Pressure on Wilmington DE to End Pit Bull Restrictions

Posted on: May 10th, 2012       Attorney Thomas Newell

A May 3, 2012 article from discussed a plan by the Mayor of Wilmington to eliminate current restrictions on pit bulls. Their owners must register the pit bull, have it pass a temperament test, keep it on a leash and muzzled while outside. Spaying/neutering is also required.

Pit bull owners complain about the “red tape” while others decry breed specific regulations. The Kent County SPCA Executive Director spoke against the current law: “It just penalizes people whether they’re good owners or bad owners.” Of course, the forgotten voices are those of the pit bull attack victims. Ajia Brown would not have been mauled with injuries so severe so as to require 17 surgeries if Chester Little’s pit bulls had been muzzled.

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