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Northampton County PA                    $300,000.00

A Lehigh Valley uninsured motorist claim victim received a $300,000.00 UM policy limit payment after a car accident with an uninsured motorist. A teenager was a passenger in a VW Jetta traveling south on Route 248. A Jeep Cherokee was heading northbound on Rt. 248 when it made a left turn directly into the Jetta. As a result of the head-on crash, the young man was knocked unconscious. An ambulance transported him to Bethlehem PA where he was admitted into St. Luke’s Hospital.

The Northampton County UM claim victim suffered a fractured skull, fractured nose, fractured sinus, 2 broken fingers and a lacerated scalp. A craniotomy was needed to repair his fractured skull. His left hand fractures required open reduction surgery with internal fixation. His nasal & sinus fractures were repaired with oral maxillofacial surgery. Attorney Newell aggressively advocated for the swift payment of the UM policy limit. In less than 6 months post crash, the Lehigh Valley uninsured motorist attorney had received the $300,000.00 settlement – which was the maximum insurance payout possible.

Monroe County PA                    $176,000.00

Monroe County PA uninsured motorist claim was concluded after a $176,000.00 payment due to a Pennsylvania UM arbitration verdict.  A car crash occurred in Monroe County which resulted in a Tobyhanna PA resident suffering from a tibia fracture and 2fibula fractures.  Complex surgery to his leg required the placement of an internal plate, as well as the attachment of an external fixation device to the outside of his leg.

The Poconos resident required a 2nd surgery to remove the external fixator.  Degenerative changes later developed around the fracture sites.  The negligent driver was uninsured.  After settlement negotiations were unsuccessful, an Uninsured Motorist Arbitration Hearing was held in Easton, PA.  The Monroe County Pennsylvania uninsured motorist attorney obtained a $176,000.00 verdict for the Poconos resident.

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Monroe County PA                    $139,000.00

A $139,000.00 settlement for a Stroudsburg, PA uninsured motorist claim took place after a car accident in the Poconos.  The victim was driving on Rt. 191 when a car crossed the center line and forced her off the road into an embankment.  The hit and run driver fled the scene of the Pennsylvania car crash.

The Poconos uninsured motorist victim was knocked unconscious in the accident.  She had complaints of dizziness and lightheadedness.  A Stroudsburg neurologist scheduled her for MRI’s of her neck & back.  The diagnosis was herniated disks in her cervical spine and lumbar spine.  An SEP of her legs showed an abnormality.

Physical therapy, Skelaxin and Darvocet were of little help.  An East Stroudsburg, PA doctor gave her nerve block injections and epidural steroid injections.  The StroudsburgPennsylvania uninsured motorist claim lawyer obtained a $139,000.00 settlement for his client from the UM insurance policy.

**Past settlements/verdicts obtained by Attorney Thomas J. Newell in other PA uninsured motorist claims were evaluated according to their specific facts.  They do not guarantee a specific result in our Pennsylvania UM case.

Monroe County PA & Northampton County PA                    $75,000.00

Monroe County PA uninsured motorist settlement of $75,000.00 was accepted after an accident on Easton Ave. in Northampton County.  An uninsured motorist ran a stop sign causing the car crash.  The injured passenger first received medical care from a Mt. Pocono, PA chiropractor.

When the pain in his neck and shoulder did not subside, he received numerous cervical nerve block injections.  The Pocono Mtns. uninsured motorist victim had an MRI which showed a full tear of the rotator cuff tendon.

A Scranton, PA orthopaedic surgeon performed rotator cuff surgery on the PA UM victim which included the removal of the sub-deltoid bursa and an acromioplasty.  The Monroe County Pennsylvania uninsured motorist lawyer obtained a $75,000.00 settlement for the Pocono Mountains resident.

Please visit CAR ACCIDENT SETTLEMENTS for a review of many more of Attorney Newell’s car accident settlements and verdicts.

Monroe County PA                     $67,500.00

A Monroe County PA uninsured motorist claim was settled for $67,500.00 after a car accident in Stroudsburg PA.  A woman from the Poconos was driving her Subaru when a car went thru a stop sign and crashed into her.  The collision was so severe that the Subaru was totaled and the airbag deployed.  The personal injury victim was placed on a backboard and taken by helicopter to Lehigh Valley Hospital in Allentown PA.

The Stroudsburg uninsured motorist claim victim was admitted for 2 days.  X-rays and a MRI showed she suffered 2 broken bones in her right foot – fractures of the cuboid and base of the fourth metatarsal.  Morphine and Percocet were given to her for pain relief.  The fractured foot was put in an immobilizer.

A Monroe County chiropractor treated the soft-tissue injuries to her neck and back.  A Poconos mental health expert diagnosed her as suffering from acute post traumatic stress disorder which required months of treatment.  The Stroudsburg UM claim attorney obtained a $67,500.00 settlement for the Monroe County resident.

