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Pennsylvania Car Accident Claims

If you have a Pennsylvania personal injury claim as the result of a car crash on Broad St. in Bethlehem, PA, I urge you to visit CAR ACCIDENT FAQ’s.  Please read my answers to 16 questions that PA car crash victims might have after being injured due to the negligence of another automobile driver.  Issues regarding medical bills are fully explained in MEDICAL BILL PAYMENT.  I have personally handled hundreds of PA car accident cases in my career.

Pennsylvania Dog Bite Cases

If your child has a Pennsylvania personal injury case due to a dog bite attack in Stroudsburg, PA, I strongly recommend that you visit DOG BITE FAQ’s.  Please see my answers to 17 questions that PA dog bite attack victims could have after they have been attacked by a dog.  I have personally handled many dog bite cases in my 28 year career.  As a PA personal injury attorney, I only represent injured victims such as those bitten by a dangerous dog.

Pennsylvania Motorcycle Accident Claims

If you were riding your Harley on Rt. 313 by Quakertown, PA when a car cut you off, you can receive up-to-date info on your Pennsylvania personal injury claim by visiting my MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT page.  There you can read my answers to 11 questions that PA personal injury victims might have after they have been hurt while riding a motorcycle.

Pennsylvania Pedestrian Accident Cases

If you were hit while walking across Tilghman Street in Allentown, PA, you can receive some advice about your Pennsylvania personal injury case by visiting PEDESTRIAN ACCIDENT.  Please read my answers to 11 questions that PA pedestrian accident victims could have after being injured due to someone else’s negligence.  As a PA personal injury lawyer, I have represented numerous pedestrians in my 28 year career.

Pennsylvania Bicycle Accident Claims

If you were riding your bicycle on Main St. in Doylestown, PA and were hit by a SUV, please find out more about your Pennsylvania personal injury case by visiting my BICYCLE ACCIDENT page.  Please see  my answers to 9 questions that PA bicycle accident victims might have after they have been injured while riding a bicycle.

Pennsylvania Truck Accident Cases

If the car you were riding in was rear-ended by a truck on Rt. 22 outside of Easton, PA, your questions regarding your Pennsylvania personal injury claim could be answered by visiting TRUCK ACCIDENT.  Why not hire a PA personal injury attorney who fights for injured victims every day?

Pennsylvania Slip & Fall Claims

If you were walking on a sidewalk on Broad St. in Lansdale, PA and had a slip and fall accident due to ice and snow, why not educate yourself concerning your Pennsylvania personal injury case by reading SLIP AND FALL SETTLEMENTS.  Summaries of 10 cases where I have represented PA personal injury victims are listed for your review.

Pennsylvania Uninsured Motorist Claims

If you were in a car crash caused by an uninsured motorist on Rt. 209 in Lehighton, PA, don’t you need to know your rights concerning your PA personal injury claim?  I strongly suggest that you visit UNINSURED MOTORIST CLAIM to read my answers to 9 questions that Pennsylvania UM claim victims might have.

Pennsylvania Underinsured Motorist Claims

If you were in a car accident on Rt. 309 outside of Perkasie, PA, you should be aware of all possible sources of insurance money for your Pennsylvania personal injury case.  I urge you to see UNDERINSURED MOTORIST CLAIM to review my answers to 7 questions which Pennsylvania underinsured motorist claim victims might have.

Pennsylvania Personal Injury Settlements/Verdicts

The financial value of each PA personal injury case varies.  Distinguishing factors include the specific injuries sustained, the type of medical care provided, permanent injuries (if any) and, the amount of available insurance coverage.

Lehigh County PA                    $85,000.00

A Lehigh County PA personal injury claim was settled for $85,000.00.  A Lehigh Valley resident was golfing with some friends when another golf cart hit the golf cart in which he was a passenger.  The Cetronia Ambulance Corps. took him to Lehigh Valley Hospital in Allentown, Pennsylvania.  X-rays and MRI’s showed that he had suffered a displaced left ankle fracture, as well as a complete tear of the deltoid ligament.

An Allentown PA orthopaedic specialist performed surgery under general anesthesia of an open reduction and internal fixation of the left ankle.  This required the installation of a plate and 8 screws.  The torn deltoid ligament was also repaired.  The Lehigh County PA personal injury victim was discharged after a 3 day hospitalization.  He was required to use a Cam Walker and crutches and, ordered to be totally non-weight bearing for 2 months.

