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$130,000.00                  Bucks County, PA

The Bucks County PA motorcycle accident attorney obtained the maximum insurance payout possible of $130,000.00 for two Quakertown motorcycle accident victims.  The Bucks County cyclists were riding their Harley on Rt. 611 near Stroudsburg, PA when a car drove thru a stop sign and crashed into their HOG.

The passenger was thrown off the Harley-Davidson and lost consciousness.  She was hospitalized for 3 days to treat a broken rib, lumbar vertebrae fractures and a concussion.   The Harley rider had rib fractures and a broken clavicle that required surgery.  If the Quakertown motorcycle crash victims had paid for higher underinsured motorist coverage, Attorney Newell could have greatly increased their recovery.

$100,000.00             Montgomery County, PA

A Montgomery County PA motorcycle crash victim received the $100,000.00 insurance policy limit in less than 60 days after the motorcycle accident in Lansdale, PA.  The ‘cyclist suffered a ruptured testicle which was surgically removed at Abington Memorial Hospital Trauma Unit.  He also tore the anterior cruciate ligament of one of his knees, as well as suffered 3 broken toes.

His Montgomery County PA motorcycle accident attorney coordinated payment of his Suzuki property damage claim, as well as the defendant’s $100,000.00 liability policy limit.  Unfortunately, the cycle owner had chosen not to pay for the optional underinsured motorist coverage.  Therefore, there was no other source of insurance funds available.

$75,000.00               Monroe County, PA

A Monroe County, PA motorcycle accident settlement of $75K was obtained by Attorney Newell for a Poconos resident.  The Tobyhanna  crash left the rider unconscious.  He was hospitalized for a fractured scapula, 4 broken ribs and a shoulder separation.

Once the Tobyhanna resident’s medical care ended, the Monroe Co. motorcycle accident lawyer immediately obtained the medical records and negotiated the $75,000.00 pain and suffering settlement.

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$65,000.00               Carbon County, PA

A Carbon County, PA motorcycle accident victim received $65,000.00 after a Summit Hill motorcycle-car crash.  A negligent driver pulled out in from of the motorcyclist causing her to lay the bike down.  She needed 12 stitches to close a facial laceration.  Scar revision surgery was later performed which diminished the permanent facial scar.

After the plastic surgery had taken place and a fractured finger had healed, the PA motorcycle crash attorney obtained the defendant’s $50K liability policy limit, as well as the Carbon County cyclist’s $15K underinsured motorist limit.

$65,000.00              Northampton County, PA

A Northampton County Pennsylvania motorcycle crash victim obtained a $65,000.00 settlement after he was injured in an Easton motorcycle accident.  Physicians at Lehigh Valley Hospital diagnosed him with a lumbar bulging disc.  He was given painful steroid injections and it took several months for his road rash to fully heal.

The Bethlehem, PA motorcycle accident lawyer obtained the driver’s $50K liability limit, as well as the ‘cyclist’s $15K underinsured motorist (UIM) policy limit.

**Past results obtained by Attorney Newell in other PA motorcycle accident cases were based upon their facts.  They do not guarantee a specific result for your motorcycle crash claim.

$65,000.00                Lehigh County, PA

A Lehigh County PA motorcycle accident victim received a $65,000.00 payout after she was thrown from a Harley-Davidson.  A negligent driver pulled out in front of the HOG and she badly injured her low back, and also suffered a broken toe.  A MRI revealed 2 lumbar bulging disks which were treated with steroid injections.

The Lehigh County motorcycle crash lawyer obtained the defendant’s $50,000.00 liability policy limit and his client’s UIM limit for the maximum payment of $65K.

Please see Motorcycle Accident FAQs  for answers to questions most often asked by motorcycle accident victims.

$60,000.00                   Bucks County PA

A Perkasie PA motorcycle crash settlement of $60,000.00 was accepted by a Bucks County biker.  The ‘cyclist was riding behind a car when she started to make a left turn.  As the motorcycle rider moved to the right to continue down the road, there was a collision involving his Kawasaki and the car.  The Perkasie motorcycle rider was thrown off his bike and landed on S. Main Street.

