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Why is it important to hire a Pennsylvania slip and fall attorney to represent me?

  • The property owner’s insurance company pays their adjusters to settle PA slip and fall cases as quickly as possible and for the LOWEST possible settlement amount.
  • Isn’t your PA trip and fall case important enough to have an experienced Pennsylvania trip and fall lawyer represent you?

Why should I consider hiring Attorney Newell to serve as my PA slip and fall lawyer?

  • EXCLUSIVITY : Attorney Newell ONLY represents Pennsylvania personal injury victims.
  • EXPERIENCE : He has been fighting for injured victims in PA since 1981.
  • SERVICE : Visit CLIENT REVIEWS to read how over 50 of his Pennsylvania personal injury clients describe his commitment to personal service.
  • KNOWLEDGE : Three times EACH day Attorney Newell receives email updates to keep up-to-date on PA legal issues which may affect his Pennsylvania slip and fall/trip and fall cases

How soon after my trip & fall should I hire a Pennsylvania trip and fall attorney?

  • The sooner he/she is hired, the sooner your lawyer can:
    • obtain the necessary photographs, measurements & evidence regarding the conditions at the scene of your fall
    • keep the defendant’s insurance company from bothering you with harassing phone calls
    • handle all the insurance paperwork.

How much is my PA slip & fall case worth?

  • Among the most significant factors analyzed by the defense adjusters are:
    • the personal injury litigation experience of your Pennsylvania slip and fall lawyer
    • proof of the negligent condition of the site of the fall via photographs and/or video
    • extent of medical care for objective injuries sustained including fractures, surgery, herniated/bulging discs and/or permanent scarring.

Please CONTACT ME to have a Pennsylvania slip and fall lawyer with over 30 years of experience review your Pennsylvania slip & fall claim.


I had a slip and fall on snow and ice in the Lehigh Valley.  Will the Defendant’s homeowner’s insurance company pay for my medical bills?

  • Some, but not all of Pennsylvania homeowners insurance policies and business commercial policies have a contract provision that pays medical bills up to a set amount without regard to who was at fault for the PA slip and fall/trip and fall accident.

My private health insurance carrier paid for my medical bills after a Pennsylvania trip and fall accident due to an uneven sidewalk.  Do I have to pay them back if I get a settlement from my case?

  • Nearly all private health insurance plans have a “subrogation” clause which requires them to be reimbursed for the medical expenses they have paid.
  • Your PA trip & fall attorney should be able to negotiate on your behalf and reduce the amount owed on this subrogation lien.

I had a slip and fall accident due to black ice in Allentown PA.  I am receiving cash assistance from DPW and my medical bills are being paid with my Access Card.  How does that affect my Pennsylvania slip and fall case?

  • Under PA law, the Department of Public Welfare has a lien on your case.
  • Your Pennsylvania slip & fall attorney will include the amount of your medical bills in the settlement demand package.
  • Your lawyer will then have to repay DPW 75% of your medical expenses they paid and 75% of the cash assistance you received from the date of your slip and fall until the case is settled.

My wife’s medical bills from her Stroudsburg PA slip & fall were paid by Medicare.  She may need future medical care.  What impact will that have on her slip and fall case?

  • Medicare is required to be reimbursed for its payments of her medical bills.
  • Your Pennsylvania slip & fall attorney will review the facts to see if a Medicare Set Aside account needs to be funded from the settlement proceeds.

Please visit SLIP AND FALL SETTLEMENTS to read case summaries of a number of Attorney Newell’s Pennsylvania slip and fall/trip and fall cases.


What is the Pennsylvania slip and fall legal doctrine that is referred to as “hills and ridges”?

  • The hills and ridges principle can protect an owner or occupier of land from liability in a PA slip and fall accident when:
    • There are GENERAL slippery conditions due to an ice/snow storm and…
    • The owner has not unreasonably delayed the snow removal to permit the ice and snow to be trampled into an unsafe situation of hills and ridges.
  • In other words, a Pennsylvania slip and fall victim who fell on a sidewalk during or right after a snow/ice storm would have difficulty proving that the property owner was liable for his/her injuries.