Ultimately, the Lehigh Valley resident endured numerous physical therapy sessions to improve his strength and range of motion.  Despite the best efforts of his medical providers, he was left with permanent scarring and reduced range of motion and strength.  The Lehigh Valley PA personal injury lawyer obtained an $85,000.00 settlement for his injured client.

Northampton County PA                    $65,000.00

A Northampton County Pennsylvania personal injury lawsuit concluded with a $65,000.00 settlement.  A young boy was in a shopping cart in a Lehigh Valley grocery store when his mother tried to put a rotisserie chicken package into the cart.  Unfortunately, the plastic container was not properly sealed and hot liquid poured out onto the boy’s thigh.

The Bath PA resident ultimately received care at Lehigh Valley Hospital in Allentown PA.  He was diagnosed with a large second degree burn to his thigh.  After the young boy was placed under general anesthesia, the surgeon cut away all the dead skin and performed dermabrasion surgery.  The Lehigh Valley personal injury victim was admitted for 4 days.  After his discharge, care was provided by the Lehigh Valley Hospital Burn Trauma Center.  He was also seen by an Easton PA family doctor.

When a settlement could not be reached with the insurance company representing the Lehigh Valley grocery store, Attorney Newell filed a lawsuit in the Northampton County Court of Common Pleas.  After written interrogatories were exchanged, answers to requests for production of documents provided and depositions taken, the lawyers agreed to attend a Judicial Settlement Conference.  The Northampton County personal injury attorney was pleased to obtain a $65,000.00 settlement for his young client.

**Past settlements/verdicts obtained by Attorney Thomas J. Newell in other Pennsylvania personal injury claims were evaluated according to their specific facts.  They do not guarantee a specific result in your PA p.i. case.

Montgomery County PA

A Harleysville PA personal injury victim obtained a settlement after receiving 2nd degree burns on her back while using a heating wrap.  The burns blistered and her Montgomery County Pennsylvania family doctor prescribed antibiotic cream.  After the burns had healed, the Montgomery County PA personal injury attorney obtained a payout which was accepted by the Harleysville resident.

Montgomery County PA

A Lansdale PA personal injury victim was at his Montgomery County work site when he purchased a snack from a vending machine.  Shortly after consuming the food, he became short of breath and felt ill.  The medical staff at Central Montgomery Medical Center in Lansdale gave him a steroid injection and Benadryl.  Ongoing symptoms included a constricted throat and an itchy feeling all over his body.

Attorney Newell contacted the manufacturer of the snack, as well as the company in charge of the vending machine.  He pointed out that the package did not contain an expiration date and the mold was not visible since it was on the underside of the snack.  The Lansdale PA personal injury lawyer obtained a settlement shortly thereafter.


Attorney Thomas Newell provides the content of this website for information purposes only. Nothing provided in this website should be interpreted as being legal advice. The laws regarding Pennsylvania personal injury claims are constantly evolving and changing. You are strongly advised to hire a personal injury lawyer licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania.

Past settlements/verdicts obtained by Attorney Thomas J. Newell in other Pennsylvania personal injury claims were evaluated according to their specific facts.  They do not guarantee a specific result in your PA p.i. case.

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Personal Injury
Judicial Decisions


44% Drop in PA Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

On April 19, 2010, Chief Justice of Pennsylvania, Ronald D. Castille announced the release of PA State Court data which showed a large decrease in medical malpractice litigation.  In 2009, there were 1,533 Pennsylvania medical malpractice lawsuits filed.  This was a 43.9% decline from the average number of claims filed in the years 2000 thru 2002 before changes were made in this type of personal injury litigation.

One change requires PA personal injury attorneys to file a medical Certificate of Merit which establishes that the medical procedures in the case fall outside acceptable medical standards.  The other new requirement mandates that the lawsuit must be filed in the County where the alleged medical malpractice was actually committed.  While these reforms have reduced the number of claims, the Chief Justice noted that “justice for our citizens is still being delivered where patients are truly injured by medical mistakes.”


Proof of Reckless Conduct Necessary in Sports Injury Claim

A 2009 published Opinion of the PA Superior Court overruled a Dauphin County Court decision and permitted a Pennsylvania personal injury claim to go forward.  There was an ice hockey game in Dauphin County PA in an adult “non-checking” league.  Contrary to league rules, a player was checked into the boards and suffered a broken leg.  Multiple surgeries were needed to repair the comminuted femur fracture.

Two rods were inserted to stabilize the fracture site.  His leg is permanently injured, he can’t play sports and he has a permanent scar from the surgeries.  His Pennsylvania personal injury lawyer filed a lawsuit.  In his Deposition, the injury victim testified that the Defendant intentionally lifted up his skate causing him to crash into the boards.  An expert testified that the Defendant’s actions were intended to knock the victim off his feet.