The Bucks County biker was taken to Lehigh Valley Hospital in Allentown and treated as a trauma alert code red patient.  A cat scan identified contusions to his lungs and lacerations to his liver, gallbladder and spleen.  The Perkasie resident also suffered 3 fractures in his right pelvis.

The defense contended that the biker was speeding and made an illegal right lane passing manuever.  After Attorney Newell had filed a lawsuit and discovery was undertaken, a settlement conference took place.  After 3 hours, a $60,000.00 settlement was obtained by the Bucks County motorcycle accident lawyer.

$55,000.00                 Bucks County PA

A Quakertown Pennsylvania motorcycle accident settlement of $55,000.00 was accepted by a Bucks County PA resident.  The Harley-Davidson owner was riding on Rt. 152 in Chalfont PA when a car pulled out in front of the HOG.  The automobile driver panicked and stopped his car in the middle of the road.  The rider had no option except to lay his Harley down.

The Bucks County PA motorcycle accident victim suffered a small vertebrae fracture and soft-tissue injuries to his neck and back.  A rigorous course of physical therapy resulted in his complete recovery.  The Bucks County motorcycle accident attorney obtained a $55,000.00 settlement from the Defendant’s car insurance company.  He also coordinated payments for the Harley repairs and the rider’s medical bills.

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$40,000.00               Lehigh County PA

A Lehigh Valley PA motorcycle accident victim received a total settlement of $40,000.00 after a crash on East Emmaus Avenue in Salisbury Township, Lehigh County.  The Tamaqua PA resident was riding his Harley when a car went thru a stop sign and made a left turn directly in front of the rider.  He was thrown off of the HOG and suffered serious injuries to his left leg.

The Lehigh County PA motorcycle accident victim was immediately taken to the Trauma Center of Lehigh Valley Hospital in Allentown PA.  He had a severely broken left tibia and left fibula which required surgery to repair the compound fracture of his leg.  An Allentown orthopaedic surgeon monitored his recuperation.  The Lehigh Valley PA motorcycle accident attorney obtained the Defendant’s policy limit of $25,000.00, as well as the $15,000.00 underinsured motorist claim limit on the rider’s insurance policy.

$37,000.00             Northampton County PA

A Bethlehem PA motorcycle accident settlement of $37,000.00 was agreed to after a crash on West Broad Street and Third Avenue. The Lehigh Valley motorcyclist was riding on West Broad St. when a negligent driver made a left turn directly in front of the `cycle. The rider laid down his Harley-Davidson to avoid a direct impact. Fortunately, he was wearing his helmet which helped him avoid significant brain trauma.

The Northampton County Harley-Davidson rider was taken from the scene of the motorcycle crash to St. Luke’s Hospital. He was treated for road rash all over his body. A number of morphine injections were administered to help deal with the pain. After his discharge, the Bethlehem resident was treated by a local family doctor and a Lehigh Valley chiropractor for neck, back and hip pain. Your Bethlehem PA motorcycle accident lawyer obtained the $37,000.00 payout soon after he had obtained the medical records and photographs of his client’s injuries.

$33,500.00              Monroe County PA

A Stroudsburg PA motorcycle accident resulted in a $33,500.00 settlement after a crash in Tannersville Pennsylvania.  A motorcycle rider was traveling at a high rate of speed when he lost control and collided head-on with a pick-up truck.  The rider died from his injuries.  The Monroe County Pennsylvania resident was taken to Pocono Medical Center in East Stroudsburg PA.

The driver sustained whiplash and soft-tissue injuries to his neck & back which were treated by an East Stroudsburg physical therapy/chiropractic office.  An MRI of his low back taken 7 months after the collision suggested that he had sustained 2 lumbar disc herniations.  The Pocono Mts. resident did not receive any steroid injections or nerve block injections.  The Monroe County PA motorcycle accident lawyer obtained a $33,500.00 settlement for the injured driver once his medical care had ended.

