical therapy regimen to overcome the atrophy in his right leg.  Shortly thereafter, the Stroudsburg Pennsylvania truck accident attorney obtained $42,500.00 for his client with payments from the Defendant’s insurance company, as well as his own underinsured motorist coverage.

Monroe County PA                    $35,000.00

Monroe County PA truck accident victim received a $35,000.00 settlement after an I-80 truck/car crash.  The Tobyhanna PA resident was driving his car when he was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer.  Fortunately, the Poconos truck accident victim had his foot on the brake at the time of the collision which allowed him to avoid crashing into the car in front of him.

The Pocono Mts. truck accident victim treated with his family doctor in East Stroudsburg and a chiropractor in Mt. Pocono, PA.  Because the driver continued to complain of pain radiating from his neck, down his arms and into his fingertips, he was referred to a Scranton, PA neurologist.

During the next 9 months, 5 nerve block injections and 9 trigger point injections were administered into his cervical spine.  Shortly thereafter, the Monroe County Pennsylvania truck accident lawyer negotiated a $35,000.00 settlement for the Tobyhanna resident.

Please go to CLIENT REVIEWS to read letters from over 50 of Attorney Newell’s Pennsylvania personal injury clients describing their experiences with him.

Monroe County PA                    $30,000.00

Poconos truck accident victim obtained a $30,000.00 settlement after anI-95 accident.  He was driving a tractor-trailer (TT)when he was rear-ended by an uninsured trash truck.  The force of the collision was so great that his head struck and broke the windshield of the TT.  Emergency room care was provided at Pocono Medical Center in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

The PA truck driver was treated for post concussion syndrome by a Stroudsburg, PA neurologist.  Treatment for his headaches and neck pain was rendered by an East Stroudsburg chiropractor.  After his medical care concluded, the Stroudsburg PA truck accident attorney negotiated a $30,000.00 settlement for the Monroe County resident.

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Bucks County PA

Bucks County PA truck accident victim was injured on I-78 when his tractor-trailer was rear-ended by another truck. The driver received ER care at St. Luke’s Hospital in Bethlehem PA for low back pain.  Follow-up medical care was provided by his Lehigh Valley family doctor.

Medications – such as Celebrex and Flexeril, as well as acupuncture provided him with relief.  Soon after the medical care ended, the Bucks County Pennsylvania truck accident lawyer negotiated a settlement of the PA personal injury claim.

For Attorney Newell’s qualifications to serve as your PA truck accident lawyer, please see Why Attorney Newell.


For over 31 years, Attorney Newell has served the needs of Pennsylvania accident victims. Summaries of PA truck accident cases are listed above. The settlement value of each Pennsylvania truck crash case varies and depends upon the injuries sustained, amount of applicable insurance coverage and violations of the PA Vehicle Code.

Attorney Thomas Newell provides the content of this website for informational purposes only.  Nothing provided in this website should be interpreted as being legal advice.  The laws regarding Pennsylvania truck accident claims are constantly evolving and changing.  You are strongly advised to hire a truck accident lawyer licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania.


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    PA Truck Accident
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    Fatal Tractor-Trailer Accident on I-80

    On August 28, 2013, an accident involving 3 trucks on Interstate 80 in Carbon County PA resulted in the death of one driver.  According to The Morning Call, one tractor-trailer hit another truck while trying to pass it in the westbound lanes of I-80.  A 3rd tractor-trailer crashed while trying to avoid the 1st collision.  The truck driver was pronounced dead at the scene of the fatal accident.


    Monroe Pick-Up Truck Driver Acquitted of Vehicular Homicide

    On March 23, 2010, a Monroe County PA jury found a Tannersville PA pick-up truck driver not guilty of vehicular homicide charges.  As described in the Pocono Record, the Monroe County pick-up truck driver drove thru a red light on May 25, 2008 at an intersection on Route 611 in Swiftwater.  The Tannersville resident hit a car driven by a Mountainhome PA woman.  She was taken from the scene to Lehigh Valley Hospital in Allentown.  The Monroe County resident died several hours later.

    Criminal charges were filed against the pick-up truck driver.  While he was convicted of careless driving and failing to stop at a red light, he was acquitted of the criminal charges related to the victim’s death.  The defense’s position was that he wasn’t aware that the light had turned red on Rt. 611 until it was too late to stop.  In essence, his attorney admitted that there was negligence but denied any criminal conduct or intent.


    Lock Haven Woman Dies in Clinton County Truck Accident

    On March 20, 2010 a 74 yr. old Lock Haven PA driver was killed when she was rear-ended by a 2000 International tanker truck.  An article in the Star-Gazette stated that the Pennsylvania truck accident victim was stopped on Route 2005 waiting to make a left turn when she was struck from behind by the truck.

    The force of the truck-car collision was so severe that it propelled the Honda Civic forward nearly 100 feet.  The Lock Haven resident was declared dead at the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hospital in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania.


    Federal Ban On Text Messaging On Truck & Bus Drivers

    On Jan. 26, 2010, the United States Transportation Department put in place an immediate ban on sending text messages by drivers of interstate buses and trucks over 10,000 pounds.  Fines of up to $2,750.00 may be levied against drivers of commercial vehicles who text while driving.  According to an Associated Press article authored by J. Lowy, 19 States and the District of Columbia currently prohibit all drivers from texting.