Montgomery County PA

A Montgomery County PA uninsured motorist claim settlement was accepted after a car accident in Allentown, PA.  A Pennsburg PA resident was sitting in a parked car when a driver violated Pennsylvania law and went thru a red light, smashing into another car which collided with the victim’s auto.  He was taken to Grand View Hospital in Sellersville PA with complaints of dizziness, nausea and overall body pain.

The Pennsylvania uninsured motorist victim received medical care for his soft-tissue injuries from a Perkasie area chiropractor.  Once it was established that the negligent driver was uninsured, Attorney Newell presented a PA UM claim to the insurance carrier for the motor vehicle his client was occupying at the time of the crash.  The Montgomery County Pennsylvania uninsured motorist attorney obtained a settlement in less than 5 months after the car accident.

Monroe County PA

An East Stroudsburg PA uninsured motorist claim victim agreed to a UM settlement with her insurance company after a hit & run accident on Route 209.  She was driving on Rt. 209 when someone came out of a side street, cut her off, forced her into a telephone pole and then fled the scene.

Her mother drove her from the Route 209 crash scene to Pocono Medical Center.  The East Stroudsburg car accident victim complained of pain in her left hand, neck and back, as well as ongoing headaches.  CT Scans and x-rays did not identify any trauma caused injuries.  She was diagnosed with whiplash and received chiropractic manipulations and physical therapy on 27 visits over the next 5 months.  The Monroe County PA uninsured motorist attorney obtained a UM settlement within 6 weeks of the end of his client’s medical care.

Please see UNINSURED MOTORIST FAQ’s for answers to your Pennsylvania UM questions.

Monroe County PA

A Pocono Mts. uninsured motorist claim arose as a result of a car accident in the Lehigh Valley.  A Brodheadsville PA resident was a passenger in a car hit by an uninsured motor vehicle which went thru a stop sign in Whitehall Township.  Emergency Room medical care was provided at Sacred Heart Hospital in Allentown PA.  Her left knee swelled up after striking the dashboard.

The PA uninsured motorist victim was diagnosed with a left knee bone contusion.  She was evaluated by an orthopaedic surgeon from Stroudsburg and a neurologist from East Stroudsburg.  Physical therapy was helpful and she was cleared to return to all of her pre-accident sports activities.  The Poconos uninsured motorist claim attorney negotiated a UM settlement which was approved by the Monroe County PA Court of Common Pleas.

Lehigh County PA

An Allentown PA uninsured motorist claim resulted from an auto accident which occurred on I-78.  An Allentown resident was cut off by a hit and run driver and forced into a retaining wall.  The victim’s left shoulder struck the driver’s side door.  She was treated at Lehigh Valley Hospital in Allentown for whiplash related injuries.

After her discharge, the PA uninsured motorist victim received chiropractic and physical therapy care at a Lehigh Valley medical center for headaches, neck pain and limited range of motion in her left shoulder.  An Allentown orthopaedist twice administered injections into her left shoulder.  An MRI showed that she had tendonitis and a tear of the dorsal surface of her infraspinatus tendon.

The shoulder tendon tear made it difficult for the Lehigh County resident to raise her arm and perform routine household activities.  The Allentown Pennsylvania uninsured motorist claim attorney negotiated a satisfactory UM insurance policy settlement.

Monroe County PA

A Stroudsburg Pennsylvania uninsured motorist claim began when the Defendant stole a car from a Monroe County PA car dealership and caused a multi-vehicle car accident on I-80 by the Main St. exit.  His reckless conduct continued as he fled the scene of the crash.  Fortunately, the police were able to arrest him shortly thereafter.

The Monroe County PA uninsured motorist victim was treated at Pocono Medical Center in East Stroudsburg PA for soft-tissue injuries to her neck and back.  Her Poconos chiropractor provided her with physical and chiropractic adjustments which alleviated her headaches.  The Stroudsburg PA uninsured motorist claim attorney negotiated a settlement of this hit and run case within 5 weeks of being hired.

Pike County PA

Pike County Pennsylvania uninsured motorist claims were made by Attorney Newell on behalf of a Bushkill family involved in a car accident in New Jersey. They were injured by a reckless hit and run driver. Initial medical care was provided at Pocono Medical Center in East Stroudsburg PA.

One UM victim had chest x-rays taken due to seat belt trauma. Another had a lumbar spine MRI performed in order to rule out a herniated disc. Chiropractic care was administered in East Stroudsburg. Once his clients’ soft-tissue injuries had healed, the Pike County PA uninsured motorist attorney settled the UM claims for each of the Poconos residents with their insurance company.

Please see UNDERINSURED MOTORIST RESULTS for summaries of Attorney Newell’s Pennsylvania underinsured motorist settlements & verdicts.

Monroe County PA

A Poconos uninsured motorist claim settlement was agreed to after a Monroe County PA car crash.  The Henryville resident was rear-ended by an uninsured motorist.  An ambulance took him from the scene of the car accident to Pocono Medical Center in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.  X-rays and a CT-Scan were taken.  No fractures or acute injuries were identified.

