Pit Bull Owner’s Negligence Causes Lansdale, PA Pit Bull Attack

Posted on: September 9th, 2010       Attorney Thomas Newell

A Bucks County PA pit bull attack victim was mauled in Lansdale PA in January of 2010 due to the inexcusable negligence of a pit bull owner.  Three woman in their early 20’s had gone to high school together and planned a “girls night out” for a Friday evening.  The Perkasie resident picked up one of her friends from Sellersville and was scheduled to arrive on time to pick up her former classmate in Lansdale, Pennsylvania.

The 2 woman from Bucks County placed a call on their way to Lansdale to confirm directions.  Your Pennsylvania dog bite attorney points out that the pit bull owner knew that 2 people who were strangers to her dog were on their way to pick her up.  A responsible pit bull owner would have chosen either of these 2 options:  be at the front of the apartment ready to go when her ride arrived or, have the pit bull secured in a crate or closed room to prevent any interaction with a stranger in its home.

Instead, the pit bull owner wasn’t ready when the Bucks County women arrived and her pit bull was running around in her apartment without any restrictions.  To make matters worse, the dog owner NEVER TOLD her friends that she had a pit bull in the apartment!  When the Perkasie resident arrived, she knocked on the door several times.  The pit bull owner did not greet her friend nor did she give any response to the knocking.

The Bucks County resident then opened the door to yell into the apartment to let her friend know she was there.  As she announced her arrival, the pit bull barged thru the front door and attacked the woman as she stood on the porch.  Your PA dog bite lawyer must sadly report that the pit bull viciously bit her face.  She was first taken to Lansdale Hospital, then transferred to Abington Hospital where a plastic surgeon operated on her.  Lacerations to the dog bite victim’s face required approximately 70 stitches to close.

Attorney Thomas Newell was hired to represent the Bucks County PA dog bite attack victim.  Information obtained from the Montgomery County PA Health Department did confirm that the pit bull was up to date with its vaccination shots.  Unfortunately, the pit bull owner had never paid for any renters insurance so she did not have any insurance coverage to pay for the dog bite victim’s past or future medical bills or provide compensation for her permanent facial scars.

The landlords did not live at the apartment.  The dog owner admitted that the property owners had no knowledge of any past attacks or vicious propensities regarding her pit bull.  The landlords correctly argued that they  had no legal responsibility for the dog attack.  They didn’t own the pit bull.  They did not exercise any control over the dog, nor have any knowledge of any past violations of the PA Dog Law.  The responsibility for this Pennsylvania dog bite attack rests solely on the pit bull owner – a young woman who rents, has no insurance coverage and little to no money to her name.

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