I slipped on an icy sidewalk on Broad Street in Bethlehem PA that had been cleared after a snow storm several days earlier.  Do I have a PA slip and fall case?

  • Dangerous ice/snow conditions that are not directly caused by nature are NOT protected by the hills and ridges doctrine.
  • If the icy sidewalk was caused by a thaw/freeze situation from snow piled up on either side of the sidewalk, your Pennsylvania slip and fall lawyer should argue that the property owner was negligent for not putting down salt or cinders to prevent the icy condition from occurring.

I was walking on Main St. in Stroudsburg PA when I slipped on ice.  A drain pipe from a rain gutter dumped water from the roof of a building across the sidewalk and the water froze.  Can I make a Pennsylvania slip and fall claim?

  • Absolutely!  Neither the property owner nor the tenant can hide behind the hills and ridges defense.
  • Your PA slip and fall attorney should strongly argue that the defendants created the dangerous slippery condition and are 100% responsible for your injuries.
  • The landlord should have extended the drain pipe to go under the sidewalk to prevent a thaw/freeze situation from occurring.

I was walking on the sidewalk to go to a Quakertown PA grocery store when I slipped on black ice.  It was an isolated patch of ice that I couldn’t see at night.  Do I have a case?

  • Your Pennsylvania slip & fall lawyer should be able to make a convincing case that the store/landlord was negligent in not having proper lighting.
  • Since you describe an isolated patch of black ice, general slippery conditions did not exist and, therefore, I would argue that the negligent defendant(s) is not able to use the hills & ridges defense.

Please see HOME for information regarding Attorney Newell’s experience and qualifications to serve as your Pennsylvania slip and fall attorney.


After I tripped and fell due to a raised sidewalk in Doylestown PA, their homeowner’s insurance company told me that I had to give a recorded statement.  Am I required to give them one?

  • Law does not require you to give a statement or deposition before litigation.  The defense adjuster is only looking out for the property owners’ legal interests. Your Pennsylvania trip and fall attorney can give them all the necessary info while also protecting your legal rights.

I was shopping at a grocery store in Lansdale PA when I slipped on water that had been dropped on the floor by an employee.  Should I sign a medical release for their insurance company?

  • The insurance adjuster will tell you that they will only get your medical records from your slip & fall accident. Don’t trust him.  Many times these release forms have fine print language which allows them to get all of your records without any limitations. slip and fall clients to sign insurance company medical release forms.

The homeowner’s insurance co. representative tells me I’m better off not hiring a slip & fall lawyer.  Why is he wrong?

  • He wants to pay you as little as possible.
  • With whom would he want to negotiate – a Pennsylvania slip and fall attorney who has represented injured victims since 1981 or an unrepresented non-lawyer?
  • With my litigation experience, the defense adjuster knows that it is in the best interests of the homeowner’s insurance company to make a fair settlement offer now – before I file a lawsuit.


Will Attorney Newell come to my home to review with me my Pennsylvania slip & fall case?

  • Yes.  Slip and fall victims in the Lehigh Valley, Poconos, Bucks County PA and Montgomery County PA have relied upon Attorney Newell’s experience to best represent their interests.
  • Attorney Newell will provide you with a free HOME consultation whether you live in Allentown or Bethlehem, Lehighton or Easton, Stroudsburg or Bushkill, Quakertown or Lansdale, Doylestown or Perkasie, or anywhere else in Eastern Pennsylvania.

How critical is it to have photographs of the scene of my PA slip and fall or trip & fall accident?

  • Given the fact that the conditions of the scene at the time of your fall will likely determine whether or not you have a valid personal injury claim, photographs are essential.
  • Attorney Newell would like you to email the photographs to him as soon as possible so that he might provide you with an experienced and accurate analysis of your slip & fall case.