The PA Superior Court ruled that participation in athletic competition is a public policy to be encouraged.  The court acknowledged that some risk of injury is inherent in every game and that litigation should not occur every time a participant negligently causes injury.  However, the appeals court did rule that a Pennsylvania personal injury victim could receive compensation for his/her injuries if the Defendant’s actions were found by the jury to be “reckless”.  Archibald v. Kemble, 971 A.2d 513 (PA Super. 2009)


Ski Resort Can Be Liable For Tubing Accident

A September 2008 ruling by the Superior Court of Pennsylvania permitted a Pennsylvania personal injury victim to proceed with her litigation against a ski resort.  A woman and her children went to Camelback in the Poconos to go snow tubing at their family tubing slopes.  After a trip to the bottom of the slope, she stood up and was slammed into by another snow tube.  The PA personal injury victim suffered multiple comminuted fractures of her right leg which required surgery.

Her Pennsylvania personal injury lawyer sued Camelback Ski Corp. claiming that their employees had acted recklessly.  The defense attorney filed a motion with the Court of Common Pleas of Monroe County requesting a dismissal of the lawsuit.  Their defense was based upon a signed release and language on the reverse side of the lift ticket.

Judge Arthur Zulick ruled in favor of Camelback.  The Superior Court overruled the Monroe County PA trial judge stating that the release form did not prevent a lawsuit based on reckless conduct of the employee.  They also noted that the lift ticket language was barely legible and had not been read by the Pennsylvania personal injury victim.  Tayar v. Camelback Ski Corp., 957 A.2d 281 (Pa. Super. 2008)


Car Crash Victim Gets New Trial re: Lost Wage Claim

A 2008 ruling of the PA Superior Court upheld a Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas decision in favor of a Pennsylvania personal injury victim.  A car accident took place in Luzerne County when an automobile turned in front of another car.  A Pennsylvania personal injury lawyer filed a lawsuit after he was unable to settle the case with the Defendant’s car insurance company.

At trial, the PA personal injury attorney presented expert testimony to support a claim for future wage loss.  The Defendant’s lawyer objected on the basis that there was insufficient medical testimony to support this economic loss claim.  The PA Superior Court ruled that the Pennsylvania personal injury victim met his burden of proof that the experts were qualified to testify how the injuries prevented him from fulfilling all of his work obligations.  Novitski v. Rusak, 941 A.2d 43 (Pa. Super. 2008)


DPW Payments Not Bound By 2 Year Statute of Limitations

A November 2008 decision by the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania reviewed the Statute of Limitations concerning the recovery of medical expenses paid on behalf of a PA personal injury victim.  A lawsuit was filed in Allegheny County PA by a Pennsylvania personal injury lawyer claiming that a young boy was the victim of negligence by doctors and hospital staff.

Unfortunately, the PA personal injury claim was not filed until more than 2 years after the medical care was provided.  Therefore, the claim for the medical bills was dropped before the Pennsylvania personal injury claim was resolved.  The Department of Public Welfare had paid the medical bills and they sued to recover their payments.

The PA Commonwealth Court overruled the trial judge and ordered that DPW be given the opportunity to prove its case even though the boy’s medical bills were not accounted for by the jury in its verdict in favor of the PA personal injury victim.  Jordan v. Western Pennsylvania Hosp., 961 A.2d 220 (Pa. Cmwlth. 2008)


Improperly Excluded Evidence Results in New Personal Injury Trial

An opinion published in 2008 from the PA Superior Court overturned a trial court’s ruling and permitted the Pennsylvania personal injury victim to fully present her case to a jury.  An 11 year-old girl was visiting a friend’s home when she walked into a sliding glass door in the rear of the house.  The glass door shattered causing severe facial injuries to the young girl.

Her PA personal injury lawyer filed a lawsuit versus the homeowner.  During the discovery process, evidence showed that the door was not made of safety glass and that the front door had shattered before her accident.  The trial judge refused to permit the Pennsylvania personal injury attorney to submit this evidence at trial and the jury ruled in favor of the homeowner.

The Pennsylvania Appeals Court overruled the trial judge.  It noted that the jury should have been informed of the past incident, as well as the homeowner’s prior installation of safety glass in the front sliding door.  The PA personal injury victim was given a new trial to present all of the evidence to a new jury.  Houdeshell v. Rice, 939 A.2d 981 (Pa. Super. 2007)