Trial Date Set For PA Dangerous Dog Appeal

Posted on: October 5th, 2010       Attorney Thomas Newell

A November 24, 2010 York County Court of Common Pleas trial date has been set for an appeal of a dangerous dog conviction of a Hanover PA pit bull owner.  On July 13, 2010, Chester L. Little was found guilty by District Justice Dwayne A. Dubs of a number of violations of the PA Dog Law, including harboring a dangerous dog and failing to have the 2 pit bulls vaccinated for rabies.

Your PA dog bite lawyer was present at the July 2010 hearing when a host of witnesses testified regarding the horrific pit bull attack of an 8 year-old Groton, CT boy.  The unprovoked PA dog bite attack took place as the child was catching fireflies on a warm summer evening on Pleasant Street in Hanover.  The boy’s mother heard him screaming for help.  When she found him, the 2 pit bulls were relentlessly attacking the child.

The heroic mother jumped on top of her son in an attempt to shield him from the relentless pit bull attack.  Neighbors also put themselves in harm’s way.  Robert and Margaret Bechner started to hit the pit bulls with a hose and some molding to get the dogs to stop biting the boy.  Ultimately, the mother and son were able to escape.  One of the pit bulls was running around loose when the police arrived.  As it was still acting aggressively, the police shot and killed the pit bull.

The pit bulls had been kept in an enclosure behind the house the defendant lived in with his mother.  Apparently, the dogs jumped a low fence and surprised the boy.  Your Pennsylvania dog bite attorney was shocked when the defendant theorized that the child opened the dogs’ gate and was responsible for the attack.  Not only was there no evidence presented to support this theory, the idea that the pit bull owner could publicly blame the horribly injured boy is repugnant to this author.

The Pennsylvania dog bite victim’s ears were partially amputated, the back of his head was torn off as if he had been scalped and, he sustained numerous bite marks over his body.  His mother also was bitten in the face with a likely permanent facial scar serving as a daily reminder of this tragedy.  If you are the victim of a PA dog bite attack, I recommend that you call me at 800-980-4842.  I will come to your home for a free consultation.  Another way to contact me is thru my website of