City Immune From Liability After Slip & Fall on City Sidewalk

Posted on: July 10th, 2012       Attorney Thomas Newell

An October 2008 ruling by the PA Supreme Court clarified the law regarding Pennsylvania slip & fall claims vs. local government entities.  A person fell on a sidewalk in front of a city police station.  Their PA slip and fall attorney proved that the city didn’t remove ice and snow from the sidewalk after a snowstorm.  The lawyer also placed into evidence proof that the city allowed its employees to park on the sidewalk – making the dangerous condition worse.

In overturning a verdict for the PA slip and fall victim, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court held that the local government agency had no liability.  The Pennsylvania slip and fall lawyer could not prove all of the following legal requirements: a dangerous condition, foreseeable risk of harm to the plaintiff, the local agency had actual knowledge of the dangerous condition and, the local gov’t entity had time to take corrective measures.  Reid v. City of Phila., 957 A.2d 232 (Pa. 2008)