$25,168.00              Bucks County PA

A Horsham PA motorcycle accident victim received a total settlement amount of $25,168.00 after a motorcycle accident in Lower Southampton Twp., Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  The Montgomery County PA resident was riding a Harley-Davidson Sportster on Street Road when a negligent driver made a left turn directly in front of him.  The Harley rider was thrown off the bike, onto the car and finally landed on the road.

The Montgomery County PA biker was taken by ambulance to St. Mary’s Medical Center in Langhorne PA.  An x-ray showed that the cyclist had sustained a fractured right clavicle.  A Bucks County orthopaedic specialist confirmed the diagnosis of the right mid shaft clavicle fracture.  The doctor performed a closed reduction and the rider’s right arm was placed in a sling.

No formal physical therapy was necessary.  The broken clavicle healed and the motorcycle rider was able to return to work 3 weeks post crash.  His Bucks County PA motorcycle accident attorney was able to obtain a total settlement of $25,168.00 for his personal injury claim.

$12,660.00                Northampton County PA

A Lehigh Valley motorcycle crash victim received a $12,660.00 payment after an accident on Route 512 just off the Route 33 exit ramp. A negligent car driver made a left turn from the Rt. 33 ramp and crashed into the Plaintiff’s Suzuki motorcycle.

The Nazareth PA ‘cyclist was thrown off the bike and landed on Route 512. Fortunately, she did not fracture any bones and only needed physical therapy to recover from her whiplash injuries.

The Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer obtained the settlement without having to file a lawsuit versus the negligent automobile driver.

Northampton County PA

A Bethlehem, Pennsylvania motorcycle accident settlement was reached after a motorcycle crash on Broad Street in Bethlehem.  A Lehigh Valley resident was talking on her cell phone and drove thru a stop sign into the path of the HOG.  The rider had no place to go and he crashed into the side of her car.  The Harley owner was taken to St. Luke’s Hospital in Bethlehem PA.

After x-rays and a bone scan were taken, the Lehigh Valley PA motorcycle crash victim was treated for a stress fracture and road rash.  A Lehigh Valley orthopaedic doctor prescribed a Cam Walker to aid the healing process.  Once settlement negotiations stalled, the Bethlehem PA motorcycle accident attorney filed a lawsuit against the reckless driver.  The Defendant’s insurance company quickly agreed to a settlement which covered the rider’s medical bills and his pain and suffering claim.

Please go to CLIENT REVIEWS to read about the experiences of some of Attorney Newell’s past PA motorcycle accident clients.


Attorney Thomas Newell provides the content of this website for your information only.  Nothing provided in this website should be interpreted as being legal advice.  Each Pennsylvania motorcycle accident case must evaluated on the specific facts of that claim.  Critical factors include violations of the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code, the injuries suffered and available insurance coverage(s). Pennsylvania laws regarding motorcycle accident claims are constantly changing.  You are strongly advised to hire a motorcycle accident attorney licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania.

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    PA Motorcycle
    Legal Decisions


    Motorcycle Accident Victim’s Claim Denied Due to Household Exclusion

    A 2009 ruling by the PA Supreme Court denied the ability of a Pennsylvania motorcycle accident victim to receive additional underinsured motorist benefits. A young man was riding his motorcycle when he was invovled in a collision with an automobile. The Defendant’s car insurance company paid its policy limit.

    The Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer made underinsured motorist (UIM) claims against his motorcycle insurer (Universal) and his car insurance company (Erie). Universal paid its policy limit. Erie refused to make a settlement offer by relying on the household exclusion portion of its policy. The Allegheny County Trial Judge ruled in favor of Erie Insurance Company. His Decision was affirmed by the Pennsylvania Superior Court and the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.

    Both Appeals Courts ruled that the insurance policy language clearly excluded underinsured motorist coverage if the motorcycle rider was occupying a vehicle owned by him or a relative but not insured under that Erie policy.

