Slate Belt Crash Involves 6 Teenagers and Reckless Teenage Driver

Posted on: October 21st, 2010       Attorney Thomas Newell

The perils of teenage driving almost cost the lives of 7 people in a two-car accident in Upper Mount Bethel Township.  As detailed in The Morning Call, an 18 year-old driver from Pen Argyl PA faces a number of PA Vehicle Code citations after the October 19, 2010 car wreck.  Your Pennsylvania car accident attorney has authored numerous articles calling attention to the many poor decisions PA teenage drivers are making which often times lead to injuries to innocent victims.

The Pennsylvania State Police allege that the teenage driver tried to pass a car on the left as it was making a left turn on Lake Minsi Drive.  The defendant’s car climbed up the side of the Volkswagen Jetta with its passenger side tire breaking thru the Jetta’s driver’s side window.  The defendant had an 18 year-old passenger in his car and there were 4 teenagers in the other car.  To date, there has not been any discussion as to whether there was any horseplay involved among the 6 teenagers before the car wreck.

As a PA car crash lawyer, I am keenly aware of the increased risk of danger when there are multiple teenagers in a car driven by a teenager.  Cases such as this one show the incredibly poor judgment young drivers are capable of committing.  There are a host of possible explanations for these avoidable accidents:  distractions within the car, a driver’s bravado, challenges made by passengers and/or a desire for speed.  Adding teenage passengers to this situation only adds fuel to the fire.

Time is running out to pass “Lacey’s Law” in Pennsylvania in 2010.  Partisan politics should be put aside to pass meaningful legislation to properly regulate PA teenage drivers.  If you have been seriously injured in a Pennsylvania auto accident, please call me, Attorney Thomas Newell at 800-980-4842.  You may also contact me via my website of  Please call today for a free home consultation with a PA personal injury attorney who has been fighting for victim’s rights since 1981.