Pit Bulls on the Rampage in Nanticoke

Posted on: July 30th, 2012       Attorney Thomas Newell

A July 19, 2012  report on wnep.com reviewed all the facts regarding a 7/17/12 pit bull attack in Nanticoke PA that resulted in 2 injuries and the death of one of the pit bulls.  The pit bulls came out of the woods and began to growl at the woman as she tried to enter her business on Front Street.

Another person pulled into the parking lot.  As he stepped out of his car, the 2 pit bulls attacked him and he was bitten on the leg.  The Luzerne County dog bite victim called 911 and ran into his office.  The pit bulls scratched at the door to his office and remained in an aggressive state.

When the police arrive, one of the pit bulls bit an officer in the leg.  He then shot both dogs.  One died and the other was taken to an Animal Hospital.  PA Dog Law charges will be filed vs. the pit bull owner.

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