Since 1981, Attorney Thomas Newell has been aggressively representing PA personal injury victims in the Poconos, Lehigh Valley, Montgomery County PA and Bucks County PA.  The content of this website is for informational purposes only and is not legal advice for your dog bite claim.  PA law regarding dog bite cases changes.  I advise you to retain a dog bite lawyer to review the facts of your dog attack.


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PA Slip and Fall
Issues & News


Monroe County PA Woman Slips in Pet Store

On 5/12/14, Attorney Newell received a call from a woman who slipped and injured her back in a pet store in the Poconos. She was walking in an aisle which displayed numerous fish tanks when she encountered a large puddle. Unfortunately, she did not take any photographs to document the negligent condition. She also made the erroneous decision to not inform anyone at the pet store of the accident before she and her family left the building.


Lehigh Valley Slip & Fall

On April 7, 2014, a woman fell at her job while working for a Lehigh Valley area hotel. A fellow employee had mopped the floor but failed to put out visible warning signs/cones. Attorney Newell explained to her that she could not sue her fellow employee or employer. Her legal remedy was through Workers’ Compensation.


Norristown PA Slip & Fall Victim Contacts Attorney Newell

On January 7, 2014, Attorney Newell provided a free consultation to a Norristown, PA slip and fall victim.  She had been walking on a sidewalk on Main Street in Norristown when she slipped on ice. She sustained whiplash injuries, as well as a possible injury to her eye.  Unfortunately, she did not take any photographs to prove the icy condition of the sidewalk.


Philly Slip & Fall Victim Consults with Attorney Newell

On Dec. 3, 2013, Attorney Newell received a call from a Philadelphia slip and fall victim. She was walking out of a grocery store to get a shopping cart. It was raining at the time and customers had tracked water from their shoes onto the tile floor of the store. The woman slipped just before she got to the front door. A nearby security guard helped her get up. Fortunately, she only sustained minor soft-tissue injuries.


Attorney Newell Contacted Re: Montco Trip & Fall

On May 15, 2013, Attorney Thomas J. Newell was contacted by a Montgomery County PA trip and fall victim.  The 22 year old man was visiting a family member’s home in Souderton when he tripped over an open sewer hole and fell injuring his neck and right shoulder.  Apparently, a service employee had just emptied out the sewer and had neglected to put the cover back in place.  The trip & fall victim sustained a serious injury due to that service employee’s negligence.


Hero Dies in PA Slip & Fall Tragedy

On May 14, 2010, a man rushed to the aid of a seriously injured Pennsylvania slip & fall victim only to fall himself and die at the scene of the tragedy.  As described in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, a 17 year-old girl hiked to the top of a waterfall in Lawrence County.  The hiker lost her balance and fell down the waterfall and landed on rocks.  A pedestrian flagged down 2 motorcyclists.  A 47 year-old man from Cranberry PA slipped trying to get to the young girl and fell nearly 35 feet to his death.

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Prevention of Fallsby Older Adults

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention describe various ways to reduce the number of falls by older adults:

Exercise regularly to increase strength and improve balance Review your medications with your doctor to reduce side effects

Annual eye exams Improve lighting in your home.Eliminate potential hazards such as loose wires and clutter which can be overlooked & tripped over More information can be found at: Homeandrecreationalsafety


Injuries Suffered by Older Women Due to Falls

Information provided by the CDC shows that women 65 and over are 67% more likely to have a non-fatal fall injury than their male counterparts.  Rates of fall related fractures among older adults are more than twice as high for women as they are for men.  In 2003, women made up 72% of older adults admitted to the hospital for hip fractures.


Falls Leading Cause of Injury Deaths of Older Adults

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, falls are the most frequent cause of injury deaths to older adults in America.  CDC statistics identified 15,800 adults 65 and older who died from injuries related to unintentional falls in 2005.Approximately 1.8 million older adults were treated in hospital emergency rooms for falls in that year.  More than 433,000 adults 65 and over were hospitalized in 2005 for treatment related to injuries suffered in falls.  CDC stats identify men as 49% more likely to die from a fall than women.