    Pursuant to an Executive Order signed by the President, since Dec. 30, 2009, all federal employees have been prohibited from texting while driving federal gov’t vehicles or using federal equipment.


    Monroe County Truck Accident Victim Entitled to Driver Logs

    A 2008 ruling by Judge Arthur L. Zulick of the Monroe County Court of Common Pleas granted a Monroe County PA truck accident victim the right to obtain driver logs from the defendant driver for 30 days prior to the truck accident.  A tractor-trailer collided with a van which forced the motor vehicle into another tractor-trailer that was parked on the side of I-80.

    The Poconos truck accident lawyer filed a motion requesting the court to order the driver logs to be turned over.  The plaintiff’s attorney argued that the defendant truck driver was stopped on the shoulder of I-80 because he was confused about his directions.  Since the confusion may have been caused by fatigue due to driving total hours in excess of the number allowed by PA law, Judge Zulick ruled in favor of the PA truck accident victim.  Sica v. Ohio Eastern Express Inc., et al., No. 94444 CV 2007


    Truck Driver Wins Trip & Fall Case

    A 2009 Decision by the PA Superior Court affirmed a Philadelphia jury’s verdict in favor of a Pennsylvania truck driver as a result of his fall at Drexel University.  The trucking accident occurred after a delivery truck backed up to a loading dock.  As the truck driver was unloading materials from his truck, his foot hit the bumper on the loading dock and he fell injuring his back and knee.

    The Pennsylvania truck accident attorney filed a lawsuit alleging that the elevated bumper created a dangerous condition which Drexel had the power to eliminate.  The jury found the truck driver 30% at fault for the accident and Drexel 70% responsible.  This comparative negligence decision was upheld by the Pennsylvania Superior Court as it agreed that the elevated bumper on the loading dock was the proximate cause of the truck driver’s injuries.  Walker v. Drexel University, 971 A.2d 521 (PA Super. 2009)


    Pennsylvania Truck Accident Victim Given 2nd UM Hearing

    A 2009 Opinion of the PA Superior Court allowed a Pennsylvania truck accident victim to have a second hearing for his underinsured motorist claim.  An automobile accident was caused when a driver lost control of his car in a rainstorm.  A volunteer fireman was driving his truck to the scene of the car crash when he was involved in an accident.

    The PA truck accident victim suffered some serious injuries.  When he tried to make an underinsured motorist claim, the Arbitration Panel dismissed his case claiming he was at fault for his crash.  The Pennsylvania truck accident lawyer filed an appeal to the PA Superior Court.  They granted the fireman a 2nd UIM Arbitration Hearing and ordered that the truck accident victim receive the benefits of the ‘rescue doctrine.’  Bole v. Erie Ins. Exchange, 967 A.2d 1017 (Pa. Super. 2009)


    Multiple Claims vs. Allstate Approved For PA Trucker

    A 2009 decision from the United States District Court in Western PA permitted a Pennsylvania truck accident victim to pursue multiple legal claims versus Allstate.  The truck driver was injured in a Huntingdon County PA accident caused by a negligent automobile driver.  His PA truck accident attorney sued Allstate claiming that it denied payment for chiropractic bills without reasonable justification and, therefore, breached its contractual obligations to its insured.

    A separate legal claim alleged that Allstate abused the peer review process in denying first party benefits to limit its exposure to the Pennsylvania truck driver’s underinsured motorist claim.  Allstate’s lawyers filed a Motion to Dismiss which was denied.  The judge ruled that the Pennsylvania truck accident victim was entitled to make multiple claims v. Allstate in one lawsuit.  Miller v. Allstate, 07-260 W.D. PA (March 5, 2009)


    Truck Accident Victim Can’t Recover vs. Fellow Employee

    A December 2008 ruling by the PA Superior Court denied the personal injury claim of a Pennsylvania truck accident victim.   Two employees were returning to PA after working at a Baltimore job site when the driver lost control of the pick-up truck.  The passenger suffered significant head injuries.  His Pennsylvania truck accident attorney filed a lawsuit versus the truck driver in Philadelphia County.

    The trial judge ruled that the PA Worker’s Compensation Act prevented the Pennsylvania truck accident victim from making a PA personal injury claim against his fellow employee.  The Pennsylvania truck accident lawyer filed an appeal which was denied.  Worker’s Compensation benefits were the only recovery available for the PA truck accident victim.  EMC v. Boiler Erection, 964 A.2d 381 (PA Super. 2008)


    Negligent Trucker to Face 2 Lawsuits over Truck Accident

    A 2008 decision by the Pennsylvania Superior Court permitted 2 lawsuits to proceed against a negligent truck driver. The Pennsylvania truck accident occurred in Allegheny County PA when a tractor-trailer operator made a u-turn in the middle of a ramp connecting Rt. 65 and I-79. The truck blocked all lanes of travel and a car trailing the tractor-trailer crashed into it.

    A Pennsylvania truck accident lawyer filed a lawsuit versus the truck driver and his employer for his client’s pain & suffering claim. In a separate legal action, State Farm’s lawyers sued the truck driver to recover the property damage payment they made to the car’s owner. The truck driver’s attorneys filed a motion to dismiss the property damage lawsuit since it was not joined with that of the PA truck accident victim. The Pennsylvania Superior Court ruled that separate lawsuits in this fact situation were proper. State Farm v Ware’s Van Storage, 953 A.2d 568 (Pa. Super. 2008)

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