Multiple Claims vs. Allstate Approved For PA Trucker

Posted on: July 10th, 2012       Attorney Thomas Newell

A 2009 decision from the United States District Court in Western PA permitted a Pennsylvania truck accident victim to pursue multiple legal claims versus Allstate.  The truck driver was injured in a Huntingdon County PA accident caused by a negligent automobile driver.  His PA truck accident attorney sued Allstate claiming that it denied payment for chiropractic bills without reasonable justification and, therefore, breached its contractual obligations to its insured.

A separate legal claim alleged that Allstate abused the peer review process in denying first party benefits to limit its exposure to the Pennsylvania truck driver’s underinsured motorist claim.  Allstate’s lawyers filed a Motion to Dismiss which was denied.  The judge ruled that the Pennsylvania truck accident victim was entitled to make multiple claims v. Allstate in one lawsuit.  Miller v. Allstate, 07-260 W.D. PA (March 5, 2009)