    Both Appeals Courts ruled that the insurance policy language clearly excluded underinsured motorist coverage if the motorcycle rider was occupying a vehicle owned by him or a relative but not insured under that Erie policy. Erie Ins. Exchange v. Baher, 972 A.2d 507 (Pa. 2009)


    Motorcycle Accident UIM Stacking Claim Denied

    A 2008 decision by the PA Superior Court overruled an Allegheny Court of Common Pleas ruling and prevented a Pennsylvania motorcycle accident victim from stacking additional underinsured motorist coverages. The cyclist was hit by a pick-up truck and thrown to the ground. The rider was then accidentally run over by the truck while he was lying on the street. He received the policy limit from the Defendant’s insurance policy.

    The Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer made underinsured motorist claims against Geico under his client’s motorcycle policy, as well as separate insurance policy for his 2 pick-up trucks. Geico denied the UIM claim versus the truck policy based upon the household vehicle exclusion provision. Since the rider was hit while operating the motorcycle, the exclusion set forth in the truck policy prevented an additional recovery.

    The Trial Court granted the rider’s Motion for Summary Judgment and ordered that he be permitted to make a UIM claim against all of his insurance policies. The PA Superior Court reversed the lower court opinion. Since the pick-up truck insurance contract eliminated additional coverage when the rider was occupying a vehicle owned him and insured under a different policy, the Appeals Court upheld the exclusion and denied the PA motorcycle accident victim the ability to stack all of his insurance policies. Gieco v. Avers, 955 A.2d 1025 (Pa. Super. 2008)


    Motorcycle Accident Victim Can’t Admit Summary to Impeach Witness

    A 2007 Opinion of the Superior Court of Pennsylvania affirmed a decision of the Centre County Court of Common Pleas and denied a new trial for a PA motorcycle accident rider. The motorcycle rider was on State Route 64 in Centre County when a tractor-trailer operator made a left turn up ahead of him. The rider crashed his cycle into the back of the trailer. A Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer filed a lawsuit against the truck driver and his employer.

    At trial the defense alleged that the motorcycle rider was driving too fast, was inattentive and had plenty of time to avoid the motorcycle-truck accident. Another tractor-trailer driver was called as a defense witness to testify at trial. The rider’s attorney cross-examined him regarding alleged prior inconsistent statements he gave to the investigating police officer and an insurance company representative.

    The Centre County Trial Judge refused to admit into evidence the summaries of the witness’ statements. The jury found the motorcycle rider 53% at fault for the crash and his personal injury was dismissed. The Appeals Court upheld the lower court ruling since a summary of a witness’s statement can’t be used for impeachment purposes unless it was adopted by the witness as his own. Crovle v. Smith, 918 A.2d 142 (Pa. Super. 2007)


    Household Exclusion Does Not Apply to Partner After Motorcycle Accident

    A 2007 ruling by the Superior Court of PA reinstated a Pennsylvania motorcycle accident victim’s claim for additional underinsured motorist benefits. The motorcycle owner was a partner in a business operating a machine shop. He personally owned a Harley-Davidson which he would sometimes use to make customer calls for the partnership. The business purchased a commercial insurance policy, including automobile insurance, from Continental Casualty Company. Two vehicles specifically owned by the partnership were the only listed motor vehicles on the auto policy.

    The Harley rider was struck by a car and sustained significant injuries. He received the policy limit from the Defendant car driver, as well as the UIM policy limit from the Harley Davidson insurance policy. His Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer then sued Continental to obtain its UIM policy limit. The Lawrence County Court of Common Pleas Judge granted the insurance company’s Motion for Summary Judgment. The Trial Judge ruled that since the Harley Davidson motorcycle was not specifically listed as a covered vehicle under the commercial policy, the household exclusion prevented the UIM recovery.

    The Appeals Court found that since the insurance contract covered the partnership, the term “named insured” would also apply to the Plaintiff who was one of the 2 owners of the partnership. Any ambiguity in the insurance contract language would be interpreted against the drafter of the insurance contract. The Harley rider testified that he expected the commercial policy to cover both him and his partner when they used their personal vehicles on behalf of the partnership. The case was remanded for an evidentiary hearing to take testimony as to whether the personal injury victim was on partnership business while riding his Harley at the time of the crash. Continental Casualty Co. v Pro Machine, et al., 916 A.2d 1111 (Pa. Super. 2007)