Will a proposed PA law lower teenage deaths in Pennsylvania car accidents?

Posted on: August 29th, 2010       Attorney Thomas Newell

A July 16, 2010 one car crash in Chester County Pennsylvania resulted in the death of 2 teenagers from Honey Brook PA and seriously injured 2 others.  This tragic accident is the latest fatal crash involving a young driver and multiple passengers.  As a Pennsylvania car accident attorney, I am aware of many cases where teenagers are killed or critically injured in 1 car accidents.  The combination of lack of driver experience, as well as interactions with many passengers all too often results in Pennsylvania automobile accidents.

Our elected officials in Harrisburg are working on new legislation designed to lower the mortality rate for teenage drivers.  Senator John Rafferty is the Pennsylvania Senate Transportation Committee Chairman.  On July 22, 2010 your PA car accident lawyer reviewed with a staff member the status of House Bill 67 known as “Lacey’s Law”.  This proposed bill would limit the number of passengers under the age of 18 who are permitted to ride with a junior driver license holder.  The law would also prohibit junior drivers from using a cell phone or texting while operating a motor vehicle in Pennsylvania.

Lacey’s Law passed in the PA Senate.  A slightly different version was approved by the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.  The disagreement centers on whether the cell phone/texting ban will be a primary offense or a secondary offense.  A primary offense is a violation which permits a police officer to stop you without any other charges being necessary.  Attorney Thomas Newell hopes that an agreed upon bill can be presented to the Governor for signing as soon as possible.  A law with appropriate sanctions that limits the number of teenage passengers and bans cell phone/text messaging use can be a positive step in reducing the number of tragic accidents on Pennsylvania’s highways.

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