The Monroe County Pennsylvania uninsured motorist victim received medical treatment for his soft-tissue injuries from a Pocono Mts. chiropractor.  Spinal manipulations were performed on his cervical and lumbar regions.  Physical therapy for his neck and low back included ultrasound and electrical stimulation. The Poconos uninsured motorist lawyer negotiated a UM claim settlement shortly after the chiropractic care ended.


The settlement value of each PA uninsured motorist (UM) claim varies and is based upon a number of factors. They include the specific injuries of the uninsured motorist victim, the amount of the Pennsylvania uninsured motorist policy limit available and the violations of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code.

Attorney Thomas Newell provides the content of this website for informational purposes only. Nothing provided in this website should be interpreted as being legal advice. The laws in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania regarding uninsured motorist claims are constantly evolving and changing. You are strongly advised to hire an uninsured motorist claim lawyer licensed to practice law in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.



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    PA Uninsured Motorist Claim
    Legal Decisions


    Carrier Must Show Prejudice to Deny Untimely UM Notice

    A July 2010 decision of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court reversed a Superior Court decision and permitted a PA uninsured motorist claim to go forward. There was a motor vehicle crashed in Hanover Township. Luzerne County in October 2001. There was no mention in the police report of a “phantom vehicle”, nor was it discussed in the emergency room records. Likewise the personal injury victim did not discuss the alleged phantom vehicle with his Harleysville workmen’s compensation adjuster.

    In February of 2002 he told an insurance company doctor that a phantom vehicle caused the crash. In June of 2002 he requested uninsured motorist compensation thru his own automobile insurance policy with Harleysville. The insurance company denied the PA UM claim since he did not notify them of the exsistence of the uninsured motor vehicle within 30 days of the crash as required by the car insurance policy. The Trial Court denied Harleysville’s request for a declaratory judgment to deny the PA uninsured motorist claim.

    The PA Superior Court reversed the Luzerne County decision due to the delayed reporting of the alleged phantom vehicle. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that the uninsured motorist benefits could be denied if the insurer proved that it suffered prejudice due to the failure of the PA car accident victim to notify them that a phantom vehicle caused the car wreck. Great importance was placed on the fact that the accident was immediately reported to the police. Vanderoff v. Harleysville Ins. Co., 997 A.2d 328 (Pa. 2010)


    Exception to UM Exclusion for Accidents With Off-Road Vehicles

    A couple injured in a PA car accident with a dirt bike were permitted to make a Pennsylvania uninsured motorist claim as a result of a 2008 ruling of the Pennsylvania Superior Court.  They were in their automobile on a public road when a dirt bike came out from a private driveway causing the crash.  Their Pennsylvania uninsured motorist lawyer made a PA UM claim against Erie, their car insurance company.

    Even though the dirt bike was unregistered and uninsured, Erie’s attorney argued that an exclusion in the policy prevented the victims from receiving the Pennsylvania uninsured motorist benefits for which they paid.  The trial judge agreed with the insurance carrier and denied their PA uninsured motorist claim.

    However, their Pennsylvania uninsured motorist attorney challenged this decision and filed an appeal to the PA Superior Court.  Since the collision occurred on a public road, Erie’s exclusion for accidents with off-road vehicles violated the PA Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Act.  The Appeals Court ruled that the Pennsylvania uninsured motorist victims were entitled to receive their UM benefits.  Burdick v. Erie Insur. Group, 946 A.2d 1106 (Pa. Super. 2008)


    ATV Crash Victim Can Not Make UM Claim

    A 2008 decision by the Superior Court of Pennsylvania closely examined the issue of Pennsylvania uninsured motorist (UM) insurance and an ATV accident. A driver of an all-terrain vehicle lost control while riding on private property resulting in a passenger being ejected from the ATV.

    A Pennsylvania uninsured motorist lawyer filed a UM case against Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company which insured 2 automobiles owned by the passenger’s father. The attorney for Nationwide filed a Motion for Declaratory Judgment claiming that there was no valid PA uninsured motorist claim. Judge O’Brien of the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas denied the motion and permitted a UM claim to be made.

    The PA Superior Court ruled that Nationwide’s exclusion for Pennsylvania uninsured motorist claims pertaining to off-road vehicles involved in accidents off public roads was valid. Since the ATV was not a covered uninsured motor vehicle at the time of the crash, there could not be a valid PA uninsured motorist claim. Nationwide Mut. Ins. Co. v. Yungwirth, 940 A.2d 523 (Pa. Super. 2008)


    Uninsured Motorist Can Recover Economic Loses

    In a December 2008 decision, Judge Joel Slomsky of the United States District Court ruled that a Pennsylvania uninsured motorist injured in a car accident caused by another’s negligence may sue and recover his medical bills and lost wages. The attorney representing the negligent driver argued that the PA Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law and court decisions prevented a Pennsylvania uninsured motorist from making economic claims against an insurance company and the driver responsible for the car crash.

    The Pennsylvania uninsured motorist lawyer successfully argued that the personal injury victim was able to file a lawsuit to recover his lost earnings and unpaid medical bills against the other driver since PA law only prevented such a claim versus insurance companies. Corbin v Khosla (2008 W.D. Pa.)